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Get expert guidance from successful coaches, consultants and trainers to start and scale your own coaching brand. Then use the same proven methods to guide individuals and teams to start or scale a small to medium business. No need to be a marketing guru or veteran entrepreneur, Colleen-Joy can show you how to coach conscious business growth in the natural InnerLifeSkills way.

Business Coach Live Certification

Join Colleen-Joy MCC and conscious entrereneur for Business Coach online training to:

Certify with Internationally ICF Accredited Door-Opening Business Coaching Certification

Get unique proven tools to guide small businesses and solopreneurs to start and scale naturally (and use for your own brand)

Learn Colleen-Joy's 7 Spiral Business Process, 3 Circles Brand Value Proposition, Sticky Conversation Sales & 7 Step Dream Builder Tools

Have instant access to 7 Spiral ready-to-coach PDF Worksheets & Guided Virtual Coach Video tutorials

Ready to grow your business while you grow others & get credible certification to make a living—making a difference?

Imagine guiding a 3-12 month business coaching journey to help SME small to medium businesses & solopreneurs to start & scale naturally.

What You Get—Business Coach Toolbox Curriculum

ABB Spiral 1 worksheet

Spiral 1: Ideation

Open the mind and heart of possibilities with blue sky thinking to create an Apple Tree Purpose Brand Value Proposition. Create the magic of natural business by experimenting to find the right Purpose, for the right People with the right Product.

ABB spiral 2 worksheet

Spiral 2: The 1 Pager Prototype

Use our proven templates and frameworks to guide your clients to create their draft 1-pager, which becomes a critical helpful resource to test product viability, and later turn into clear messaging and marketing.

ABB spiral 3 worksheet

Spiral 3: Client Converting

No need for infomercial, imposter syndrome inducing sales, use our natural sticky conversation methods to talk to potential clients in an authentic and comfortable way. This leads to natural ethical sales.

ABB spiral 4 worksheet

Spiral 4: Leads & Magnets

Be your clients accountability, strategic thinking and implementation partner… to create offline and online lead attraction and converting systems.

ABB spiral 5 worksheet

Spiral 5: Pages & Presentations

Be your clients accountability, strategic thinking and implementation partner… to create offline and online landing pages, sales pitch decks and presentations that convert.

ABB spiral 6 worksheet

Spiral 6: Social & Stages

Be your clients accountability, strategic thinking and implementation partner… to create visibility using offline and online platforms and networks in a natural authentic way.

ABB spiral 7 worksheet

Spiral 7: JV & Partner Accelerator

Dramatically accelerate brand and business growth, with well-timed, conscious and ethical partnerships.

InnerLifeSkills Business Coach Certification


There’s no need to resort to cheesy, sleazy business tactics to start and scale a business or to be a business expert. Rather, learn to coach our reliable 7 Spiral Apple Tree Business (ABB) Growth Methods to facilitate clients to turn their dreams into business reality.

You will learn these processes and frameworks:

  • APPLE TREE—Help people to express their apple tree’s natural purpose through business.
  • ABB ESSENTIALS—Use 3 Essential Frameworks to help a business to be strong and abundant.
  • 7 SPIRALS—Guide a long-term high-ticket business journey from starting to scaling.

How Your Online Classes Work


Get door-opening Internationally Accredited ICF 30 hours of a Level 2 (for ACC-PCC).


Join 6 Live Zoom Practical Classes (learn-by-doing) with an expert instructor & small group.


JAN  or




Unique business coaching tools to facilitate individuals or teams.

Offer Professional Business Coaching to groups & individuals.


Business Coach Live Certification banner

InnerLifeSkills Business Coach Certification is for…

Eryn Page Coaching Career Advisor

HR Consultants & Business Coaches
like Zuleika Kucera from Spiral Coaching who guides small businesses and solopreneurs

Khanya Leadership Coach

Life & Leadership Coaches
like Khanya Matlala from Mindful Impact coaches visionaries to build their personal brands

Eduan Executive Life Coach

IT Consultants & Coaches
like Eduan Pieterse who adds Natural Business building principals to his other services

Colleen-Joy MCC Founder Director of Education

Financial Planning Leaders & Authors
like Kim Potgieter from Chartered Wealth who leads a conscious service based Financial Planning Company

Nandha Manager as Coach

Managers & In-House Coaches
like Nandha Govender who guides entrepreneurs as his not-for-profit community work

Glenn Douglas Executive Coach

Executive Coaches & Trainers
like Glenn-Douglas Haig who adds Conscious Natural Business growth to his other services and work

Join Practical Fun, Helpful, Online Zoom Classes

Because everything you need to learn is in your online self-study resources, your classes are powerful ways to get expert feedback from Colleen-Joy and your group.

Laugh, learn and get this Life Changing work in-your-bones.

InnerLifeSkills Certification Prices Dates

Your Accredited Business Coach Certification

Your ICF Accredited Business Coach Certificate can open doors and give you confidence tools to make a difference.

Your certificate displays your 30 ICF Partial Level 2 and CCE accredited training hours to use for an ACC, PCC, or MCC sought-after credential and towards your InnerLifeSkills full Master Coach Level 2 Certification.
This includes 25 hours ICF Core Competencies + 5 hours ICF Resource Development. 

Accredited Certification Business Coach ICF CCE

See what a courageous CEO did to follow her calling

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Don’t take our word for it.

Real InnerLifeSkills Master Coach students share their experiences.

Volker Certified Life Coach
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Certified Life Coach Shruti
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Live Classes + Self-Study


Business Coach



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"Business Coach"

TUESDAY Expert Zoom Classes
Choose a Jan, May or Sep Cohort

  • January 2024
    Jan 16-23-30 + Feb 6-13-20
  • OR May 2024
    May 7-14-21-28 + Jun 4-11
  • OR September 2024
    Sep 10-17 + Oct 1-8-15-22

*Expect Similar Dates for 2025


This Short Certification counts as credits for a full Master Coach ICF Level 2 or Global Coach ICF Level 1 Certification

Self-Study Only



ZAR SA Residents only

- Expert Zoom Classes

12 Hours (1-year access)

Self-Study Instant Access


  • Coach 101 Self-Study
  • How to Assess a Small Business Gaps
  • 3 Critical Business Tools
  • 7 Spiral System
  • Coaching Business Start and Scale Phases

ICF Certification

  • ICF Partial Level 2
  • 12 CCE hours

Self- Study + Live Zoom Classes



ZAR SA Residents only

6 Expert Zoom Classes

30 Hours (1-year access)

Self-Study Instant Access

& Classes: Jan / May / Sep


  • Coach 101 Self-Study
  • How to Assess a Small Business Gaps
  • 3 Critical Business Tools
  • 7 Spiral System
  • Coaching Business Start and Scale Phases

ICF Certification

  • ICF Partial Level 2
  • 30 CCE hours
  • 25h Core Competencies


  • Colleen-Joy MCC
  • Expert Feedback 
  • Practical Guidance

We’d love to guide you step-by-step to be a certified Business Coach.

Join our next cohort to gain accredited Business Coach Certification WHILE your build your own conscious purpose-filed coaching business.

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