Empowering you, to empower others!

With Inner Life Skills (ILS), our professional Life Coach, or Manager as Coach training
will give you the skills and the credibility to coach anyone, anywhere in the world!
Our internationally ICF accredited Coach Certification Courses
are available ONLINE via our engaging practical virtual classes or ON SITE.
We have empowered more than 25,000 people since 2002!

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Inner Life Skills® (ILS) trains visionaries to become Master Communicator Coaches. Inspired Leaders, Empowering Managers, Life Coaches, Youth Coaches, Business Coaches and Consultants who have trained with us, make a real positive difference in the world!
By teaching people how to be master communicators, we give them massive positive transformational power. That's why we are so passionate about training cutting edge master coaching skills. Our courses and programs are for anyone who wants to positively influence, impact and inspire their world.

We have trained in over 17 countries, for nearly 2 decades, with a direct learner reach of over 25,000. Our unique coaching processes and methods are used by professional life coaches, business coaches, managers, consultants, CEOs, athletes, financial planners, entrepreneurs, school teachers, fitness professionals, youth coaches, executives, psychologists, educators, parents and people who are passionate about people development.

Our qualification ILS MASTER COACH, is accredited by the ICF and consistently receives 9/10 and 10/10 ratings from our clients.


Reserve your place as early as you can! Space is limited.
This free online course is a sample of our paid for program. Enjoy learning: marketing secrets for success and actual ILS Coach methods.
Popular live tutored course gives you practical competencies. Learn: 3 Critical Coach Skills, 3 Step science based Coaching Methods, to drive proactive action.
This PCC professional level qualification will equip you to confidently coach anyone, anywhere in the world. Learn: over 20 coaching processes and professional level coaching skills.
Earn your internationally ICF accredited qualification with this full ACTP program. Learn: over 52 processes, MCC master level skills and much more...
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  • "I have a rewarding and thriving coaching business, working with parents, schools, teachers and children. Helping them to reach their full potential."
    Michelle Bennetts
  • "Over and over I am reminded how ILS Coaching really transforms lives! I did some self coaching recently and it really helped me work through a particular obstacle. Thank goodness for these incredible skills that can be used and shared."
  • "I specialize in coaching spiritually minded folks who are struggling with emotional, relationship and life purpose issues."
    Fla Geyser
  • "I coach people to consciously create a life filled with joy and abundance."
    Samantha Lewis
  • "I can now help people become the best of themselves by creating awareness and assisting them to find their own solutions."
    Tlhonepo Modisane
  • "As a Life Purpose Coach ILS offered a unique opportunity for me to grow as an individual and be trained to coach and train at international standards. Personal transformation at its best on a journey of excellence!"
    Jenny Schmal
  • "Truly life changing... ILS offer the most empowering teachings I have experienced."
    Dominique Fuchsloch
  • "I empower people to build lasting, successful relationships with themselves and their teams."
    Eduan Pieterse
  • "I coach people to move from the mindset of having a ‘job’ to living their ultimate life vocation."
    Glenn-Douglas Haig
  • "I have a rewarding coaching business, developing emotional fitness and personal power; authentically living life connected to one’s intuition.”
    Melaine Raizon
  • “I coach leaders from supervisor to senior manager level to be effective and fully engaged.”
    Khanya Matlala
  • "In my professional career ILS Coaching has helped me become a dynamic leader. Instead of solving problems for my team every time they approach me, I coach and empower them to find a solution themselves. This has made the team far more effective."
    Laralee Aldridge
  • “ILS has inspired my purpose.”
    Philip Keye
  • "I invested in a Master Life Coach training in January. Today I am much richer for the journey because not only have I got an amazing 'box' of tools to use both for myself and others, but I have learned a great deal about me...The training is amazing because it is not all theory - it is practical, it is simple and it is powerful and best of all we learned by doing. Even if it is not your intention to become a coach - I encourage you to do these workshops because it will change the way you see yourself and the world and it is beautiful! The trainers are experienced, authentic and passionate about what they do...ILS you are No 1!"
  • "ILS Coaching International changed my life 5 years ago. I am so proud to be part of the ILS Coach family."