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Certification in Enneagram Coaching + 8-Step Typing Methods

Learn how to type the Enneagram the InnerLifeSkills way [a narrative coaching style without needing tests]


You love the Enneagram and have seen the life-changing impact this personality system can have, so it’s time for a professional internationally accredited certification.

And you’ve likely seen that Enneagram tests can be unreliable, often mistyping (even missing counter-phobic 6 entirely), so guiding clients through a process to discover their type is inspiring.

Our Enneagram Coaches learn an 8-Step Method to guide clients through a 90-minute typing session. And then, go beyond typing to offer a unique to InnerLifeSkills Enneagram Kite session to guide the type to its highest expression.

On this page, find all the info you need to consider enrolling in this course.

What Enneagram knowledge do you need?

Anything between basic knowledge to more advanced understanding is welcome. But if you are starting out and don’t know your type yet, then please consider attending our Enneagram 101 course first.

Why Enneagram tests aren't reliable?

We prefer coaching and empowering our clients with the knowledge of all 9 types instead of using software to type. And we have a few good reasons for this.

Enneagram tests have their place (they seem like a quick and easy way to determine a type), but in our 15+ years of working with many of the top tests, we’ve found even the best ones to be 50-60% accurate.

Enneagram Tests:

  • At the time of being issued, the client is usually not educated enough to know if the test is accurate; it can take years and a lot more study for a client to realize their test report was wrong. So claims of 90%+ accuracy are doubtful.
  • Enneagram tests are unlike other psychometric or profiling tests that have undergone rigorous development.
  • The tests tend to pitch their questions and weighting at moderate to lower levels of expression of each type. A high-expressing type appears to be very different from its lower-expression counterpart. The tests are even less accurate if you are currently dipping or high.
  • Most, if not nearly all, tests exclude the subtle 2nd type 6 expression, counter-phobic, which often tests as 8’s. In most Enneagram Coach courses, at least 1 “type 8” finds out with an AHA epiphany they are a CP6.
  • The 9 types are not based on behaviour, “what we do,” but on the hidden deeper reason for the behaviour, “why we do what we do.” Tests focus on behaviour and are understandably unable to test for deeper reasons for what we do. To discover our type, a certain degree of self-awareness is needed.
  • Wings and subtypes add another subtle layer to the mix, never mind that our type’s degree of expression fluctuates from low to moderate to high relatively easily.


Why the Enneagram helps life coaching.

When we can personalize our coaching, we can serve at higher levels. There’s nothing like the Enneagram to give us immediate insight into the deeper motivations of our clients, their potential blindspots and a map for their personality’s growth (which many practitioners fail to use).

Who studies Enneagram Coach Certification?

Life Coaches who want to add Enneagram Typing to their services.

Professionals who want to add sought-after Enneagram coaching to their existing work: managers, leaders, consultants, trainers, practitioners, therapists, and psychologists.

Leaders in organizations from business to spiritual, NGOs to environmental agencies who see the value of bringing the knowledge of the enneagram to strengthen their teams.

Why attend this Certification?

Develop your Enneagram coaching skills and receive certification to offer professional typing and coaching services.

Learn on this course:

  • How to type the Enneagram without depending on unreliable tests.
  • Learn to educate and coach the Enneagram, leaving your clients with the enlightening knowledge of this personality system.
  • Once the type is discovered, learn how to help people to evolve and grow their type to its highest expression.

With InnerLifeSkills Enneagram Coach, you’ll get live expert instructor-led practical hands-on classes offered via Zoom, plus a treasure of online resources to learn from.

Life Coach Certification with Colleen-Joy InnerLifeSkills

Your free 80 page Master Coach PDF manual here…

We believe in giving first, so here’s a ready-to-use sample from our ACTP-Accredited Master Coach Certification. 

Master Coach Certification Sample Manual InnerLifeSkills

A glimpse of our approach to the Enneagram

InnerLifeSkills Enneagram Coach Certification empowers you with









What you’ll learn [Curriculum]


Picture yourself offering individuals and groups professional Enneagram discovery sessions, plus going beyond typing by guiding clients on their growth paths.

This course contains everything you need to succeed as an in-demand professional Enneagram Coach:

8-Step Enneagram Typing Method

We’ll teach you an 8-Step Typing Method that you can adapt for a 60-90 minute individual or 3-hour group session.

  1. Learn how to introduce the Enneagram well (handle objections, ask key questions and create buy-in).
  2. Educate the 3 PEARLS to avoid mistyping and lay a solid foundation of understanding.
  3. Coach the 3 PEARLS using ready-to-use worksheets to find clues and create engagement.
  4. Educate the 9 POLARITY PAIRS to bring the types to life.
  5. Coach the 9 POLARITY PAIRS with professional worksheets that evoke exploration and discovery.
  6. Educate the 9 TYPES briefly using our infographics.
  7. Coach the 9 TYPES using 1-3 worksheets to narrow down and possibly confirm the client’s type.
  8. Reflect and journal, then follow up with a KITE session to help your client grow to their highest expression.

Ready-to-Coach 3 Personality Pearl Process + 9 Polarity Pairs

Our professional worksheets will help you to help your clients journey through the personality discovery process.

Go beyond typing with the powerful Kite Process.

After a successful 1-2 typing sessions, add even more value by facilitating the unique and powerful InnerLifeSkills Kite process, which collapses the inner conflicting polarities, helps clients claim their wholeness and rise to their highest expression.

This means you can:

  • Offer a 3-session enneagram coaching package.
  • Support massive understanding.
  • Stand out from competitor Enneagram practitioners.
  • Serve your clients at the highest level.

Listen to what students said in the last few minutes of their Enneagram Coach Class

Read some student reviews and visit our FaceBook review page for more.

Master Life Coach Testimonial
5 star reviewed rating
Enneagram Coach reviews
5 star reviewed rating

What Accreditation does your Enneagram certification include?

  • 20 hours ACSTH CCE (which you can use for renewing an ICF credential or applying for your ICF ACC, PCC or MCC credential using their easiest ACTP Path). This includes:
      • 10 hours ICF Core Competencies
      • 10 hours ICF Resource Development
      • 15 hours are synchronous (live coaching classes online)
      • 5 hours are asynchronous (self-study and practice)
Life Coach Certification
ICF Accredited Programs

Offer professional Enneagram Coaching + Typing with your accredited certification.

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Every Thursday simply login (video on) to join your practical class.

Most of our short courses are consecutive once a week classes.

Your online resources are available on enrollment – instant access.


Classes are 3-hours with a 10-15 minute break.

Classes are recorded for review and to catch up if you miss a class.

Breakout sessions help you to practise coaching in a safe, supportive space with fellow students [critical for your learning].


This course has an online theory assessment and a practical assessment.

80% attendance secures your certification.

Your certificate will show your ICF ACSTH + CCE hours.