We’re Celebrating 10 Years with ICF Accreditation! 

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Online Life Coach Certification is not enough anymore.

Our top Certified Master Coaches earn 2-year coaching contracts and 5-star reviews because we train them in the
BIG 4 Coaching Services…


Life Coaching + Executive Coaching + Enneagram Coaching + Business Coaching
= ICF ACTP Accredited InnerLifeSkills Master Coach Certification.

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InnerLifeSkills ICF accredited programs
InnerLifeSkills Coaching learn how to life coach
InnerLifeSkills online life coach certification

Become a Certified Life Coach, Enneagram Coach,
Business Coach and Executive Coach in 1 step-by-step program.

We’ve trained over 35,000 in 60+ countries.
Get your ICF accredited life coaching programs online – ACC, PCC & MCC levels with InnerLifeSkills Master Coach Certification.

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Enneagram Certification Coach

13 SEATS for 25 May 2022
Master Certification Coach ACTP

JUNE 2022
15 SEATS for 27 June 2022
Intuition Coach Certification
3-week course

We train Natural Coaches & Leaders to become
Internationally ICF Certified Master Coaches.

Whether you’re new to the Life Coach Certification path, or want to add Master Coaching Skills to your professional services, we train you to be Confident + Credible + Competent + Certified with the best online life coaching programs.

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Online Professional Coaching training on PC, laptop globally
Colleen Joy empowering you to empower others

Please don’t limit yourself to 1 Coaching Niche.”

Virtually all our most successful Certified Coaches offer these 4 Coaching Certification Services:
Life Coaching + Enneagram Coaching + Business Coaching + Executive Coaching

 Don’t limit yourself.

A flexible coaching toolbox with the freedom to attract clients from multiple niches
are critical to creating steady income and happy clients.

Colleen-Joy, founder of the InnerLifeSkills and ICF Master Credentialed Coach (MCC) has worked as an in-demand coach, speaker, and author for over 30 years.

ILS Master Coach Sharni Quinn

Thank goodness for these incredible skills…
Over and over I am reminded how InnerLifeSkills Coaching really transforms lives!”

Sharni Quinn — 

Since certifying with InnerLifeSkills Certified as a Professional Coach, Sharni became a published Author, Speaker and Lifestyle Mentor who now lives her dream life in Bali coaching clients around the world.

5 star review ratings

We want you to have a comprehensive client-attracting coaching toolbox.

With InnerLifeSkills Master Coach one of our best online life coach certification programs you’ll gain a toolbox to serve your clients at the highest:

The BIG 4 In-Demand Coaching Services:
Life Coach + Business + Enneagram + Executive Coaching (don’t settle for 1) 

+ 111 Coaching Methods
+ 57 Coaching Processes
+ 11 Coaching Certifications
+ 12 Coaching Specialties.

 All with ready-to-use coaching scripts and worksheets.

ILS Scripts and processes

6 Case Studies of Certified Life Coaches & Business Coaches

Be inspired by these 6 examples of InnerLifeSkills ICF Certified Life Coaches, Business Coaches, Enneagram Coaches, Youth Coaches, Wellness Coaches, and Executive Coaches, who built life-changing coaching brands after their Online Coaching Certification.

case study Sharni Quinn

Sharni Quinn is living her dream as a lifestyle coach and author. She has international clients, offering online life coaching, wellness retreats from Bali.

Since becoming an InnerLifeSkills Master Coach, Glenn-Douglas has enjoyed 12+ years of offering Executive Coaching to fortune 500 companies around the world.

He was able to buy his dream home and hit record income levels this year.

Case study Glenn Douglas
Case Study Karen Sophia

 Sophia has created a thriving Enneagram Coach business offering a combination of Life Coaching, Relationship Coaching and Enneagram typing services.

Since Khanya Matlala completed her Online Life Coach Certification with InnerLifeSkills, she became a “go-to” Career Coach, seen here featured on television and in magazines. Her work empowers young adults and uplifts communities.

case study Khanya
case study Oksana

Oksana Petersen, based in Switzerland combines InnerLifeSkills Master Coaching and Enneagram coaching, with her expertise as a top certified Wellness coach.

Phil Keye receives glowing testimonials for his youth coaching camps and anti-bullying campaigns for schools, where he uses his Life Coaching skills.

case study Phil Keye

A few of our loved clients

InnerLifeSkills Clients

What makes InnerLifeSkills Coaching Training Different?

Coaching can be surface “to-do-list” style or create lasting transformation.

With InnerLifeSkills you coach deeper than surface.

You learn how to help build clients to build their INNER WISDOM WELLS.
To overcome their INNER OBSTACLES, like fear, procrastination, self-doubt, resistance and ego masks.

To send well-crafted QUESTIONS like BUCKETS to draw on the crystal clear water of their INNER WEALTH. Our Inner Wealth includes wisdom, insights, breakthrough, inner peace and wholeness.

Build INNER WELLS, with InnerLifeSkills.

What coaching specialty are you interested in?

Not sure yet? No problem—our Online Life Coach Certification and Master Coach training covers them all.

With Your InnerLifeSkills Certification—You’ll never be limited.

We want you to have maximum flexibility, to attract many client markets, offer different types of coaching specialties and not be limited by one-dimensional coaching.



Life Coach anyone on any topic to help clients to reach their life, personal growth, relationship, spiritual growth or career goals.


Learn to coach people to build an abundant, conscious business or inspired side hustle.


Offer professional Enneagram Typing and Coaching Sessions, without needing unreliable tests.

man teen 1


Empower and motivate corporate managers and teams to inspired productivity and purposeful work.

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Create your own coaching specialty, we’ll show you how.

Start Coaching on day one of your certification

Life Coaching at ICF master levels is an art and a science. So it’s critical to start coaching as soon as possible. We’ll start you coaching in your first online Zoom class.

Get expert feedback every step of the way

 Your InnerLifeSkills Master Coach certification includes expert feedback. Plus you get to practice coaching with your fellow coach group to build confidence.

Learn to Coach at ICF MCC Master Levels

We’ve spent 20+ years learning how to make sure that you reach ICF MCC Master Coach levels of skills as soon as possible.

online life coaching resources online
Master Coaching is a practical skill.

That’s why you start life coaching during your first online life coach certification class.

If you want theoretical, academic training, then we’re not for you.
We’re skills-focused. We work to help you coach at ICF MCC master levels as soon as possible.

If you are thinking of becoming a life coach… look no further…

The atmosphere during online life coach certification classes is energising and fun.

At the end, you will not only be rewarded with a highly satisfying coaching career but you will also be a more empowered, wiser & enlightened individual.”

5 star rating

5 star reviewed rating

Oksana Petersen

Nutrition Right Switzerland

InnerLifeSkills restored my faith in coaching, it completely exceeded all my expectations.

I’ve experienced 3 different coaching courses and hold 2 coaching qualifications. InnerLifeSkills was the only life coaching school which not only gave me a complete set of tools and skills to support others through inner and outer obstacles, but it completely transformed and empowered me in the process.

It’s the only way to go!“

5 star rating

5 star reviewed rating

Volker Schlettwein

Optim Academy

Here Khanya is being interviewed as an expert guest on television.

InnerLifeSkills changed my life.

I am so proud to be part of the ILS coaching family.”

5 star rating

5 star reviewed rating

Khanya Matlala

Career Builder

Master Coaching Guides

Enjoy our tutorials, top life coaching questions, articles, guides and other resources—to help you become a life-changing Master Coach. Helping guide you on your path to Online Life Coach Certification, to become a Life Coach, Business Coach, Executive Coach and Enneagram Coach.

Life Coach Certification Guide

Online Life Coach Certification Guides and Tips

Everything you need to consider when embarking on your life coaching certification journey.

Certification in Life Coaching

A critical guide to Certification in Life Coaching, the Do's and Don'ts Are you looking for certification in life coaching, confused by so many choices?  Here are some valuable do's and don'ts, essential tips and insights to consider before leaping into your...

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What NOT to do as a Coach

There are coaching skills and processes in a certified coaches toolbox helping us know what to do. But have you ever thought about what NOT to do as a coach and why? As natural-born helpers and advice-givers, us coaches are often drawn to the profession of certified...

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Offer coaching after lockdown

In such uncertain times, where people are scared and suffering, how can we stay true to ourselves and our purpose?  There's this fine line between feeling like we're taking advatage of people in their time of need, but at the same time we need to honor ourselves and...

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How to Coach Obstacles

The point of a coach is to guide others to achieve their goals. If you know how to coach obstacles, you can better help your clients to do so.  Everyone has inner obstacles.  And these inner obstacles don't always express themselves in the same ways.  Each client is...

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3 Ways to Coach Relationships

Want to coach relationships professionally? Here is a guide to 3 approaches to coaching relationships. Three very powerful, successful approaches. Whether this is in a business environment where you're coaching colleagues to get along better, to create more...

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3 Enneagram Coach Mistakes

What are three common enneagram coach mistakes? Focusing on behavior. Forgetting about counterphobic six, Relying too heavily on online tests. TABLE OF CONTENTS First Mistake. Second Mistake. Brief Distinction of Counterphobic Six. Third Mistake. What I Prefer to...

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