ILS MASTER COACH: Qualification course for Life & Business Coach Training


Learn everything you need to become a successful, ILS Master Life Coach or Business Coach.

Gain international ICF competencies.

PLUS: Learn how to build a successful coaching business from marketing, to getting clients, from packaging services, to what to charge etc.

PLUS: Learn how to adapt your coaching services to coach groups, youth, personal development, corporate, business and wellness coaching.

This qualification course gives you everything you need to work as a professional Life Coach, Business Coach, Executive Coach, Youth Coach or Manager as Coach.

All Level 1 module courses are included in this course: ILS Coach 101, ILS Empower and Enneagram 101 and ILS Coach all count as credit and as ICF accredited hours, towards the ILS Master Coach qualification.

ILS Master Coach is internationally accredited with the ICF at the highest ACTP level.

Learn on this course:

  • Module 1 GREAT GOALS – Structure and skill
    • Learn to coach people to clarifying their goals, dreams and aspirations. Then discover how to transform goals into inspiring and achievable targets.

  • Module 2 PRO PLANNING – Coaching strategy and action plans
    • Learn to work with strategy and planning to move others towards their goals. Gain specific tools to coach clients to creating solid action plans.

  • Module 3 OBSTACLES – Obstacles ILS Kite
    • Gain our unique and popular advanced process called the ILS Kite, to empower clients to transform their inner obstacles like fear, procrastination, low self esteem, lack of focus etc. into strength and action.

  • Module 4 PURPOSE – Coach Purpose
    • Learn to coach clients to a deeper sense of purpose and meaning. Also learn to use symbol and metaphor as a powerful coaching tool.

  • Module 5 ACTION – Motivate Action
    • Learn to motivate and to drive accountable action. Also master ending every coaching session strongly. Gain formulas for successful action and sustainable motivation.

  • Module 6 COACHING TIME – Celebration and Long Term Coaching
    • How to coach a series of accountable coaching sessions. Learn how to celebrate wins and support a client over time. Including review sessions.


  • COACH BUILDER Pro Marketing
    • Spend quality time learning from successful coaches, learn exactly how to build a successful and lasting coaching career. Also learn 21st century authentic marketing techniques to create buy-in and win clients.

    • Learn how to coach in any field, from corporate, to wellness, to youth, to personal growth. Enhance your coaching practice by finding niche markets and learn additional marketing techniques.

  AND ALSO LEARN THESE EMPOWER MODULES: The ILS Empower modules provide powerful, often life-changing experiences. Here are the 6 ILS Empower modules, and what you can learn to coach:

    • Breakthrough ‘Decision Making’ & ‘Problem Solving.’ How to use true In-tuition in coaching self and others. Overcome the torture chamber mind to find an inner well of inner wisdom, inner strength and our inner compass.

    • How to coach the transformation of fear into peace, inner lack into lasting fulfilment, and holes to wholeness. Self-Empowerment coaching at its best.

    • Identify the root of relationship problems, button pushing and conflict. Learn to coach relationships and team building. Understand yourself and others with uncanny insight by learning the foundation of the very popular Enneagram system.

    • Learn the ILS 4 Step System Coaching Method. Coach yourself and others to release family baggage, discovering the transformative power of true placement, and belonging.

    • Switch from the trap of a “Doing Quest” to the liberation of a “Being Quest.” Coach the Apple Tree life purpose methods to inspire and motivate others. Learn to coach Dream Interpretation. Plus gain the bonus Inner Author work, learn to become a published or self published author.

    • Learn the ILS 7 Step Dream Builder method, help yourself and others to build dreams into reality. Learn 21st Century Marketing techniques. Bust financial inner blocks to coach inner and outer wealth building. Plus learn our bonus professional speaking success secrets.
Call or email to enquire or enrol - we are happy to help!

Call or email to enquire or enrol - we are happy to help!