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Master Life Coach Certification for you to offer the 4 most in-demand profitable Coaching Services: Life Coach + Enneagram Coach + Business Coach + Executive Coach.
Make a difference & make a living.

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Which of these questions have you asked?

If you’ve ever asked any of these questions, then InnerLifeSkills could be what you’ve been looking for:

  • How can I empower and enlighten myself and others?
  • How do I help others to help themselves (without carrying their burdens)?
  • How can I build a career that is both rewarding and makes a real difference in the world?
  • How do I build a career that gives me the freedom to work anywhere?
  • What is Life Coaching and what it isn’t?

You don’t have to choose between paying the bills and a life of purpose.

InnerLifeSkills is here to help you to help others.

To change lives by learning to empower and enlighten with every conversation you have. And if you choose to become a professional ILS Master Coach, you’ll be able to earn an income by offering professional coaching services.

“I built InnerLifeSkills to find people with a vision of making a difference—to equip them with the skills and knowledge to succeed.
The world needs life-changing, inspiring, empowering professional Master Coaches.”

My name is Colleen-Joy, I’m the Managing Director of ILS and author of the InnerLifeSkills coaching methodology and I hold an ICF MCC credential.

I’ve worked as a successful international coach, trainer, speaker and author for over 30 years (and every day I’m so grateful for the freedom, joy and fulfillment that this work still brings).

You can make a living making a difference… we can show you how.

My team and I prove every day that we don’t have to choose between paying the bills and a life of purpose.

We create rewarding, meaningful careers—making a success of making a difference.

We train visionaries to become professional life coaches, business coaches, wellness coaches, executive coaches (or your own type of coaching).

If this vision speaks to you, and you’re prepared to roll up your sleeves, then we’re here to show you how to earn this freedom and how to earn the privilege of inspiring, motivating and empowering others.

Coaching classes with InnerLifeSkills
Sign up for our Free Life Coach Online Course here, or look at our list of online courses.

Why become an InnerLifeSkills Master Coach?

The world needs more life-changing coaches. It really does! 

When someone knows how to coach (the InnerLifeSkills way), they awaken wisdom and solutions wherever they go. These skills help you to become an empowering change agent, a voice of inspiration and a master communicator.

It only takes 1 person to create ripples of enlightening change.

Because we walk our talk and deliver, ILS has become a respected international brand, with the most incredible team—we really do enlighten and empower others for a living.

It’s difficult to decide which we’re prouder of:

  • That our full program ILS Master Coach is internationally accredited with the ICF at the highest level (ACTP)—which is not easy, fewer than 300 training providers in the world have this.

  • That we produce high calibre international life coaches, youth coaches, executive coaches, wellness coaches and business coaches globally.

  • We’ve trained thousands of Manager as Coaches around the world, who accelerate critical talent development, make their teams happier and really empower others to empower themselves.

What I love most about my work…

I love watching our graduate life coaches and business coaches use InnerLifeSkills coaching to:

  • build successful purposeful  coaching brands,
  • uplift communities,
  • create “aha moments”,
  • build cohesive teams,
  • change mindsets,
  • take a stand against corruption,
  • heal relationships,
  • publish books…

See our list of qualified Life Coaches here…

Accreditation and track record—to give you confidence.

  • InnerLifeSkills top qualification course ILS Master Coach has International ICF Accreditation ACTP, ACSTH and CCE

  • We’ve trained 30,000+ students in over 27 countries

  • We’ve also trained Managers as Coaches for multinational enterprises and companies—across diverse sectors internationally. Our Manager as Coach program is mandatory for all managers with several of our corporate clients. 

ACTP ICF Accredited Coach Program

What ratings and reviews do we get from clients and students?

We have achieved an average rating of 90% client satisfaction for nearly 2 decades for corporate clients and 5/5 star ratings for public students from around the world. 

Here are some of our Reviews…

5 star reviewed rating
Master Life Coach Program review
Life Coach Coure Online Review
Life Coach Online Certificaiton Training review

You can see why our courses are sought after around the world.

  • Choose to study our top course as weekly part-time online webinar classes (ACC, PCC and MCC levels). ILS Master Coach, is internationally accredited at the highest ACTP level.

  • Or enroll for one module at a time, and work towards the full qualification at your pace and according to your budget.

  • Or bring our training to your group or organization

Leave us with an ICF ACTP qualification, or CCE or ACSTH hours. 

7 More Reasons to consider studying with InnerLifeSkills to become a Master Coach.


International ICF Accreditation

ILS Master Coach is ICF ACTP internationally accredited. To date, ILS are amongst fewer than 300 training providers with an ACTP accreditation from the ICF. Every ILS module you study counts towards earning a prestigious ICF credential, earning you recognized CCE and ACSTH hours.


Coaching is a practical, hands on skill, that’s why we get you coaching within the first 6 hours of training. Sample our life coaching skills training with our free online life coaching course.


We give you a coaching pack with 50+ Scripts and 111+ Nuggets

Who else includes over 50+ coaching processes with scripts and worksheets in their training program? Over 60% of the processes are unique to ILS, not generic or common coaching processes.

We also teach you 111+ coaching techniques and teach you 12 coaching specializations… giving you a massive ILS coaching toolbox.


Transform Inner Obstacles

We specialize in equipping you to transform Inner Obstacles (fear, procrastination, self-esteem etc). We are leaders in the art and science of this approach to coaching.


Learn from real coaches

We are FOR COACHES BY COACHES! Our coach trainers are all working coaches.

ILS trainers live and breathe the solutions we teach.

Our Vision is your Vision!

Our vision is to see you succeed at your vision.

ILS is built by coaches for coaches. We want you to make a massive difference with these life-changing skills.

Access to resources

As a Master Coach student, you will get online access to the 50+ coaching scripts and worksheets.

PLUS 50+ hours of audio and video training.



The ILS Trainer faculty are dedicated, talented, working coaches.

​Every ILS Trainer is a qualified ILS Master Coach — they bring you a wealth of expertise.

Glenn-Douglas Haig

Glenn-Douglas Haig

ILS Master Coach Trainer

Khanya Matlala

Khanya Matlala

ILS Master Coach Trainer

Eduan Pieterse

Eduan Pieterse

ILS Master Coach Trainer

Melanie Raizon

Melanie Raizon

ILS Master Coach Trainer

Leoni Coetzee

Leoni Coetzee

ILS Master Coach Trainer

Nandha Govender

Nandha Govender

ILS Master Coach Trainer

Lynette Anderson

Lynette Anderson

ILS Master Coach Trainer

Yvette Duncan

Yvette Duncan

ILS Enneagram Coach Trainer & Systemic Coach Trainer

Monique De Beer

Monique De Beer

ILS Master Coach Trainer

Sophia Grobler

Sophia Grobler

ILS Enneagram Coach and Relationship Coach Trainer




MCC, Global Managing Director & Founder of InnerLifeSkills

Chantel Brigitte

Chantel Brigitte

Director of Operations

Eryn Dawn

Eryn Dawn

Student and Coach Development Liaison & Digital Marketing Manager

In Summary…

With InnerLifeSkills you can learn everything you need to become a successful, ILS Master Life Coach, Business Coach or Manager as Coach. Gain international ICF competencies combined with 50+ ILS coaching processes and 111 coaching techniques.

Choose to study the ILS Master Coach program (which includes ACC, PCC and MCC levels) or enroll for a module at a time. Attend weekly 3 hour online webinar classes. As a student, you will also have access to our extensive online resources, with 50+ hours of coaching audio examples, video tutorials, over 50 professional ILS worksheets and coaching scripts for you to use.

What students also love about our courses, is that they can start coaching within the first 6 hours of training.

We would love to train you. Speak to us about your training requirements.

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