COACH Yourself

Why Coach Yourself? Why invest in you?

Watch this quick video to learn why it's the best idea ever to become a Life Coach to YOURSELF.
  • Transform Inner Obstacles like fear, doubt and procrastination.

  • Access your Inner Strength to be all you were born to be.

  • Liberate your Inner Potential to create success.

  • Find your Inner Wealth to realize your wholeness.

Be a top Life Coach to yourself!

Imagine what you could achieve, if your top Life Coach was
With ILS Master Coach, use proven life changing methods, to coach yourself to:
Still not convinced? Read on...
  • Not sure that you can self coach?

    Do you ever argue with yourself? Instead of arguing with yourself, why not learn to coach yourself. We’ll get you self coaching on day 1. With practise you’ll soon gain more confidence. Rest assured, the coaching scripts and worksheets are so beautiful, they will help you step-by-step. Just filling in the worksheets will help you to coach you.
  • Where oh where?

    Coaching is plug and play! You can coach yourself anywhere - at the office, in a coffee shop or in the garden. Did you know that you can also coach yourself on any topic? We’ll teach you how to self coach any goal - from financial freedom, to peak performance, from weight loss to personal growth, from business building to work-life balance. The sky’s the limit!
  • Who else to coach?

    Anyone who wants growth. So what if after, coaching yourself, you want to coach others? Friends, colleagues, or even professionally. No problem! When you are ready, coach. Our training will include how to coach others, so that you can do both. Anyone who wants to improve and grow can be coached!
  • No Time?

    Busy schedule? No problem. Our program is part-time and is designed for flexibility. Enrol for the full course, or one module at a time. There is minimal homework, and you can practise your coaching skills in everyday conversations. Most people can find 1-2 hours a week, and that’s more than enough to practise your self coaching.
  • Return on your investment?

    How much is it worth, for you to become a top Life Coach to yourself? Having master communication skills for life! How much would it be worth, to be able to coach yourself to achieve your most cherished dreams and goals? How much is that worth to you? If you are someone who believes in personal growth and development, then you know, that in today’s highly stressful world, our own inner strength is not a luxury. ILS will teach you how to build your own Inner Well, so that you can find your life changing Inner Wealth and overcome your Inner Obstacles. To have an Inner Well is priceless.

Meet real people who coach themselves using InnerLifeSkills®

Dominique Fuchsloch
“Truly life changing!”

Dominique Fuchsloch<br><span style='font-size:70%;'>“Truly life changing!”</span>
“Besides truly changing my life, my thinking, my relationships, my everything, it is also the most empowering teaching I have experienced!”

Fla Geyser
“It was life changing!”

Fla Geyser<br><span style='font-size:70%;'>“It was life changing!”</span>
"It was life changing! I spent much needed quality time with my inner world to iron out a lot of my inner patterns that were not serving me for the best. As a result I have achieved greater levels of wholeness than I ever thought possible. I will be forever grateful.”

Phil Keye
“I am living my purpose.”

Phil Keye<br><span style='font-size:70%;'>“I am living my purpose.”</span>
“ ILS has inspired my purpose. I now live my purpose and am enjoying real success.”

Eduan Pieterse
“I empower myself.”

Eduan Pieterse<br><span style='font-size:70%;'>“I empower myself.”</span>
"I empower myself to build lasting, successful relationships.”

Look at what you can do for yourself!


1What self coaching courses do you offer?
We offer 3 levels of self coaching study.
LEVEL I: ILS Empower & Enneagram Apple Tree 101 (A 12 hour intensive giving you a powerful self coaching foundation.)
LEVEL II: ILS Empower (A 72 hour comprehensive program covering everything you need to be able to coach yourself for life and career success.)
LEVEL III: ILS Master Coach (A 162 hour internationally accredited Life Coach qualification. Coach yourself and also learn how to coach others).
2 What does a typical self coaching session look like?
Although every self coaching session is unique, they all work towards any goal or dream that is chosen by you. In a nutshell, a self coaching session is a solution focused dialogue with yourself, that inspires action and helps you to overcome your obstacles on the path to your success. ILS Coaches have a toolbox of 50+ coaching processes (exercises) that you can use in self coaching sessions to help excavate your own new solutions and powerful personal transformation.
3 How long is a self coaching session?
A session could be as short as a 20 minute “power espresso”, or a longer 2 hour session. Most coaches set aside regular time to coach themselves. They invest time in themselves.
4 How do I coach myself?
ILS will teach you self coaching processes (we have over 50+ in our full course). You get worksheets and scripts, that you can use to coach yourself on a wide variety of topics
5 What can I coach myself on?
Any goal, dream, objective or obstacle that you want help on. Rely on the coaching skills, and processes, use the ILS toolbox to help yourself. You can coach yourself on any topic e.g. life goals, work and career aspirations, financial freedom, wellness and weight loss, personal growth and inner obstacles, dream building, etc.
6 Can I combine other self help methods?
Absolutely! ILS Coach skills and methods are easily adapted and can be added to any other self help or self empowerment exercise.
7 What else can I do with this qualification?
If you study our complete ILS Master Coach qualification, not only will you have life changing tools to be a top Life Coach for yourself, for the rest of your life! But you will also have a Life Coach qualification, should you ever want to coach others professionally, you will be able to.
8How much do the courses cost?
We offer a selection of free online content for you to sample our courses. When you are ready to enrol in a paid for course or qualification, please request more information via email.
9How do I enrol?
Choose between online courses (study from anywhere in the world, and attend webinar calls), OR on campus courses (attend courses at an ILS Campus in South Africa), OR hire an ILS Trainer for personal mentoring.