ILS COACH 101: Course for Life & Business Coach Skills training


Learn the 3 Critical Coaching Skills and 3 Step Coach Method.
Start coaching in the first few hours of training!

This course gives you a proven 3 Step Coach Method and 3 Critical Communication skills. These will empower you to coach anyone, anywhere, at any time.

These are the exact, proven, science based skills used by top earning internationally accredited Life Coaches and Business Coaches.

This course has been taught for over a decade, around the world to life coaches, executive coaches, business coaches, pro golfers, athletic coaches, weight loss specialists, psychologists, CEO's of businesses, managers, entrepreneurs and even to school teachers.

Learn on this course:

  • Methods to help individuals or teams to set and achieve inspiring goals.
  • 2 powerful ways to keep people focused and on track.
  • Specific coaching questions to spark and sustain action. (Get people moving and wanting to move!)
  • Learn how to motivate and really inspire others to greatness.
  • Coach wise decision making, and help others to beat procrastination.
  • Transform problems and obstacles into solutions.
  • Change negative conversations into a positive constructive ones.
  • Coach formally (like a professional with worksheets), OR coach informally (making every conversation and meeting matter).
  • Help people to help themselves (don't carry the burden of others, empower rather than carry).
  • Motivate and inspire people to live to their full potential.


  • Building rapport and trust naturally.
  • Reframe negativity to constructive thinking.
  • In moments create clarity and focus.
  • Empower people to take personal responsibility.
  • Have solution focused conversations.
  • Ask questions like a pro coach.
  • Motivate and drive performance.
  • Coach strategy and goals with ease.
  • Create buy-in and real engagement.
  • Build action plans that work.
  • Cut meeting times by half and make them twice as productive.

  • ILS 3 Step Method coaching structure.
  • ILS 3 Critical communication skills.
  • The simple and inspiring NLP "As If" frame.
  • 4 Reframing methods.
  • ILS Kite foundation to transform obstacles.
  • Decision making wheels.
  • Goal clarification methods.
  • Deepened Value method for motivating others.
  • ABC's for speaking with presence and impact.
  • Measures and scales for tracking progress.
    • HeatherJenny2MelanieILS Master Coach TrainerILS @Work CoachflaPhil2ILS Master Coach TrainerILS Master Coach TrainerILS Life Coach TrainerILS Master Coach TrainerGlenn Douglas 1Khanya
    • "ILS life coaching has totally changed my thinking and how I deal with life. It has opened my eyes to what is really going on, the truth. The sessions are really thought provoking and rich in content. You leave feeling as though you have taken a step forward in life, which is what coaching is all about. The trainers are personable and really connect with the students. Do yourself a favour and get on a course! You won't regret it, I know I haven't."
      Heather Mary Collis
    • "As a Life Purpose Coach ILS offered a unique opportunity for me to grow as an individual and be trained to coach and train at international standards. Personal transformation at its best on a journey of excellence!"
      Jenny Schmal
    • "I have a rewarding coaching business, developing emotional fitness and personal power; authentically living life connected to one’s intuition.”
      Melaine Raizon
    • "I can now help people become the best of themselves by creating awareness and assisting them to find their own solutions."
      Tlhonepo Modisane
    • "Truly life changing... ILS offer the most empowering teachings I have experienced."
      Dominique Fuchsloch
    • "I specialize in coaching spiritually minded folks who are struggling with emotional, relationship and life purpose issues."
      Fla Geyser
    • "ILS Coach helped me to help other people. It has also inspired my purpose. I coach kids and teenagers to reach their highest potential, using fun and interactive processes. I help them to "SMASH" through their limiting beliefs and overcome their fears by using powerful techniques, and asking powerful questions."
      Philip Keye
    • "These are the most powerful tools I've learned. If I had all the money in the world I would still be a coach, it's in my DNA".
      Janine Pezarro
    • "I coach people to consciously create a life filled with joy and abundance."
      Samantha Lewis
    • "I empower people to build lasting, successful relationships with themselves, their partners, their families and their teams."
      Eduan Pieterse
    • "I have a rewarding and thriving coaching business, working with parents, schools, teachers and children. Helping them to reach their full potential."
      Michelle Bennetts
    • "I have a successful Executive Coaching business, taking people from ‘jobs’ to their ultimate life vocation."
      Glenn-Douglas Haig
    • “I coach teens and students to create career action plans and build their dream careers.”
      Khanya Matlala
    Call or email to enquire or enrol - we are happy to help!

    Call or email, to enquire or enrol - we are happy to help!