Business Coach Certification

Offer 3-12 month business coaching with a ready-to-coach system.

From product ideation, brand value positioning to marketing, guide your clients to build natural conscious abundant businesses. 

Business Coach Certification Innerlifeskills

Door Opening Global Accreditation ICF ACSTH 60 hours

Live Coaching Practical Classes with expert instructor & group

1-Year bi-monthly 2-hour Zoom USA, Africa, Europe Time Zones 

Certification in Business Coaching + 7 Spiral System + Templates 

Offer business coaching the InnerLifeSkills way


One of the more lucrative and emotionally (heart-happy) coaching services we can offer is conscious business building.

So many people want to start and grow their businesses but feel allergic (rightly so) to the cheesy, grabby, Pac-Man infomercial style of business building and marketing.

Conscious business builders want accountability partners who will stretch and respect them, and guide them to turn their inspiration into reality. They want profit, sure, but not at the expense of their purpose. They want sales, but they don’t want to sell their souls.

That’s where you can step in with your ready-to-coach ABB 7-14 months’ worth of coaching processes. This program is ideal for coaches with other master coach training (skills and competencies). 

We are here to make your coaching easier but not compromise on quality. And the same system you’ll learn to coach, you can (and should) use to build your own business.

On this page, find the info you need to decide whether to join our next ABB 1-year live business coach certification program.

What's included in our Business Coach Certification Course?

Included in InnerLifeSkills Business Coach:

  • 2 LIVE Zoom classes per month for 12 months.
  • Instant access to helpful online resources (video, PDF worksheets, sample assessments to learn from).
  • ICF Accredited Attendance Certificate worth 60 hours ACSTH (use for renewing or applying for your coaching ACC, PCC, MCC credential).

You’ll learn:

  • 7 Spiral Business Coaching System (unique method to assess business building gaps and provide an easy-to-use structure).
  • 7-Step Dream Builder Template and Checklists (with ready-to-use worksheets to guide your clients through every phase of their business building).

We’ve learned that our business coaches do best when they have enough structure to easily create a 6-12 month coaching service and flexibility to adapt to the changing needs of different clients in different industries and stages of their business development.

What can you do with these Business Coaching Skills & Structures

You don’t need to be a business expert. This is business coaching, not consulting or mentoring; you can rely on our expert processes and focus on doing what you do best, guiding your clients to find their own best AHA moment clarity.

You’ll learn enough frameworks and processes to offer short one-off business coaching sessions or full 6-12 month journeys to your clients.

Who is business coach certification for?

Natural Coaches and professional coaches who want to add business coaching toolboxes to their practice and services.

With InnerLifeSkills Business Coach, you’ll attend 2 x 2-hour live Zoom monthly classes on FRIDAYS with an expert instructor and group to practice with.

Life Coach Certification with Colleen-Joy InnerLifeSkills

InnerLifeSkills Business Coach Certification empowers you with







What you’ll learn [Curriculum]


Picture yourself with an accredited Business Coach Certification, empowered to guide, inspire and coach clients to start or scale their businesses. That’s what InnerLifeSkills Business Coach certification helps you to achieve.

This course contains everything you need to succeed as an in-demand go-to Business Coach:

7 Spiral Business Coach System

No need to guess; rely on our proven system.

START (3 phases to start from scratch on a new product)

  • SPIRAL 1: Possibilities – guide clients to expand their thinking, research and brainstorm possible PRODUCTS + PEOPLE + PURPOSE (the sweet spot of a naturally conscious business).
  • SPIRAL 2: Prototype – using our checklists and templates to help clients create a one-pager prototype description, enough of a draft to test their product idea worldwide.
  • SPIRAL 3: Client Conversions – facilitate your clients to test their ideas in natural client conversations that lead to sales or to refine their ideas.

SCALE (4 phases to grow a proven product with a  reliable marketing system)

  • SPIRAL 4: Lead & Magnets – Guide clients to find their best online or offline lead-magnet system to attract qualified ideal clients.
  • SPIRAL 5: Pages & Presentations – Coach clients to use our proven templates and checklists to create online (simple websites) or offline (presentations) to close more clients naturally.
  • SPIRAL 6: Social & Stages – Inspire your clients to grow their presence online via social media or offline with talks and demonstrations – getting out there and creating visibility for their business offer.
  • SPIRAL 7: JV & Partner Accelerator – Coach clients to seek and convert win-win partnerships and JVs to dramatically scale their growth (in a controlled, conscious way).

ICF Core Competencies + Unique Ready-to-Coach Professional Processes

Apply ICF Core Competencies (global gold standards) to coach goals, action plans and accountability. Then add powerful business coaching processes to your toolbox.


The InnerLifeSkills 7-Spiral + 7-Step Dream Builder Business Coaching System

Building a business is never easy, but your clients can be supported and guided to make it happen with you at their side!


Ready-to-coach worksheets, templates and checklists.


A globally proven, step-by-step approach.


Designed for non-business-minded people (no academic theory all practical roll-up-sleeves magic).


Perfectly tailored tools that you can easily adapt to your clients unique business, personality and level of growth.


Takes the guess work out of coaching small businesses to grow.


Helps you to help others to build conscious, sustainable abundant businesses (no cheesy cringe business methods).

What Accreditation does your certification include?

  • 60 hours ACSTH (which you can use for renewing an ICF credential or applying for your ICF ACC, PCC or MCC credential using their easiest ACTP Path). This includes:
      • 40 hours ICF Core Competencies
      • 20 hours ICF Resource Development
      • 48 hours are synchronous (live coaching classes online)
      • 12 hours are asynchronous (self-study and practice)
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Real InnerLifeSkills Master Coach students share their experience with the live certification course and how it’s helped their careers.

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We’d love to guide you step-by-step to become a certified in-demand Business Coach.

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