How to be an Enneagram Coach

This is the final lesson, number 12 from the Life Coaching on-ramp course.


#1. Power Formula

#2. Why Life Coach?

#3. How to Life Coach Goals?

#4. Avoid these life coach mistakes.

#5. Can you Life Coach?

#6. How to Life Coach in 20 minutes or less.

#7. How to use Life Coaching Wheels?

#8. 3 Magic Success Numbers for life coaches.

#9. The Disney Strategy coaching process.

#10. Real vs Fake life coaching.

#11. ICF Credential Guide.

#12. Free Enneagram e-book.

FINAL LIFE COACH LESSON #12: Enneagram for Life Coaches

Other than teaching our coaches the skills and processes they need, we also teach them the Enneagram.

The Enneagram is a powerful personality typing system that not only helps us to understand our selves and our coachees, but it also lays out a path for growth.

Here is a tutorial video to introduce you to the Enneagram in true ILS style. We have our own way of teaching this universal body of knowledge.

watch this video

Your PDF download of the InnerLifeSkills Become an Enneagram Coach is here.

You will need to sign up for this again, on my new site, where more free coaching courses are going to be available.

It’s been a real privilege

My personality type is a 9, and if you know the Enneagram you’ll know how hard I needed to work to overcome shyness and step out of the proverbial cave of life into the world.

Knowing the Enneagram helped a lot, and that’s why this is a great way to end the 12 lessons.

If you are ready and able to enrol in a paid for course, you are most welcome to contact us.

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May you change many lives, in an empowering and enlightening way. The world needs life-changing ethical, authentic coaches. We are here to support your journey.

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