COACH Others: Become a Life Coach, Become a Business Coach

Why Coach Others? Why Become a Life or Business Coach?

Watch this quick video to learn why becoming a Life or Business Coach is so rewarding..
  • Have your own successful Life or Business Coach Business.

  • Make a Difference and make a Success.

  • Liberate, Inspire and Motivate others to live their best lives.

  • Change lives one empowering coached conversation at a time.

Are you ready for your successful Life or Business Coach Career?

Start an internationally recognised Life Coach career now.

  • Not sure that you can coach?

    Can you have a conversation? If you can have a conversation with a friend, then you can learn to be a Life Coach (coach life topics) or a Business Coach (coach business topics). We’ll get you coaching on day 1 of your training. With practise you’ll soon gain confidence. Rest assured, 98% of our students pass their final coach qualification assessment first time.
  • Where oh where?

    Life Coaching is plug and play! You can coach in an office, boardroom, coffee shop or on the phone. Did you know that you can also coach any topic? We’ll teach you how to coach any goal - from financial freedom, to peak performance, from weight loss to personal growth, from business building to work-life balance. The sky’s the limit!
  • Who to coach?

    Anyone who wants growth. To start, coach yourself (it’s invaluable). Next, coach your classmates. Then friends or colleagues. When you are ready, coach clients. Did you know that you can coach individuals or groups? And anyone from teenagers to CEO’s, athletes to executives? Anyone who wants to improve and grow can be coached!
  • No Time?

    Busy schedule? Our ICF internationally accredited program is part-time and is designed for flexibility. Enrol for the full course, or one module at a time. We have programs online or in person. There is minimal homework, and you can practise your coaching skills in everyday conversations. Most people can find 2-3 hours a week, and that’s more than enough to practise your coaching.
  • Return on your investment

    How much is it worth, for you to become a top Life or Business Coach? ILS Master Coach has the highest level of ICF international accreditation ACTP. The program includes training on the exact marketing and business building methods that real, highly successful Life and Business coaches use. Add that to the international benchmarked competencies of top professional coaches and you have a winning formula. How much is it worth, for you to have a successful and fulfilling career? How much is it worth to have master communication skills for life? How much is that worth to you? If you plan to earn income as a life or business coach, then to earn back your course investment usually takes an average of 6 coaching clients, booking a series of 10 coaching sessions each (at average life coaching rates). *These are estimates from our experience with our coaches. ILS Coaches apply their valuable learning from ILS to market their coaching services, and to build their own success. Success happens with sincere effort and the application of what is learnt.

ILS Master Coach Qualification Course

Don't ask: "What do you do for a living?"
Rather ask: "What do you live to do?"

Learn from caring, passionate experts!

All of our Trainers, walk their talk. They all have successful Life Coaching businesses, so they can mentor you to have the same.
Hunderds of qualified coaches are already helping others.

Meet real people who change lives as InnerLifeSkills® Coaches

Khanya Matlala
ILS Youth Career Coach

Khanya Matlala<br><span style='font-size:70%;'>ILS Youth Career Coach</span>
“I am privileged to coach teens and students to create career action plans and build their dream careers.”

Glenn-Douglas Haig
ILS Master Executive Coach

Glenn-Douglas Haig<br><span style='font-size:70%;'>ILS Master Executive Coach</span>
“I have a successful Executive Coaching business, taking people from ‘jobs’ to their ultimate life vocation.”

Eduan Pieterse
ILS Master Coach

Eduan Pieterse<br><span style='font-size:70%;'>ILS Master Coach</span>
"I have a very successful coaching and consulting business, coaching individuals and business teams to be all they were born to be!"

Michelle Bennetts
ILS Master Parent & School Coach

Michelle Bennetts<br><span style='font-size:70%'>ILS Master Parent & School Coach</span>
"I have a rewarding and successful coaching business, working with schools, parents, teachers and children.”


1What Life Coach courses do you offer?
We offer 3 levels of Life Coaching skills study.
LEVEL I: ILS Coach 101 (A 12 hour intensive giving you powerful foundation life coaching skills.)
LEVEL II: ILS Coach (A 74 hour comprehensive program covering everything you need to be able to coach at internationally benchmarked levels.)
LEVEL III: ILS Master Coach (A 162 hour internationally accredited Life Coach qualification. Learn how to Coach at master levels, and learn how to build a successful Life Coach business.)
2What differentiates the ILS Master Coach course to the many others that are offered in the world?
With ILS, you get world-class internationally accredited coaching skills, PLUS you also get the unique ILS 50+ coaching processes with scripts + worksheets, and 111 coaching nuggets. No other ICF accredited coaching training program offers this. The ILS InnerLifeSkills® coaching style also empowers you to coach deeper than the surface. To build ‘Inner Wells’, to empower others to overcome their ‘Inner Obstacles’ and to find their ‘Inner Wealth’.
3How is coaching different to mentoring and counselling, etc.?
TRUE Coaching is DIFFERENT to mentoring, and consulting and counselling. It complements and enhances these modalities, but is NOT the same.
1. TRAINING: A trainer typically determines the objectives of a session and gives people the solutions, advice and objectives to achieve. In contrast, coaching empowers the coachee to determine their own objectives and find sources their own solutions and actions. Many trainers add coaching to their skill set to be better trainers.
2. CONSULTING: A consultant gives advice to their clients based on their own area of expertise, whereas in coaching a coach never gives advice. The coach intentionally does not bring in their personal bias or agenda, the coach rather helps a coachee to draw out their own expertise, solutions and insights around the coachee’s agenda and goal. Coaching and consulting complement each other well. Many consultants train with ILS to add coaching to their skill set.
3. COUNSELLING: Counselling tends to excavate the story and content of a client, and looks often to the client’s past in order to help a client with their emotional and mental healing. Coaching chooses to deliberately transcend the story and content, focusing rather on coachee directed solutions and future progress. Coaching and counselling complement each other well. Many psychologists and therapists add coaching to their services.
4. MENTORING: A mentor offers advice and input based on their personal experience and expertise to a client, transferring knowledge and know-how. Coaching specifically does not give advice and the coach keeps their personality and personal experience out of the coaching experience, this opens the space to excavate the coachee's knowledge base and know-how. Coaching and mentoring complement each other well.
4How is Life Coaching different to Business Coaching?
Essentially, properly trained coaching skills, from a top coaching course can be applied to any sphere of life. So the coaching skills you learn will help you to coach any life or business goals. Some coaches become specialists in certain types of coaching. E.g. life, wellness, teams, weight loss, corporate etc. But the core competencies of coaching should be the same. This is why it is critical that your coach training course be internationally accredited with a reputable organisation, like the ICF. All ILS Coach Courses are accredited by the ICF (International Coach Federation) at the highest level. ILS trains you to have all the core coaching competencies you need. And then we make sure that you can easily coach for many different types of goals and for many different types of coachee’s (people who you coach). We also ADD an extremely comprehensive toolbox of coaching processes that are unique to ILS to make sure that you can coach anyone, anywhere, anytime.
5 What does a typical Life Coaching session look like?
Although every Life Coaching session is unique, they all work towards any goal or dream that is chosen by the coachee. In a nutshell, a coaching session is a solution focused dialogue, that inspires the coachee to go into action and helps them to overcome any obstacles they find on the path to your success. ILS Coaches have a toolbox of 50+ coaching processes (exercises) that they can use in their coaching sessions to help the coachee to excavate new solutions and powerful personal transformation.
6 How long is a Life Coaching session?
A session could be as short as a 20 minute “power espresso”, or a longer 2 hour session. Most Life Coaches set aside regular time to coach themselves. They invest time in themselves.
7 What can I coach on?
Any goal, dream, objective or obstacle that you want to help others on. Rely on your coaching skills, and processes, use the ILS toolbox to help. You can coach individuals and groups on any topic e.g. life goals, work and career aspirations, financial freedom, wellness and weight loss, personal growth and inner obstacles, dream building, etc.
8 Can I combine other methods and processes?
Absolutely! ILS Coach skills and methods are easily adapted and can be added to other empowerment exercises.
9Is the ILS Master Coach course NLP Coaching?
The following processes that we use in our coaching course might have NLP roots, but their true origin is not clear:
"As If" and "Reframing." We have written and taught these in our own way. Then some NLP practitioners use these processes although they have a coaching origin:
"Disney" and "Mentors Table." Most of the ILS Master Coach course is ILS unique or draws from ICF core competencies and as such are not NLP. Coaching and NLP share history and roots. There are many companies that train NLP and call it coaching, but fail to deliver the steps and skills of REAL coaching, thus not enabling the coach to even know how to obtain correct contracts, actions and overcoming obstacles etc. It’s a nice tool to have to use in coaching provided you know how to coach to implement NLP into a standard coaching session where and when required.
10What accreditation does a coach get?
The recognized world authority in coaching accreditation for coaches and coach training is the ICF. This is truly the benchmark for true professional coaching standards. Make sure that your training is ICF accredited. There are 2 main levels of ICF recognition and accreditation. They are:
ACSTH (training hours are approved) and ACTP (the full training program is accredited, including assessment procedures; which means that ACTP graduates can fast track their application to ICF for credentialing. ILS has both ACSTH and ACTP ICF accreditation for its ILS Master Coach program, and all of its component short course modules.
11 Can't I just coach without a qualification?
Many people make the mistake of thinking, that "coaching" is just general helping or guiding. They are very surprised to realise that coaching is both an art and a science, that needs proper training to master. ILS will teach you life and business coaching skills and methods. You will learn over 50+ in our course. You also get worksheets and scripts, that you can use to coach on a wide variety of topics. In other words, you get real, internationally accredited Life Coach training.
12 What else can I do with this qualification?
If you study our ILS Master Coach qualification, not only will you have life changing tools to be a top Life Coach, for the rest of your life! But you will also have Master Communicator skills. These benefit many other careers and service related professions. So you will make yourself more skilled and more valuable as a leader and communicator.
13How long should it take to qualify?
2 days (12 hours) ~ for foundation coaching skills. 3 months ~ for coaching qualification. 9 months (162 hours) ~ for international accreditation. Question any Life or Business Coach qualification that is shorter than 125 hours in duration or much longer than 170 hours. Shorter usually means the course lacks quality and too long, can mean that the course has been filled with a lot of irrelevant information to make it seem longer and more expensive. Coaching is an art and a science, but it is not rocket science.
14Is the ILS Master Coach course aligned to SAQA Unit standards?
Our coaching and mentoring program is internationally accredited with ICF (International Coach Federation). We are a SETA registered provider ETDP 2215.

We have not aligned our coaching program to Unit Standards, because there unfortunately are no true coaching unit standards. Most training providers borrow from training and mentoring unit standards, which are very theoretical and do not address real skills training and the critical international best practise competencies of coaching.

For some of our larger organizational and corporate clients, we sometimes include one unit standard (ID 117871 Facilitate learning using a variety of given methodologies) into our training, so that they can benefit from the credits, but it's important to us to prioritise training the proper internationally accredited skills ahead of the unit standard.

We don't submit credits to SETA, our clients do this themselves.
15Why is ICF accreditation important?
International Coach Federation (ICF) accreditation is the real thing. ICF audit coach training methods, materials and assessments to make sure the training meets international benchmarks. ILS Master Coach with all of its modules, is accredited at the highest ICF ACTP level.
16How do I get credentialed as a coach with the ICF?
International Coach Federation (ICF) credential coaches. To apply for credentialing as a professional coach and to see their criteria, visit their website
17How much do the courses cost?
We offer a selection of free online content for you to sample our courses. When you are ready to enrol in a paid for course or qualification, please request more information via email.
18 What language are the courses offered in?
Currently all ILS Courses are offered in the English language. Students are required to be able to speak and write and understand the English language to successfully complete the course.
19What happens if I miss a lecture?
You can attend the lecture that you missed, when it repeats again. The learning materials are very comprehensive so you can read the notes to catch up on the content covered in class.
20How do I enrol?
Choose between online courses (study from anywhere in the world, and attend webinar calls), OR hire an ILS Trainer for personal mentoring.