Staci (Kat) Katsivalis

Staci (Kat) Katsivalis

Instructor of InnerLifeSkills ICF ACTP CCE ACSTH programs

📣 If clients are not returning for follow-up sessions, or not sticking to their prescribed program, they are not getting the breakthroughs and benefits that are possible.

📣 And when clients don’t get their desired results they don’t write a raving review or make word-of-mouth referrals to family and friends.

📣 📣 📣 So the business doesn’t grow organically.

It means time and money are wasted on marketing when we would much rather be helping our clients by practicing our work.

🔥 I believe that it’s usually not because of a lack of motivation to get better, but rather a breakdown in communication and connection.

🔥 🔥 The problem is not with how we explain or guide our clients — it’s in how we listen to them.

🔥 🔥 🔥 Listening so our clients will speak, and speaking in a way that invites our clients to listen is the key to fostering real change.

❗️ It’s not our fault! Most educational models for mind/body practitioners, therapists, coaches, and others teach tools, a modality, a framework — a possible solution to a problem. They don’t teach the most effective ways to listen so our clients feel heard and understood — to work with the person that has the problem, so we can make necessary modifications that will allow our guidance to really work for them.

😀 I am committed to helping healers, coaches, consultants, and therapists remember why they went into the field in the first place – to make a positive and lasting impact on their clients.

I teach coaching skills that invite engagement and empower clients to make their own choices

👉 Being centered, present, and professional
👉 Rapport building to create trust
👉 The art and science of asking powerful questions
👉 Reframing the negative to the positive or the unclear to the clear

📝 I invite you to send me a direct message and let’s see if I can help you make a bigger impact and become a leader in your field.