How to coach Conscious Small Business Strategywithout business expertise.

There is no need to be an expert or have a business success track record to coach small business start and scale strategies—use our reliable 7 Spiral Frameworks. Get Your ICF Life Coach Certification with a Dream Builder Coaching Toolbox.

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Imagine having dream building unique processes that clients love.

I was hoping for 20 and 90 enrolled…

I was clueless about how to make a coaching business successful. But I needed (really needed) this to work. My children were young; we’d barely survived a few insanely tough years.

So I focused on my self-coaching question: How to grow my training-coaching business? And let inner wisdom guide me.

I know this is a radical (non-MBA or traditional approach to getting business advice). But understand, I was a desperate mom trying to dig us out of a bankruptcy hole, with one daughter facing a life of health challenges and another who needed her mom.

I couldn’t afford to hire anyone. I was 100% flying solo, driven only by trusting my apple tree (natural self and purpose) to do what I knew I loved – teach, inspire and guide others to find inner wisdom.

A rough 7-Step Dream Builder process emerged, along with AHA insights like, “It’s wise to start with clarity on IDENTITY before planning VISION and marketing messaging VOICE.”


Colleen-Joy MCC Founder Director of Education

This 7 Step strategy helped me to plan my business growth. I implemented it and then sent an email to my database, hoping 20 would enroll in my new 2-year program. When over 90 enrolled, I was blown away. This works!

20 years later, the same 7-Step Dream Builder process (refined and polished through experience and added learning) has:

  • Helped me create dozens of successful courses, coaching programs and workshops.
  • Enabled me to guide other coaches to create successful coaching brands.
  • These Dream Builder Coaching methods are used in boardrooms, coaching sessions and offices around the world.

May my story inspire your freedom.


Create intuitive innovative thinking spaces


Whether you want to use the 7-Step Dream Builder for your own brand strategy OR to offer a 7-14 Dream Builder Coaching Session program—this method is like the organic farming version of growing a business—authentic, natural and wisdom-led.

Follow conscious wisdom-led principles


If we feed our businesses they feed us. If we take more than we give, manipulate and grab, we destroy. Many conscious visionaries want to grow brands, but don’t want to follow the typical Pacman path. There is another way. This Dream Builder Course can show you how.


A step-by-step powerful process to Guide Yourself & Others.



Experience these transformational processes in class with your group in breakout roomssafe and supportive.

Easily add these tools to your SELF COACHING TOOLBOX or your PROFESSIONAL TOOLBOX for life coaching to leadership, wellness to Enneagram, and business to spiritual. You can coach yourself, individuals or groups.

Dream Builder Coach ID worksheet

Start with Identity – “What is it?” Expand narrow thinking, gain critical clarity, and use creativity to innovate NEW winning ideas.

Dream Builder Coach VISION worksheet

Now build Vision – “What could it be?” Open-inspired dreaming to remove blinkers from growth opportunities. Generate massive inspiration.

Dream Builder Coach VOICE worksheet

Only with 1 & 2 in place clarify Voice – “What is the message?” Use helpful niche market thinking experiments to find unique and strong positioning.

Dream Builder Coach RELATE worksheet

Unpack the key relationships that are the lifeblood of the dream. Find solutions to grow and strengthen invaluable Relate connections.

Dream Builder Coach TRUTH worksheet 2

Layer in solid Truth credibility building, social proof, authority and trust-building authenticity to your brand strategy. What do you need to say YES and NO to?

Dream Builder Coach POWER worksheet

Find critical ways to add value as Power to your brand. How can you increase the value of your offer, earning you abundance and serving at the highest?

Dream Builder Coach ACTION worksheet 2

We all want to work smarter, not harder, to bank precious time. So coach how systems and smart thinking can save time while delivering premium leading value.

Speaker Brainstorming worksheet

BONUS: Coach yourself and others to plan key presentations, talks and pitch meetings to inspire and impact.



Never run out of inspiring questions and business-freeing processes for your clients.

Rainmaker worksheet

Get free from limited money beliefs to welcome the rain of abundance for your apple tree (true purposeful self).

Money Cup worksheet

Take back painful projections from money and heal the baggage of thinking that money could ever equate to worth, identity, peace or power.

Valley Summit worksheet

True wealth is inner wealth. When we know we are equal to the valley of having less and the summit of having more. Get equal to. GET FREE.




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