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ON-RAMP LESSONS: Click each to see exactly what the email lessons contain. 12 LESSONS, sent to you over 4 WEEKS (3 per week).

The ILS Power Formula, is one of our most popular coaching processes.
This lesson includes a video tutorial, and a PDF coaching worksheet to use for personal coaching.

cartoon- power formula
It's important to ask yourself, "Why become a coach?"
In this lesson learn about why coaches ask "why?" and find out why others invest to learn these master communication skills.

cartoon- why
If you can't coach "goals", you basically can't coach.
Learn this fundamental, critical coaching skill. Then learn how professional coaches take "goals" even further.

cartoon- theme goal contract

We look at the most common and biggest mistakes that new coaches make.
Learn this, to avoid making them. Also download a PDF guide.

cartoon- mistakes 2 avoid

Do you have what it takes?
Do a quick quiz and watch the short video to determine if you have what it takes to become a coach!

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This quick video lesson crams in your essential coaching skills and methods into 1 video lesson.
Learn to coach in 20 minutes or less.

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Every coach worth their salt can coach a Theme Wheel.
This video and PDF worksheet shows you how to coach a coaching wheel.

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After 20 years of learning exactly what it really takes to build a successful career as a professional coach, we discovered that it comes down to 3 little numbers.
3 numbers shape our destinies, determine our value in the market and decide our success or failure.
Watch the training video - work out the 3 numbers.

3 numbers

Go Disney or go home!
This coaching process is inspired by Walt Disney himself. Learn the Disney Stratgey.

cartoon- disney - Copy

We want you to be the real thing! We want you to be able to coach at internationally benchmarked standards and confidently coach anywhere in the world.
This short lesson looks at the main factor that separates "real" coaching from "fake" (or coaching that falls short).

cartoon- real vs fake

This video lesson gives you a guide to becoming ICF credentialled as a professional coach.
If you want to take your career all the way, this is a must watch.

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A bonus free ebook on how to become an ILS Enneagram Coach is included at the end of the 4 week ON-RAMP!

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