You might feel the same, that irrespective of the current global pandemic, the life and business coaching industry was moving away from the restrictions of location-based work towards online, freedom-based platforms.

With the technological age becoming more and more prevalent in our every day lives, there has been a shift towards online, fully digitalized coaching businesses. Online coaching benefits, far outweigh venue-based coaching.

There are even more benefits for coaching businesses than other types of business because online is such a natural fit for us.

But why is it important for us as coaches to have online-based practices, sessions, and businesses?


What are the online coaching benefits?

How The World Has Changed:

In March, when COVID engrossed our lives, many countries around the world were forced into lockdown and many of us had to rethink our livelihoods just make ends meet.

Life Coaches and Business Coaches who previously resisted working online had to jump into Zoom and Microsoft Meetings. Many of our graduate coaches told us, that this was a real gift. It was easier than they thought. Their fears of coaching online being cold and impersonal were unfounded as long as they kept coaching sessions engaging. 

Many of our coaches tell us that online coaching benefits far outweigh the costs, and they now love it.

Some of our graduates even had record income months because they stepped up and embraced Zoom Coaching. 

Coach online
Take a personal example—my wonderful hairstylist pays the rent, employs a handful of ladies, and still has to feed himself, but under lock-down, he had no clients and no income.

I texted him asking if I could pay for a haircut for myself and my daughters upfront and claim the appointments when restrictions eased.

But the beautiful soul refused and jokingly said, “Col thanks, I’m okay, I’m going to start delivering pizzas.”

What did he really do? He worked in his friend’s factory on the other side of the country, manufacturing, bottling and selling sanitizers.

Everyone did what they could, and many discovered online home-based new sources of income.

I’ve been extremely fortunate, life has always pushed me in the best direction that my business could take.

It’s been some luck, sure, but also an intuition for emerging trends. Being guided by my gut, and listening to the needs of my students and clients.

The first time I stepped into a successful new path, was 30 plus years ago. Back then, we didn’t even call it coaching, I called my work intuitive consultations. I might not have even known what life coaching was exactly.

But I listened to life and followed that path.

I’ve caught a few other waves along the way; Enneagram and Business Building Coaching have been the most fruitful.

The risk I’m most grateful for, was 4 years ago when I put my coaching and training business 95% online. My team and I have never looked back. 

And yes, I had a lot of resistance to it.

There’s always the question “Is this the right direction for me and my business”, but I trusted my intuition, that inner voice, my inner wisdom.

Even though for most of my business’s life I did majority of the behind-the-scenes by working from home, I still had a training venue that held physical live classes.

And I think the main reason I wanted to shift to holding my classes online, was not because I had some magical premonition.

I wanted to do my bit for the environment.

I wouldn’t have to drive almost every day a week, have all my students in their own cars drive to us, I wouldn’t have an office that used water and electricity.

And that was it, I just wanted to do my bit for the earth. 

But funnily enough, it had another benefit; reduced costs.

And it was just a happy coincidence that the rest of the world was moving in that direction too.

And that’s simply, one (okay, two) of the benefits on a long list of why coaching is such an amazing path to take.

It’s so encompassing, and can transform and grow as needed.

But there are even more benefits to creating or transforming into an online coaching business.

dream of having an online coaching business
I have 3 main reasons why I absolutely encourage working from home as a life coach.

3 reasons why I have loved it. 

3 online coaching benefits. 


The first online coaching benefit is:


Freedom of location.

With a reliable and steady internet connection, you can sit anywhere in the world, make a living doing what you love while being where you love to be.

Coach anywhere in the world

The second benefit of an online coaching business:


Minimal overheads.

You’re paying for your household items anyway, so why double the expenses of having a second workspace? Save in time and money by working from home.

Online coaching saves time and money

And the third benefit of working from home is:


Better work-life balance.

Having 3 daughters in the house while working from home meant more quality time with my family. I got to watch them grow up and be there for the priceless moments I’ll never forget.

Balanced work and home life

In summary:

For whatever reason, digitalizing and moving online right now, is a very important leap for any business to take.

And even more important for the amazing coaching businesses out there.

There are so many benefits to having an online coaching business.


The 3 main online coaching benefits are:

  1. The freedom of being able to be anywhere in the world, be it in the middle of the Okavango Delta in Botswana, or on my couch in my home in a bustling city, is unimaginably rewarding.
  2. Spending precious time with my family is so valuable.
  3. And the lessened costs of not having to rent out a space to work by having all my coaching classes be online based.

Other benefits can be:

  • Doing your bit for the earth,
  • Wearing comfy clothing,
  • Driving and traveling less,
  • Business freedom,
  • And with hard work and persistence, a potentially heightened business security.

If all this, and the many other benefits of being home-based while you work, appeals to you, why not consider a career in coaching that allows for it?

Start your self-employed, online, digital home-based journey today with us at InnerLifeSkills.

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