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Master Coach Certification

ICF Accredited Master Coach ACTP certification 

Picture yourself with master life and business coaching skills—changing peoples lives.

This internationally ICF Accredited Master Coach certification course will help you to build a Master Coach career within 11 months.

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ICF internationally accredited program worth 127 ACTP hours


  • 34 weeks (as 2 classes per week) or  over 1-year (as 1 class per week) online live classes with our trainer and classmates. 162 ACTP hours.
  • Become an ILS  Master Coach.
  • Learn 111 Life Coach and Business Coaching techniques.
  • Empower others to transform their inner obstacles and find their inner wealth the InnerLifeSkills way.
  • Learn to coach: goals, relationships, wholeness, intuition, family dynamics, purpose, business building and more.
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Our ILS Master Coach Life Coach Certification Program will give you 162 ACTP ICF hours.

This can help you to attain an ICF Professional Coach Credential (PCC)

Hours ICF ACTP Accredited international certification

Coaching processes + ready-to-use worksheets + scripts

Niche coaching specialities or help with building your own

What Life Coaching and Business Coaching processes do you learn in this course?

Check out the complete list of processes that you will learn on this interactive online ACTP Certification coaching course, download your PDF guide here.

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ILS Master Coach list of processes

What makes an InnerLifeSkills Master Coach different?

Not only can an InnerLifeSkills Coach, coach at internationally benchmarked standards, but we also build inner wells, fly kites and grow apple trees!


It’s important to be able to coach more than goals and action plans. We equip you with our unique coaching processes (along with ready-to-use scripts and worksheets) to coach over 50 different topics.

3 of the most popular are our ILS Kite (which transforms inner obstacles), ILS Inner Well (which helps to excavate intuitive inner wisdom) and ILS Apple Tree processes (which helps to find our inspiring purpose).

You won’t find these powerful processes anywhere else, they were created by Colleen-Joy for InnerLifeSkills Coaches. We love to show how to change lives by using these processes and more…

Build Inner wells, Fly Kites and Grow Apple Trees…

well tree kite

Why become a professional InnerLifeSkills Master Coach?

There are 3 popular reasons…


Learn everything you need to become a professional specialist coach. Leave this course with the confidence to coach anyone, anywhere in the world. During this course, we also help you to select your niche area of specialization.

Here are the 3 most common reasons that our students become ILS Master Coaches:

To build a coaching business brand.
We train visionaries to become professional coaches and to choose their specialty. For example Life Coach, Youth Coach, Business Coach, Executive Coach, Organizational Development Coach, Transformation Coach, Relationship Coach, or your own niche.

To become a ‘Manager as Coach’, at work.

We train leaders, senior and middle managers to use coaching as a tool to build engagement, develop talent, make meetings more productive, drive productivity and empower staff.

To add Life Coaching services to a practice.

We train health practitioners, psychologists, therapists and consultants to add coaching to their practice so that they attract new markets, offer more value to their patients and create new income streams.

What’s your reason to become a master coach?

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What you’ll learn on this top qualification course?

Everything you need to become a specialized professional coach.

This ACTP ICF accredited program equips you to build your own successful coaching specialty and your own coaching brand (which we help you with).

When you qualify as an ILS Master Coach, you will have already begun to carve your path of coaching success, serving the markets that you care about.

PLUS: Learn how to build a successful coaching business from marketing to getting clients, from packaging services, to what to charge etc.

PLUS: Learn how to adapt your coaching services to coach groups, youth, personal development, corporate, business and wellness coaching.


Here are the covers of the various modules that you will learn on ILS Master Coach… scroll through them to be inspired. 

As you can probably tell, this qualification course gives you everything you need to work as a professional Life Coach, Business Coach, Executive Coach, Youth Coach or Manager as Coach.

The following courses make up this qualification:

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When does this course start?

We hold 2 ILS Master Coach courses per year online.

This course is module based you can start at the beginning of select modules. Visit our Courses Curriculum Page for date options. 

Life Coach Coure Online Review
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Reviews for ILS Lilfe Coach Master Certification
5 star reviewed rating

How is this course offered?

Attend our online live weekly classes from anywhere in the world. All you need is a device or computer and high-speed internet connection.

Enjoy the convenience (no traffic, no travel costs) and attend real classes, with your trainer and classmates.

If you are unsure about how online training works and want to know more, click here. 

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How much does this course cost?

Our program and modules are competitively priced for ICF ACTP qualification programs.

ILS Master Coach is more affordable than most MBA’s and BComm qualifications but this is still a real investment in your career.

We accept payments in 4 currencies.

Click Enroll to see which dates are available and to see our latest Master Coach Online Certification Course Prices.



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Visit this comparison table to compare the offerings of our top Qualification Programs. See what each course offers and compare to find the right Life Coach course to serve your dream.


Thanks for considering InnerLifeSkills

Why choose between your purpose and your paycheck? If we are going to create a better world, we need to be able to make a successful living at making a difference.

Over 2 decades of research and work has gone into my InnerLifeSkills Master Coach course—I live and use everything you learn because I’ve tested everything myself.

Remember that our courses qualify you to become a Life Coach, Youth Coach, Business Coach, Executive Coach, Wellness Coach or even your own brand of coaching.

Specialize in a type of coaching that you love! Follow proven paths or trail blaze! And don’t worry if you’re not sure which type of coaching you want to offer yet, we teach you to coach anyone, on any topic

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