What if you could step out of your “Trailing Spouse or Housewife” role and step into your power?

I’m a master Career Coach that can help.

To reclaim the person you really are… To make that dream of starting your dream project or the business that you’ve been longing for, finally happen!

I am looking for 4 clients to help coach, mentor and train to make that dream a reality.

*Only 4 Spaces Available


Perhaps like me, you left your professional life to become a trailing spouse. Or maybe you left work to have children.

  • Have you come to a point in your life where you feel like you’ve lost your identity?
  • Do you constantly want to remind people what a great career woman you used to be?
  • Do you have the feeling that everything is centred around your partner and that you are of less importance?
  • Have you invested time and money in courses with the dream that one day it would make you financially independent, but this never happened?

If you feel, “Enough is enough, I want to reclaim my identity, I want to be seen again as the person I am! I want to reboot my career, build my dreams, I want to shine again!” Then it’s time to take action!”

Would you love help to start up your project or business because:

  • You have a great dream but don’t know where to start.
  • You want to be financially independent but aren’t clear what to do.
  • You need someone who can guide you through a structured program, to motivate you and unlock your unknown potential.
  • You need someone whose independent, to help you feel great. again, to rediscover your purpose and power.
  • You want to overcome inner resistance, fear and lack of confidence because you know it holds you back.
  • You need someone who once was in your situation and understands your frustrations to assist you step by step.

If you want to reclaim your personal power and build your dream to live it to the fullest then apply to join the program.

Coach your dream to reality

3 Steps to REBOOT your CAREER

#1 Sketch your DREAM 

Map your dream future with my coaching to help you focus, gain clarity and get motivated.

#2 Build your DREAM

Using the unique 7 Step Dream Builder Process, I’ll teach you how to polish your dream identity, build a clear inspired vision, give your dream voice, build connections, credibility, value and take wise action.

#3 Live your DREAM

Receive invaluable coaching to stay on track and make your dream last.

Sketch your dream
Career coach to build your dream 1
Live your dream


  • You sign up for available courses.
  • You engage in charity programs.
  • You take a leadership role at your children’s school.
  • You share experiences with other expat friends.
  • You take care of the children.
  • You take time to focus more on your hobbies and maybe you create something beautiful that from time to time you can sell.

All of the above are just wonderful and contribute to a huge amount of experience and interpersonal skills.

But the question is:

“Is this really what I see myself doing for the rest of my life? Is this what I was born to do?”

Lost career way


First, we will get a clear idea on what your dream is, what you were born to do and layout a roadmap on how to get there from starting point to destination.

Then we start your journey towards realizing your dream with an international certified tailor-made program which includes:

A full ILS 7 Step Dream Builder Training program + your choice of other programs.
Coaching and mentoring to remove all possible roadblocks – re-connecting you with your personal power – allowing you to smoothly reach the finish line and start living your dream.

And finally, when you are in the process of realizing and living your dream, we will have regular follow-ups to keep you on track and make adjustments where needed.

Career reboot way

What our Clients are saying

Case studies and testimonials

My son and I have been coached by Ireen on her ILS Dream Builder Coaching Program. What a truly refreshing and beautiful experience it has been.

It’s very different creating your dream from within as opposed to being fed information from the external. It has been wonderful sitting with Ireen with her calm and peaceful presence and gently being guided to connect with a deeper understanding of oneself.

The process has led us to feel so much more connected to our dream of building a handcrafted cookie business. Our business already feels tangible and I know that Ireen’s coaching and mentoring has brought awareness to our business in a visionary way as well as in a practical way. Her coaching has helped us feel connected to ourselves as human BEINGS as opposed to humans DOING and it feels very natural as well as exciting. What I also feel we are getting from Ireen is her intuitive ability to tap into us and guide us instinctively and skillfully. It brings confidence in oneself without effort.

We would love others to experience Ireen’s coaching in order to build more dreams and feel the deep satisfaction that comes from the process.

Penny and Murray Allen

Online Certification to become a life coach review

The Career Reboot with career coach Ireen Branders

Identify your strengths and talents and learn how to use them in a way that is beneficial for realizing your dream.
Create a clear and achievable business/project process which involves 7 critical steps, that will make your project something others can only dream of.
Learn the tricks to overcome inner obstacles and to transform them into real strengths.
Witness how your dreams start unfolding in a way you would never have imagined.

Your Mentor
Ireen Branders InnerLifeSkills Master Coach, Enneagram Coach and Trainer

  • Ireen is based in Paris but not limited to Paris – offering services in both English and Dutch.
  •  Ireen Branders has lived the life of the expatriate career woman as well as the life of a “trailing spouse” and transformed herself into the entrepreneur she always wanted to be.
    Ireen is an InnerLifeSkills Master Coach (ICF ACTP) – InnerLifeSkills licensed Trainer & Teacher in Yoga.
  • All the InnerLifeSkills programs offered by Dream Building Coaching Int’l. are certified with the International Coaching Federation at the highest standards.
  • We aim to ensure that every generation can fully realize their dreams and claim the right to live life to the fullest.


Do you want to create your dream project and live it to the fullest?

Perhaps you’re thinking: “Wow, this is exactly what I am looking for, let’s do it!”

Then click the ‘Apply Now’ button below to fill out the application.

Please note that this program is highly customised to suit your needs so we’re only looking for our next 4 clients.


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