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Building Management teams

Are you ready to sleep better knowing that you have an experienced business coach to help you sort your sh*t out and get earning?

Maybe you’re frustrated by a few bad habits that hijack your days and you want to step into focus and flow? Hoping that somehow you will find the discipline or energy required to get the scary – or boring –  things done.

Or perhaps you just want a new way of thinking because of all the upheaval in the world and you have to adapt your plan?

But what if your idea fails? Or your mindset is not helping you right now? Or you left out a crucial step in your business plan, or you don’t think you have all the right skills? 


Would you like help with some of these common entrepreneurial challenges?

  • Doubting if my idea will really work, even though it’s something I’m passionate about.
  • Small bad habits that stop me being my most productive self, and so I take f o r e v e r to get things going.
  • Unclear about where exactly to focus my next actions because there is just so much to do, making me frustrated and a bit overwhelmed.  
  • Not knowing how to choose from all the possible business building paths out there, leaving me uncertain and delaying my start. 
  • Days where I start losing faith because everything seems so difficult and unknown, causing emotional stress.
  • Sometimes feeling quite alone on this journey with very few people to turn to for guidance, encouragement or support.  
  • Adapting my business idea to a new world where movement and human interaction will be restricted for months or years to come.

If you’re longing to have peace of mind, to have more clarity, to know that you have covered all your bases and that someone is looking out for you, book your free 30-minute online coffee session with me now. 

Picture this…

Maybe you feel driven to make a difference in the world with your business idea, and you want to make sure that you do it right the first time. Hoping that the path you choose is right for you, and that you are properly equipped for the path! 

Or perhaps you’re looking for specific tools to help you overcome some doubt or uncertainty or even a bit of fear, so that you can confidently show up every day, knowing exactly what to do?

But what about the time and effort and cost of learning new skills and stretching myself out of my comfort zone? How can I be all the things I need to be to make a successful business? 

Would you like help with these business-building challenges?

  • Finding the right structure that will support my business offering, without which I can end up trying and failing more times than I can afford.
  • Most business plans are quite good at showing me what I need to put in place, but none of them really show me HOW, so I end up feeling discouraged.
  • The business coaches I’ve seen spend a lot of time on stage, in front of big crowds, charging big money and promising big returns, but I just don’t trust them to understand my personal vision, or even my values.
  • I’m passionate about my idea and my business model looks quite sound, but I sometimes have doubts and lack the confidence to take the risks I need to, keeping me stuck in limbo. 
  • I hate the idea of “putting myself out there” hawking my products & services to the world because I’m not good at sales and would rather focus on developing my offering – so my income suffers.    

If you want the simplest, user-friendly business building toolkit that combines a proven system with personal one-on-one conversations with a master coach, then join me for an online coffee session.


picture this you thriving in your business

The 3 Steps

To finding just what you need to launch and grow your own business 

Step 1 The Launch
Step 2 The Training
Step 3 The shift


  • Only 5 out of 10 new businesses make it through their 1st year and only 1 out of 10 survive past 3 years, making successful entrepreneurs a very skilled and elite bunch of people indeed.
  • Most new businesses are modeled on someone else’s strategy that worked, and that is helpful when you can find someone who’s personality, outlook, product and circumstances are the same as yours.
  • Or they adopt what I call a Bumper Car approach, trying one thing until it hits a wall, then changing direction and trying again until it hits another wall and so on and so on until finally they might just keep going!   
  • This path usually requires raising substantial start up capital, aiming to be the next Unicorn business on a world stage, when most successful businesses start small, grow organically and are driven by an intention to serve their clients, rather than to be sold for a fortune one day.    
  • The personality types of traditional entrepreneurs were usually assertive, single-minded, money-driven, win-at-all-costs types, often leaving them with a hollow personal life and not much in the way of healthy relationships. 
  • However, the world is changing so fast and in such a profound way that entrepreneurship is becoming the new norm, meaning that those who aren’t necessarily competitive or business minded are having to go this route.  
Traditional Entrepreneur way


  • STEP 1        Mapping Your Future. Connect with me over a coffee to see if we’re a good match. Establish what you need and we’ll choose a suitable toolkit that will serve you best. Map out a clear path with milestones to ensure your success.  
  • STEP 2       A New Way of Being. In this nuts and bolts step you will spend most of your coaching journey being guided by me. We will cover two main coaching themes:
  • The external, practical decisions, systems and actions you need to take your business forward in a measured, systematic way.
  • Personal insights to address any blind spots, discover your hidden inner resources and create new ways of seeing, thinking and being in the world.   
  • STEP 3        The Shift From Fear to Wisdom. This step is a continuous evolution where your inner strength and solid foundation allow you to make minor adjustments to your course, to make the most of the prevailing winds.
  • Your new-found inner wisdom and confidence will help you see things clearer, make informed decisions, take appropriate daily, weekly and monthly actions and allow you to actually enjoy the challenges the world puts at your feet.
  • You will start creating a fulfilling life, nurture good relationships and grow a very healthy bank balance too.



Business Coaching

What my clients are saying


Glenn totally transformed our London office – then he did the same for our team in Shannon. After a massive restructuring our team was bruised and sceptical, but his business coaching and Self-Mastery programs turned the attitude around and refocused us onto what matters.

I can’t believe how the team opened up and embraced a new way of being at work. They are certainly more empowered now. 

Even now, during the 2020 Covid 19 global crisis, our managers are solution-focused, resilient and adapting to 100% online collaboration.

I cannot recommend him highly enough for anyone wanting to empower their team into the uncertain 2020’s.


HR Head

Digital River Inc.        

Shannon, Ireland


Glenn’s work with me and my team inspired me to train as an InnerLifeSkills® Coach with him.

The business coaching skills and Self-Mastery work have upped my professional game, reduced my stress levels, enhanced my marriage and given me an all-round eye-opener to what’s possible in my life.

I took brave steps, I found unimaginable inner resources and I have come further than I ever thought possible.

I am forever grateful to Glenn and his amazing ILS work for creating lasting, positive changes in my world view and in my daily life too.


VP Customer Success


London, England

The ILS® 7-Step Dream Builder 

Building a business is never easy, but it can be simple! 


Putting you in the hands an of expert business coach who wants to see you succeed while still enjoying a happy life


A systematic, globally proven, step-by-step guide to a successful business that frees you from fear and over thinking  


Designed for non-business minded people, creatives, service professionals and anyone who feels a bit intimidated by taking their idea to market


Perfectly tailored tools that structure your practical choices and actions while nurturing your inner world at the same time – so you still feel inspired and motivated at the end of the day    


Takes the guess work out of building something new, something that means something to you and allows your passion to thrive. 


Creates a resilient mindset with emotional maturity that supports your vision for the future and really makes your dreams come true

Christina Watson
Glenn is an absolute wizard. His skill in speaking to people on an individual level is unmatched; his understanding of multiple and intricate contexts is profound. He managed to grasp the complicated context of our market and how we aligned our structure and processes immediately. Having Glenn lead our team through such a rough time, equipping us with the tools to understand not only our colleagues but also ourselves, has been invaluable.

Glenn’s individual sessions with me as CEO equipped me to manage people and processes in a far more effective and meaningful way. His work around obstacles and buttons that trigger certain responses made a huge difference in the day-today management of the company.

Glenn comes highly recommended.



Via Africa Publishers

Cape Town

Keryth Mansfield

Glenn has been my go-to guy for over 5 years and his business coaching consistently delivers way beyond the demands and hopes of my clients.

As a global HR professional working with various multi-nationals, my job presents me with many cross-cultural leadership challenges, shaky management teams and even toxic work cultures.

Once he co-creates a brief with the C-suite, Glenn seems to sweep in, live with us for 6 months and then bids a sad farewell as every single person is transformed into a freer, more confident and competent version of themselves.  My middle and senior managers love him and the insights he brings. They are forever changed and one of my favourite overheard comments was, “I’m even a better father now that I’ve become a Coach@Work.”


HR exec


London, England


InnerLifeSkills® Coaching
and Training International

  • Was founded 25 years ago by Colleen-Joy Page, assisted by Glenn-Douglas Haig, both Master Certified Coaches with the International Coaching Federation.
  • Our team has coached and trained thousands of clients across dozens of industries in 139 countries.
  • We have ongoing relationships of 15+ years with our top clients.
  • Our focus has always been to empower people to empower others.
  • Self-Mastery is a key ingredient in all our ILS® offerings.
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InnerLifeSkills Training online review
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5 star reviewed rating

My invitation to you…

What if we could build you a rock-solid, online friendly business within 9 months so that you can lift your head up out of the current crisis, look ahead and create the life you deserve?

I’m looking for my next 5* clients to partner with, to build a meaningful business that makes your heart sing and your wallet swell. That allows you to be all you were born to be.

*Only 3 Full-Package Spaces Available


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