Student Resources: FAQ

Frequently asked questions about enrolling, studying and qualifying.


1 What's the definition of ILS Coaching?
The ILS definition of coaching is:
Coaching is the specialized art of holding holding solution focused conversations.

Coaching supports a coachee in being able to access insights and solutions from within. The coachee moves themselves into a positive, proactive and clearly defined action that aids them in achieving their potential in the area of their goals and objectives.
2 What happens if I miss a lecture?
You can attend the lecture that you missed, when it repeats again. The learning materials are very comprehensive so you can read the notes to catch up on the content covered in class.
3 How does studying with ILS help me become internationally recognized as a coach?
This is a short explanation as to how ICF coach credentials work and how the ILS training supports an ICF life or business coach credential.

ICF credentials professional coaches at three levels.

Anyone seeking an ICF credential needs to apply directly to ICF and follow their processes.

The three levels of coach credentials with ICF are ACC, PCC and MCC.

These ICF levels all require that you have:
Completed an accredited training course (which ILS has)
+ log a certain number of coaching hours
+ have received coach mentoring for PCC and MCC.

Please go to their website to read more

ICF recognises 2 types of training; they call these ACSTH and ACTP.

ACSTH is recognised ICF approved training hours.
For example, if you do a seminar on coaching that is ICF approved, and get 12 hours recognised - you can ADD these hours to the training hours needed to attain your ICF credential.

If you have done short courses or seminars with ILS; you'd be pleased to know that all of our courses and seminars have ACSTH approval.

You will still need to log coaching hours (see the ICF site for how) and complete any other requirements that have.

If you have only ACSTH training hours, ICF will also want you to pay for and do their credential exams - via what they call "The Portfolio" route.

Rather than going this route, which is more complex and expensive, simply finish the ILS MASTER course with us, which has full ACTP status.

ACTP means, that the coaching program is an accredited training program with ICF. This includes all of its assessments and qualification.

For PCC or MCC credentialing, you will need to complete an ACTP program + get 10 hours of mentoring + have a written log of coaching hours (see their site for details). With an ACTP coaching program to your name, you don’t need to do the ICF oral exam - only a standard multiple choice test.

ILS MASTER COACH is ACTP accredited. All 162 hours are accredited. This means that if you have our top ILS MASTER COACH qualification and were applying to ICF, they would recognise your training with us at the highest level.

You would also submit their required coaching log of the hours you have coached, and would need to complete ICF’s most current application process.

Individuals need to apply directly to ICF for credentialing.

ILS Master Coach training includes the following:
ILS Coach 101 Seminar – 12 hours training.
ILS Coach Course – 30 hours training (excluding homework): Includes, Modules 1 – 6, Coach Builder Seminar, and Coach Applications Seminar.
ILS Coach Assessments – theory, gap analysis and final assessments.
ILS Empower 101 Seminar – 12 hours training.
ILS Empower – 72 hours training: includes 6 x Modules: In-tuition, Personal Power, Relate2Great, One Family, Purpose and Dream Builder.
ILS Empower Assessments – 6 online practical assessments.

Any qualified ILS MASTER COACH, would benefit from the ACTP status.

So, in a nut shell the simplest path, is to make sure you have ILS MASTER COACH, then add your coaching log and then apply to ICF for your coach credential. Once you have reached the ICF application process, at the very least ICF will ask you to obtain a letter from us to confirm the training you did with ILS.
At least you know that any modules you have completed with ILS count towards the ASCTH credential path. And rest assured that your training with ILS has proven itself as world class.