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Certification in foundation Enneagram 101 + 3 Maps for Growth

Learn the Enneagram and discover your type


The Enneagram can be confusing, which is why so many people are mistyped. But it’s only confusing when you don’t understand what each type is based on. The Enneagram types are not based on what we do (behaviour) but rather on why we do what we do. All 9 types can do similar things, but their deeper core motivations differ.

That’s why we teach a decluttered 3 Pearls foundation in Enneagram 101. Once you have that ‘aha’ moment around the hidden root reason (grain of sand in the pearl) driving each personality type’s decisions and actions, you won’t need to memorize lists of keywords to learn the Enneagram; you’ll understand the types.

On this page, find the info you need to decide whether to join our next Enneagram 101 live certification class (we run 3 a year and cap the group size between 8-15 to ensure you get personal attention).

What's included in Enneagram 101 Course?

Included in our Enneagram 101:

  • 3 LIVE Zoom classes.
  • Instant access to helpful online resources (video, PDF worksheets, sample assessments to learn from).
  • ICF Accredited Attendance Certificate worth 11 hours ACSTH + CCE (use for renewing or applying for your coaching ACC, PCC, MCC credential).

You’ll learn:

  • 1. Learn the Enneagram personality system without confusion or mistyping to understand yourself, your coaching blind spots and your clients.
  • 2. Learn the 3 Pearls. Understand the challenging core motivations that drive the 9 Enneagram personality types.
  • 3. Learn 3 maps for growth used by InnerLifeSkills coaches focusing on coaching intuition, purpose and wholeness.

Discover your type or clarify your type. Armed with knowledge and real understanding, you can discover your Enneagram type without needing unreliable tests. 

Who is Enneagram 101 Certification for?

Enneagram Lovers and people with a passion for personal growth who want to firm up their foundation knowledge, clarify their types and learn the unique InnerLifeSkills approach to this incredibly helpful personality system.

Aspiring Enneagram Coaches who want to complete Enneagram 101 and then study Enneagram Coach to add professional typing to their existing work: managers, leaders, consultants, trainers, practitioners, therapists, and psychologists.

Working Coaches who want to understand themselves and their clients at deep levels using this popular system.

What are the 3 Maps for Growth?

The Apple Tree is our inspiring symbol for our natural life purpose (taught in our Purpose Coaching Certification Course).

When we are being true to ourselves, expressing our natural purpose, we can feel this intuitively. An apple tree is born to be an apple tree. We express our life’s purpose when we find and free our apple tree’s true self.
The Enneagram can give us a blueprint for our natural design, revealing a map to grow our apple trees to their highest expression.

In Enneagram 101, you’ll learn 3 maps for growth:

  • The intuition map. Intuition is the language of the apple tree life’s purpose. Learn how your Enneagram is challenged to tap into your intuition, which tells you when you’re being true to yourself or not.
  • The wholeness map. Each type experiences an inner conflict which we call a primary polarity. These primary polarities keep us from our highest expression and wholeness, but we can use this understanding to challenge ourselves and others to claim our wholeness.
  • The purpose map. When we use the Enneagram as a map for growth, we can more easily find and free our apple tree’s true self, expressing our life’s purpose.

With InnerLifeSkills Coach 101, you’ll attend 3 x 3-hour live Zoom classes with an expert instructor and group to practice with.

Life Coach Certification with Colleen-Joy InnerLifeSkills

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Here’s a sample from our paid-for InnerLifeSkills Accredited Master Coach Certification program. 

Master Coach Certification Sample Manual InnerLifeSkills

InnerLifeSkills Enneagram 101 Certification helps you understand:








ENNEAGRAM 101 Certification learn the enneagram

What you’ll learn [Curriculum]


The common way to learn the Enneagram can be a nightmare, with long lists of characteristics to memorize. You might see yourself in many types, or in none. We’ve found an easy-to-understand way to help you quickly get to the heart of the Enneagram (no long lists to learn).

This course contains everything you need to understand the Enneagram in a “aha, I finally get it” kind of way:

3 Personality Pearls

Picture how an oyster gets irritated by a grain of sand, then layers coatings of mother of pearl to protect itself until a beautiful pearl forms. Your Enneagram personality is formed around a central, hidden grain of sand, a reason driving your actions and decisions.

A big mistake many make is to focus on behaviours, e.g. “Type 2 is helpful”—think about it, all 9 types can be helpful, but why?

These underlying reasons for behaviours, we call the InnerLifeSkills 3 Personality Pearls. When you understand the 3 Pearls, you’ll see why all 9 types can help, but for different reasons. If you understand the hidden pearl reason, you understand the type.

9 Polarity Pairs

Each type has a push-pull inner conflict. A push towards seeing and being certain default characteristics and a pull away from their opposites. This is a key to determining your type, understanding the Enneagram properly and the map for growth hidden in the Enneagram.

3 Maps for Growth – intuition, wholeness and purpose.

Unlike many other personality systems, the Enneagram contains an empowering, enlightening map for growth. We explore 3 dimensions of this map in a unique way.

Learn how your Enneagram blueprint blocks aspects of your intuition and practical ways to overcome this. Then how to claim your wholeness and fully express your highest purpose.


Download our Enneagram Diagram
and Sacred Geometry PDF here

What Accreditation does your certification include?

  • 11 hours ACSTH (which you can use for renewing an ICF credential or applying for your ICF ACC, PCC or MCC credential using their easiest ACTP Path). This includes:
      • 5 hours ICF Core Competencies
      • 6 hours ICF Resource Development
      • 9 hours are synchronous (live coaching classes online)
      • 2 hours are asynchronous (self-study and practice)
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We’re here to help you find your Enneagram Type without unreliable tests + gain essential Enneagram understanding.

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