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3 Ways to Coach Relationships

3 Ways to Coach Relationships

There are 3 ways to coach relationships.  Three very powerful, successful approaches. Whether this is in a business environment where you're coaching colleagues to get along better, to create more cooperation and harmony within teams,  You're working with managers and...

Colleen-Joy MCC founder InnerLifeSkills

About Colleen-Joy

Colleen-Joy is the founder of InnerLifeSkills. She is a top rated ICF MCC Master Certified Coach and 3 times published author. You may recognize her from 2 documentaries about her life or many expert interviews over 20 years.

She has guided over 35,000 natural coaches and leaders in over 60 countries. If you don’t find her teaching online, you’ll find her driving her muddy 4×4 to wild places.


Hi, I’m Colleen-Joy. We love guiding natural coaches & leaders to build abundant, purposeful careers with all 4 of the most in-demand coaching certifications: Life Coaching, Enneagram Coaching, Business Coaching and Executive Coaching.

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