Life Coach Business Building—how to build your brand and life coaching business.

Or business coaching, or enneagram coaching, youth coaching, or even your own type of coaching!

It’s a sad reality that 8 out of 10 businesses fail. 98% of the internet is a dead wasteland. So how do we make sure that our vision of making a difference AND making a great living succeeds?

It took me over a decade to learn how to build a business that was both authentically service focused and to succeed financially.

I made so many mistakes. I don’t want you to make this life coach business building mistake, I want you to be successful so that you can change lives.

These posts are packed with guidance to help you to avoid the most costly common new coach mistakes, and to fast track your progress.

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Life Coach Success Roadmap

Life Coach Success Road-map - learn the 12 Steps to becoming a successful Life Coach   There are proven reliable ways to become a professional life coach with life coach success, along with some common roadblocks that you will face on this path. Use the...

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Find Life Coaching Clients

From 0 to your first 100 clients There is a wall between you and your first paying client. But to find life coaching clients in an authentic and sustainable way is not easy. I want to help remove that wall so that you can start a professional coach journey. If you can...

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Top 20 Best Coaching Questions [Updated Nov 2022]

You know that professional life coaching is all about asking the right questions—but it's also about asking at the right time and in the right way. That's why this is not just a bullet point list of great questions to ask your clients; it's also filled with helpful...

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ICF ACC PCC MCC a quick and easy guide

Helping you to understand the ICF 3 levels of coaching competencies ~ ICF ACC PCC MCC I assume that you want to be confident in your skills and credible in the world of professional coaching? TABLE OF CONTENTS: ICF Competencies ACC ICF Competency Guide PCC ICF...

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Certification in Life Coaching

A critical guide to Certification in Life Coaching, the Do's and Don'ts Are you looking for certification in life coaching, confused by so many choices?  Here are some valuable do's and don'ts, essential tips and insights to consider before leaping into your...

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Marketing Systems for Your Coaching Business

The marketing systems I currently recommend for coaching businesses.   If you're looking at building your online marketing system as a life coach, enneagram coach, executive coach or business coach - here are the systems my team and I currently enjoy. I do not...

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Your Guide To ICF Coaching Credentials

For coaches on the ICF Coaching Credential Path Thank you for caring enough about coaching to be interested in working towards your ICF coaching credential. The ICF’s website must be your go to place to research on how to get certified as an ICF Credentialed Coach....

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What NOT to do as a Coach

There are coaching skills and processes in a certified coaches toolbox helping us know what to do. But have you ever thought about what NOT to do as a coach and why? As natural-born helpers and advice-givers, us coaches are often drawn to the profession of certified...

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Offer coaching after lockdown

In such uncertain times, where people are scared and suffering, how can we stay true to ourselves and our purpose?  There's this fine line between feeling like we're taking advatage of people in their time of need, but at the same time we need to honor ourselves and...

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How to Coach Obstacles

The point of a coach is to guide others to achieve their goals. If you know how to coach obstacles, you can better help your clients to do so.  Everyone has inner obstacles.  And these inner obstacles don't always express themselves in the same ways.  Each client is...

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Action Plan Coaching Techniques

Is it the client's responsibility to create their own action plans? Here's a question from an InnerLifeSkills Master Coach student: "Is it the client's responsibility to come up with needed actions towards their goal?" As a potential Master Coach, the student is...

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