Offer Enneagram Coaching that clients love—without relying on unreliable tests.

Get ICF Internationally Accredited Enneagram Certification in just 6 weeks, with InnerLifeSkills.

InnerLifeSkills Enneagram Coach Certification
Enneagram Coach Self Study Course


There’s no need to memorize lists of personality characteristics and be confused by Enneagram types with the same behaviors or stress about unreliable enneagram tests.

Rather, learn our 8-Step Method to educate and coach the Enneagram with depth.

  • 3 PEARLS—Help people easily get the why behind each type, the sand in the 3 Pearls.
  • 9 POLARITIES—Add the aha moment of the push-pull struggle of each type.
  • KITE—Go beyond typing to use the InnerLifeSkills Kite to help each type grow.

Over 1 million people a month in the USA alone search online for Enneagram Typing. How can you step up to serve?

Here’s a summary of what you’ll get…


Get door-opening Internationally Accredited ICF 30 hours of a Level 2 (for ACC-PCC).


Join 6 Live Zoom Practical Classes (learn-by-doing) with an expert instructor & small group.


JAN  or




8-Step unique typing method (only from us) to offer Enneagram coaching without unreliable tests.


Transform Personality Prisons into Paths for growth.

Offer Professional Enneagram Coaching to groups & individuals.



Here’s how it works…



Join us for Enneagram Coaching Certification Zoom Classes.

TIMES USA-CANADA mornings, UK-AFRICA evenings. See all Certification Dates and Times.
Plus, receive access to our extensive library of online resources—PDF ready-to-coach professional-client worksheets + quick reference manuals + tutorial videos + Virtual Enneagram Coaching Demonstrations.

Enneagram Coach Live Certification


Understand the teachings, then practice in class with your group in breakout roomssafe and supportive hands-on learning. Focus on the 8-Step Typing Method Powerful Question Frameworks (PQFs).

Easily use our ready-to-coach worksheets to facilitate a meaningful Enneagram discovery conversation. You can coach 1-1 or in groups. 

Process Introducing the Enneagram

CLASS #1 Learn easy ways to introduce the Enneagram to individuals and groups.

Process 3 Personality Pearls Enneagram

CLASS #2 Educate & coach the 3 Pearls to uncover key reasons for behavior.

Process 9 Polarities Enneagram

CLASS #3 Educate & coach the 9 Polarity Pairs to deepen understanding.

Process 9 types Enneagram

CLASS #4 Help your clients to put it all together as they learn the 9 Types.

Type 6CP worksheet

Don’t forget the neglected counterphobic 6 (variation of 6), often mistyped as 8.

Type 1 worksheet

Use our helpful infographics to share valuable insights into the 9 Types.

Type 1 worksheet 2

CLASS #5 Clarify wings and subtypes, plus distinguish 1 type from another.

Process KITE Enneagram

CLASS #6 Learn to coach our powerful Kite process and growth paths.

Enneagram Coach Certification

6 weeks


Enneagram Coach a Big 4 includes: Our unique 8 Step Enneagram Typing Method + 3 Pearls + 9 Polarities + Kite


InnerLifeSkills Enneagram Coach


ICF 30 Hours CCE + Partial Level 2


6 Zoom Classes


Online Resources + Tutorials


CCE 30 for ACC PCC MCC renewal

Global Coach Certification

2 or 3 months


Choose any 1 of the Big 4 Certifications: Enneagram Coach or Life Coach or Business Coach or Executive Coach


Qualify as InnerLifeSkills Global Coach


ICF 60 Hours CCE + Partial Level 2


12 Zoom Classes


Online Resources + Tutorials


All education needed for ACC


Global Skills Certification


10 Mentor Hours

Master Coach Certification

3 or 10 Months


Master Coach includes all of the Big 4: Enneagram Coach + Life Coach + Business Coach + Executive Coach


Qualify as InnerLifeSkills Master Coach


ICF 150 Hours CCE + Complete Level 2


30 Zoom Classes


Online Resources + Tutorials


All education needed for ACC or PCC


Global Skills Certification


10 Mentor Hours


Learn an 8-Step Method to offer 90 minute typing sessions

Learn the InnerLifeSkills 8-Step Narrative Coached Typing Methodology, plus get everything you need to offer professional Enneagram Coaching. Leave your training ready to offer 90-minute individual Enneagram Discovery sessions and 4-hour team Enneagram workshops. Go far beyond typical typing; after typing, offer 3 to 7 sessions Enneagram Growth Path Journeys.
Use ready-to-coach worksheets and decluttered frameworks.

InnerLifeSkills Enneagram Coach Certification is for…

Eryn Page Coaching Career Advisor

HR Consultants & Business Coaches
like Zuleika Kucera from Spiral Coaching

Khanya Leadership Coach

Life & Leadership Coaches 
like Khanya Matlala from Mindful Impact

Eduan Executive Life Coach

IT Consultants & Coaches 
like Eduan Pieterse from Empowered Living

Colleen-Joy MCC Founder Director of Education

Financial Planning Leaders & Authors
like Kim Potgieter from Chartered Wealth

Nandha Manager as Coach

Managers & In-House Coaches 
like Nandha Govender Senior Manager

Glenn Douglas Executive Coach

Executive Coaches & Trainers
like Glenn-Douglas Haig from GDH

Eryn Page Coaching Career Advisor
Enneagram coach certification - offer typing sessions
Colleen-Joy MCC Founder Director of Education

You’re in excellent hands with Expert Instructors + Caring Student Support

Get Your Enneagram Coach ICF Certification
+ Ready-to-Coach Toolkit with Colleen-Joy and her team.



After your classes (80% attendance needed for certification) and passing a theory assessment, receive your ICF Accredited Enneagram Coach Certificate to open doors and feel confident in your skills.

Your certificate displays your 30 ICF Partial Level 2 and CCE accredited training hours to use for an ACC, PCC, or MCC sought-after credential and towards your InnerLifeSkills full Master Coach Level 2 Certification.
This includes 20 hours ICF Core Competencies + 10 hours ICF Resource Development. 

Certificate Enneagram Coach ICF CCE

Everything you need to offer a 90-minute Typing Session, then 3 – 7 follow-up professional Enneagram coaching growth path sessions.

What Enneagram knowledge do you need?

Anything between basic knowledge to more advanced understanding is welcome. This program includes an Enneagram 101 self-study starter, to give you a solid foundation and help you discover or confirm your type.

Why Enneagram tests aren't reliable?

We prefer coaching and empowering our clients with the knowledge of all 9 Types instead of using cold tests to type.

And we have a few good reasons for this.

Enneagram tests have their place (they seem like a quick and easy way to determine a type), but in our 15+ years of working with many of the top tests, we’ve found even the best ones to be 50-60% accurate.

Enneagram Tests:

  • At the time of being issued, the client is usually not educated enough to know if the test is accurate; it can take a lot more study for a client to realize their test report was wrong. So, claims of 90%+ accuracy are doubtful.
  • Enneagram tests are unlike other psychometric or profiling tests that have undergone rigorous development.
  • The tests tend to pitch their questions and weighting at moderate to lower levels of expression of each type. A high-expressing type appears to be very different from its lower-expression counterpart. The tests are even less accurate if you are currently dipping or high.
  • Most, if not nearly all, tests exclude the subtle second Type 6 expression, counterphobic, which often tests as a Type 8. In most Enneagram coach courses, at least 1 “Type 8” finds out with an AHA epiphany they are a CP6.
  • The 9 Types are not based on behavior, “what we do,” but on the hidden deeper reason for the behavior, “why we do what we do.” Tests focus on behavior and are understandably unable to test for deeper reasons for what we do. To discover our type, a certain degree of self-awareness is needed.
  • Wings and subtypes add another subtle layer to the mix, never mind that our type’s degree of expression fluctuates from low to moderate to high relatively easily.


Why the Enneagram helps life coaching.

When we can personalize our coaching, we can serve at higher levels. There’s nothing like the Enneagram to give us immediate insight into the deeper motivations of our clients, their potential blindspots and a map for their personality’s growth (which many practitioners fail to use).

Who studies Enneagram Coach Certification?

Life Coaches who want to add Enneagram Typing to their services.

Professionals who want to add sought-after Enneagram coaching to their existing work: managers, leaders, consultants, trainers, practitioners, therapists, and psychologists.

Leaders in organizations from business to spiritual, NGOs to environmental agencies who see the value of bringing the knowledge of the Enneagram to strengthen their teams.

Why attend this certification?

Develop your Enneagram coaching skills and receive certification to offer professional typing and coaching services.

Learn on this course:

  • How to type the Enneagram without depending on unreliable tests.
  • Learn to educate and coach the Enneagram, leaving your clients with the enlightening knowledge of this personality system.
  • Once the type is discovered, learn how to help people to evolve and grow their type to its highest expression.

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