Do online life coaching training classes really work?

What about interaction and class engagement?

You might be as surprised as our students are to find out how warm, interactive and convenient our online classes are.

Watch this helpful video…


We’ve had students attend our online classes while sitting on a train in Rome, from offices in Singapore, while holidaying in Canada and even from a rural African village.

All you need is a good internet connection. And although a laptop or computer is ideal, you could even use a Smartphone or iPad to attend the weekly online classes.

All of our live online classes (with a trainer and your classmates) are highly engaging and very practical so that you can get coaching as soon as possible. Enjoy talking to the expert trainer and your classmates and also type into the live chat area.

Our online classes are like using Skype, but with private breakout rooms to practice in, just as you would have in a class environment.

We use Zoom for our online class platform, it’s super easy to use, you don’t need any special software or skills. Click-click-click and you’ll be with the trainer and classmates in a virtual classroom.

If you are technophobic, not to worry.

We’ll arrange to show you how the platform works prior to the start of the classes.


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