What is Life and Business Coaching?

Today, we use the word ‘coach’ for someone who helps us to
get from where we are now, to where we want to be in life.

Coaching is a master communication skill set that helps us to get to where we want to be!
Learn to Coach Yourself
Learn to Coach Others - Become a Life Coach
Learn to Coach@Work

Where does the term "Coach" come from?

The word ‘coach’ comes from the mid 16th century: from French ‘coche’, and from Hungarian ‘kocsi' (wagon) from Kocs.

A ‘coach’ or 'carriage' gets you to where you want to be.
In the 18th century, the word ‘coach’ started being used as a verb.

'Coaching' is a way to reach our goals and dreams.

A 'coach' is someone who helps us to reach our goals and dreams.

As an InnerLifeSkills® Coach (or ILS Coach for short), you can coach Yourself, Coach Others, or Coach@Work.
Learning to coach, is learning special skills and cutting edge methods,
to get people from where they are now, to where they want to be.

Types of Coaches

What do different coaches do?

  • An Athletic Coach - coaches athletes to become champions
  • A Life Coach - coaches people to achieve their dreams
  • An Executive Coach - coaches professionals to reach their goals
  • A Business Coach - coaches businesses to attain success
  • A Manager as Coach - coaches organizational teams to peak performance
  • A Youth Coach - coaches teens and children to reach their full potential
  • Anyone can add coaching skills to their existing skill set to benefit from the power of coaching
  • And many more...

    What is an InnerLifeSkills® (ILS) Coach?

    If it were easy to get from where we are now, to where we want to be, we’d all be there!

    InnerLifeSkills® Coaching takes the best of traditional life and business coaching, and adds something critically important. InnerLifeSkills® Coaching adds specialised knowledge and skills, that empower us to fully liberate our Inner Resources and to breakthrough Inner Obstacles. As an InnerLifeSkills® Coach, you are empowered to empower others.

    What can an InnerLifeSkills® (ILS) Coach do?

    InnerLifeSkills® Coaches combine ICF accredited world-class coaching competencies with our unique processes and specialized methodologies.

    An ILS trained Coach, can coach themselves, coach others and Coach@Work.

    What skills does an InnerLifeSkills® (ILS) Coach have?

    InnerLifeSkills® Coaches are trained in ICF accredited world-class coaching competencies, PLUS...

    Set clear
    inspiring goals

    Set clear <br>inspiring goals
    A skilled coach can set clear inspiring and motivating goals, that can be measured, and achieved.

    Drive and sustain action

    Drive and sustain action
    A well trained coach can motivate and drive sustained peak performance.

    Master Communication Skills

    Master Communication Skills
    Real coaching skills are also master communicator skills, taking all communication to the next level.

    pure potential

    Unlock <br> pure potential
    True coaching skills helps people to find their own inner resources, unlocking talents, innovative solutions and strengths.

    Build focused
    action plans

    Build focused <br>action plans
    Coaching processes help coaches to build solid, workable action plans.

    Inspire and motivate yourself and others

    Inspire and motivate yourself and others
    Coaches masterfully use specific methods to motivate and inspire.

    Build trust and connection

    Build trust and connection
    Rapport and trust building communication skills are vital to a coaches success.

    Keeping on track to success

    Keeping on track to success
    A master coach has the skills to sustain momentum until success is reached.

    The WHO, WHAT, WHY, WHERE and HOW of coaching

    1WHO can you coach?
    InnerLifeSkills Coaches, are taught to coach 'anyone'.
    Like a top carriage that can carry anyone to where they want to be. An ILS Coach has the skills and knowledge to coach anyone with the desire to succeed. ILS Master Coaches, can coach individuals, teams, executives, athletes, youth, leaders, clients and even themselves.
    2WHAT can you coach?
    ILS Master Coaches, are trained in 50+ coaching processes. This equips them to coach any goal, dream or aspiration. These include: personal growth, wellness, financial, business, projects, group dynamics, weight loss, relationships, self esteem, motivation, purpose, performance, team building, etc.
    3WHY coach?
    If you only know how to give advice, and tell people what to do, you are missing out. When we give advice, we give people our water, from our wells. There is nothing wrong with this, but it does mean that you carry the burden of being the one giving all the time. By coaching, and especially ILS Coaching, we empower others to find their own best inner resources. That is real empowerment!
    4WHERE can you coach?
    Anywhere that is quiet, professional, gives privacy and is comfortable. You can coach over the phone, or in person.
    5HOW can you coach?
    Coaching is an art and a science. It takes time to learn to master the techniques and methods. InnerLifeSkills® trains internationally accredited world-class coaching and adds 50+ unique ready-to-use, ILS processes and scripts. Enrol for ILS Master Coach and qualify as a professional coach.
    6What Coaching is not?
    Coaching complements but is NOT, therapy, training, mentoring, consulting and counselling. Coaching is a specific modality. Using the Inner Well metaphor, an ILS Coach does not give of their own water, but rather the coach empowers people to find their own Inner Wealth. Please note, that trainers, managers, mentors and counsellors all find massive value in adding coaching skills to their existing skill sets.

    What type of coaching are you interested in?

    InnerLifeSkills® coaching communication skills training is for....
    • School teacher as Coach

    • Life Coach

    • Business Coach

    • Executive Coach

    • Youth Coach

    • Manager as Coach

    • Wellness Coach

    • Meetings Coach

    • Call Center Team Leader Coach

    • Leadership Coach

    • Financial Planner Coach

    • Psychologist as Coach

    • Consultant as Coach

    • Fitness Pro as Coach

    • Parent as Coach

    • Trainer as Coach