Why Manager as Coach?

Watch this quick video to learn why today's Leaders and Managers are learning these internationally ICF accredited Coaching critical management Skills..
  • Top internationally accredited, coaching and master communication skills training.

  • Equip your managers and leaders with today’s 'must-have', internationally benchmarked coaching skills!

  • Significantly reduce meeting time and make meetings more productive.

  • Build a solution focused peak performance, proactive working, culture.

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Picture your managers and leaders as world-class coaches.

Equipped with the practical skills to drive peak performance, transform obstacles and motive teams to success!

With ILS Coach@Work, your leaders become empowering "change" agents.

These unique coaching techniques and in demand skills will:

  • Reduce meeting time
  • Develop talent
  • Build a solution focused, proactive culture.

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  • Talent drain

    Can you afford to lose talent? Old world management styles struggle to fast track talent development. Talent don’t leave companies, they leave managers! Two common reasons why talent leave: 1. Talent feel under utilised. 2. Talent can’t see a clear path of future growth for their careers. A “Manager-as-Coach” working culture, boosts talent development and nurtures their the full engagement.
  • Performance blues

    Drive peak performance. ILS Coach Methods disciplines thinking, meetings and communication: AWAY FROM >> time-wasting, counterproductive habits like procrastination, negativity & problem focus. STRONGLY TOWARDS >> time saving, productive habits like focus on finding proactive solutions, wise effective decision making & positive reframing.
  • Manager burn out

    Managers as Well Builders. Many good managers, don’t know how to empower and excavate their team’s full potential, and so they sadly burn out. If a manager is the only ‘Water Well’ on the floor, they risk burn out. They also bottle neck productivity and fail to develop talent. ‘ILS Manager as Coach’, training equips managers to skilfully draw out solutions, strengths and talent from their team.
  • Meeting headaches

    Time is a non renewable resource. What’s the massive time costs of meetings? Cutting meeting time by 50-20% while increasing meeting productivity, makes the return on investment for training your key staff in ILS Coach Skills tangible. ILS Coach@Work training is very practical and hands-on, and includes proven easy to use methods to cut meeting time and increase meeting productivity.
  • Bring coaching skills training in-house

    Imagine having your own internationally benchmarked, in-house coaching experts to train your leaders, managers and key personnel? Many of our clients, are so delighted by the ILS Coach@Work training, that they ask us to train their trainers and license them to offer ILS Coach@Work training ongoing. We will gladly explore this option with you. We don’t charge upfront license fees, instead we simply sell you learner materials per delegate, for your planned in-house training. Our training materials are marked up with our license fees. Imagine having your own internationally benchmarked, in-house coaching experts to train your leaders, managers and key personnel? This ensures the full integration of the training’s valuable skill sets. We also offer ongoing support and continued education to our clients.

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The future of coaching...

Sample client feedback on ILS Coach Training Programs

Sample client feedback on ILS Coach Training Programs


9.5/10 Corporate clients average rating for all ILS training to date...

Learn from passionate, high calibre industry experts!

All of our Trainers, are highly experienced in corporate coaching skills. They are specialists with sought after expertise in the fields of coaching, communication and leadership training.

Tlhonepo Modisane
“ILS Master Coach and Trainer”

Tlhonepo Modisane <br><span style='font-size:70%;'>“ILS Master Coach and Trainer”</span>
“I can now help people to become the best of themselves, by creating awareness and by assisting them to find their own solutions.”

Laralee Aldridge
“Business Implementation Executive.”

Laralee Aldridge<br><span style='font-size:70%;'>“Business Implementation Executive.”</span>
“ILS Coach has helped me become a dynamic leader. Instead of solving problems for my team every time they approach me, I coach and empower them to find solutions themselves. This has made the team far more effective."

Kim Potgieter
“Director of Chartered Wealth Solutions”

Kim Potgieter<br><span style='font-size:70%;'>“Director of Chartered Wealth Solutions”<br></span>
“ILS has equipped us with practical coaching skills that has taken our client relationships to the next level. The results have been staggering. This is an investment in your business that you won’t regret. Our financial planners have reported the ease with which they now handle sensitive client situations, drawing from their ILS tool box.”

Samuel Chakela
"Director Talent & Learning at UTi Worldwide"

Samuel Chakela<br><span style='font-size:60%;'>" />
"91% of Senior Leaders trained and are practicing ILS Coaching skills (in South Africa). 70% of Talent Pool Delegates being coached got promotions within the first year. 85% of Global HR leaders have ILS Coaching Skills. (Africa, EMENA, APAC & Americas). Our Manager as a coach approach is yielding positive results."


1 What’s different about InnerLifeSkills® (ILS) Coaching?
InnerLifeSkills® (ILS) Coaching, uniquely empowers your key personnel to build ‘Inner Wells’, to empower teams to overcome their ‘Inner Obstacles’ and to find their ‘Inner Wealth’. With ILS, you get world-class internationally accredited coaching skills, PLUS you also get a choice of 50+ coaching processes with scripts + worksheets, and 111 coaching nuggets - custom packaged to meet your on demand specific training requirements. No other ICF accredited coaching training program offers this.
2 How is ILS Coach different to training, managing mentoring and counselling?
Using the Inner Well metaphor, an ILS Coach does not give of their own water, but rather the coach empowers people to find their own Inner Wealth. In a nutshell here are some key differences:
Please note, that trainers, managers, mentors and counsellors all find massive value in adding coaching skills to their existing skill sets.
ILS qualifies many trainers, managers, mentors and counsellors in coaching competencies. Coaching skills dramatically enhances trainer, manager, mentor and counsellor skills.

TRAINER: A trainer transfers their knowledge and skills to a learner, whereas a coach helps staff to find, grow and fully express their own existing talents, skills and knowledge.

MANAGER: A manager directs teams towards business goals, usually with an out dated ‘tell-them-what-to-do’ management style. An ILS ‘Manager as Coach’ draws out a team’s own ideas and best solutions, creating maximum buy-in, talent development and team motivation.

MENTOR: A mentor guides their mentee towards a future position in the organization, by sharing their senior level of expertise and know-how. A coach helps mentee’s to clarify goals, create action plans and find solutions to achieve ultimate success.

COUNSELLOR: A counsellor invites a person to explore their past and their pain, whereas a coach directs people’s attention towards positive future potentials and solution focused action.
3 What does typical @Work Coaching look like?
@Work Coaching is either FORMAL or INFORMAL. ILS Coach@Work training includes both.

FORMAL COACHING: If your organisation requires in-house formal coaching, we can help train, design and support the process. coach/mentors are usually assigned 1-3 coachee’s, to formally coach weekly or fortnightly for a year. Coaching meetings are structured and measured. The set goal for the coaching program is tracked and focussed on. Every coaching session is a solution focused conversation, that inspires action and helps people overcome obstacles on the path to their peak performance and career development success. ILS @Work Coaches use the ILS Coach processes (exercises) to help excavate solutions, drive action and facilitate the successful realization of the set goals.

INFORMAL COACHING: All communication, from meetings to conversations, emails to performance appraisals benefit from coaching skills and coaching techniques. Staff trained in ILS Coach skills, start thinking and speaking in a solution focused way. The more staff trained in the skills, the more they tend to hold each other accountable to a more proactive, solution focused style of communicating and working.
4 Can I add coaching to my existing skills?
Absolutely yes! Project management, leadership, performance management, negotiation, conflict management, sales.... all communication skills fit in perfectly well with coaching skills.
5 Why is ICF accreditation important?
International Coaching Federation (ICF) accreditation is highly prized. ICF audit coach training methods, materials and assessments to ensure the training meets international benchmarks. ILS Master Coach (our top qualification course) with all its modules like ILS Coach@Work, is accredited at the highest ICF level.
6 How do I get credentialed as a coach with the ICF?
International Coaching Federation (ICF) credential coaches. To apply for credentialing as a processional coach and to see their criteria, visit their website
7How do I book a training?
Speak to us to arrange a booking. We customise all training to your specific training outcomes. Our trainers and programs are in high demand, so please allow good lead time for booking dates.
8What Coach@Work Courses do you offer?
We offer 3 levels of Life Coach study.
LEVEL I: ILS Coach@Work 101 (A 2 day intensive giving your managers and leaders practical, ready-to-use coaching skills)
LEVEL II: ILS Coach@Work Qualified (A 10 day comprehensive program, spread over a 6 month to year period, covering everything you need to be able to coach at internationally benchmarked levels)
LEVEL III: ILS Coach@Work Trainer (A 12 day train the trainer license program, so that your company can integrate our training programs in-house).
We also offer a popular ILS Enneagram "Don't take Personality Personally" 1/2 day intensive (great team builder).
We also have specialist trainers for: IT Manager as Coach, Change Manager Coach, and Call Center Coach Leader courses.