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#1. Power Formula

#2. Why Life Coach?

#3. How to Life Coach Goals?

#4. Avoid these life coach mistakes.

#5. Can you Life Coach?

#6. How to Life Coach in 20 minutes or less.

#7. How to use Life Coaching Wheels?

#8. 3 Magic Success Numbers for life coaches.

#9. The Disney Strategy coaching process.

#10. Real vs Fake life coaching.

#11. ICF Credential Guide.

#12. Free Enneagram e-book.

LIFE COACHING LESSON #1: InnerLifeSkills Power Formula

This is one of our most popular life coaching and business coaching method—a student favourite.

Watch and listen to this Road-Map life coaching lesson tutorial. Your tutorial video is below and the PDF worksheet is below.

This is an actual ILS Coach Process (one of over 50) that is taught in our ILS Master Coach qualification course.

This coaching process is unique to ILS and has been taught by my ILS Trainers around the globe to life coaches, managers who coach, leaders, youth coaches, school teachers and business coaches.

This coaching process is quick to learn and it has many applications including coaching:

  • goals,
  • projects,
  • delegation,
  • strategy,
  • personal development,
  • talent development, etc.
watch this video

Your PDF download of the InnerLifeSkills Power Formula coaching process is here.

I do hope that you’ve enjoyed this valuable life coaching skills lesson.

Some ask. “Why do you give this away for free?” —I’ll tell you my 3 reasons.

One. My team and I believe in earning your trust and respect before you consider enrolling for any of our paid for courses to become a life coach.

Two. We also know that not everyone can afford our actual training (online classes), so this is our way of giving a little something back. Over the years, so many folks have emailed to thank us for these free lessons—it’s our real pleasure.

Three. This is only 1 of 5o+ processes and 111 techniques that our paid for courses teach. But, it’s important to taste the cake before you buy :-) — so enjoy our sample tutorials.

All of my very best,

Creator of InnerLifeSkills



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