Are you considering calling yourself a life coach?

Aspiring coaches often find themselves bound by the label “life coach,” believing it to be the only path to success.

However, flexibility and authenticity are the keys to standing out and building a unique coaching brand in today’s dynamic coaching landscape.

In this article, we will explore seven crucial reasons why embracing a broader approach to coaching and unleashing your true potential can lead to a successful and fulfilling coaching career.


1. Focus on the Destination, Not the Vehicle

Think about the origin of the word “coach.” It came from transport, a vehicle that takes you from where you are to where you want to be.

Coaching is all about transformation and the journey towards an important destination.

A lot of new coaches and even coaches that have got certification are now struggling to find clients and to get traction for their careers, or their businesses make the mistake of being so in love with coaching, understandably, that they forget that their potential clients and the people that they serve.

Your potential clients are more interested in where you can take them than in the coaching process.

So, put the dream destination first when positioning yourself as a coach, guide, or leader.

Dream Destination

2. Unleash Yourself – Don’t Niche

Many coaches believe they need to niche themselves to be successful.

This is pretty much like saying, I have only got this one destination that I can take people to, and I can only take certain people to those destinations.

However, this can limit your potential. Instead, unleash yourself and embrace a big toolbox of coaching skills.

Be flexible and adaptable, custom-building coaching services for each individual based on their needs and desires.

This approach will set you apart from the crowd and attract diverse clients.

Don't Niche

3. Rise Above the Competition

In a sea of coaches, how do you stand out?

By focusing on your value and your ability to custom-tailor solutions for your clients.

The key is to offer a combination of

  • coaching,
  • consulting,
  • mentoring,
  • and training based on their specific requirements.

Doing so makes you the go-to coach, trusted and sought after for your expertise and adaptability.

Rise Above the sea of life coaches

4. Blend Coaching Styles

When appropriate, embrace pure coaching (no advice-giving) and consulting, teaching, guiding, and mentoring roles. This combination allows you to effectively cater to different phases of your client’s journey.

While pure coaching empowers individuals to find solutions, consulting and training phases help implement personalized solutions and ensure long-term success.


Blended Coaching

5. Prioritize Building Your Brand

Your brand is your personal magic, reflecting your core values, authenticity, and uniqueness.

Put your brand first and focus on how you can serve your clients best.

People are drawn to authentic brands they can relate to and trust.

Show your whole self to your audience, including your passions and interests, to create a deeper connection.

Serve your clients

6. Experiment and Be Agile

Instead of forcing yourself into a life coach box, explore the big four coaching areas:

Develop a large toolbox of skills and use them to customize coaching solutions for each client.

This approach allows you to adapt to different needs and stay relevant in an ever-changing coaching landscape.

The Big 4

7. Listen to Your Clients’ Language

Listen intently to your potential client’s language and the specific words they use to describe their challenges and desires.

Capture this language and incorporate it into your messaging and coaching programs.

By speaking their language, you will connect with your clients on a deeper level and address their unique needs effectively.

Power to Empower

Don’t limit yourself by calling yourself a life coach.

Embrace your true potential, unleash your skills, and custom-build coaching solutions for your clients.

Your brand and unique approach will set you apart from the competition and attract the right clients to your coaching journey.

So, step out of the life coach box, and embrace the limitless possibilities that await you as a dynamic and adaptable coach.