Turn your love for the Enneagram into an abundant Enneagram Coaching Career

Offer Professional Enneagram Typing Sessions without needing unreliable tests

We Offer a STEP-BY-STEP ICF Accredited Enneagram Coach Certification that goes far beyond traditional Enneagram Coaching.

With the BIG 4 in-demand Client-Attracting Coaching Services (enneagram coaching + life coaching + executive coaching + business coaching) you are not limited to only offering typing sessions, you can package high-ticket coaching for 3-6 months. 

Here’s How It Works:

Step 1 life coach certification


Confidently Start Enneagram Coaching

After working with (literally) thousands of coaches and leaders we’ve learned how to fast track your professional enneagram coaching skills (without comprising quality), so that you can start typing without needing unreliable tests.

We do this by certifying you with our 3 Personality Pearl Method + 9 Polarity Pair Method + KITE Enneagram Growth Path processes. Your certification at this stage is ICF internationally accredited at ICF ACSTH for 20 hours. 

This equips you to offer Enneagram Coach Typing Sessions to individuals and teams.

Empowering your clients to Discover their Enneagram Type and grow to their highest expression.


Offer 4 ADD-ON Client-Attracting Coaching Services

After learning to coach the Enneagram at ICF world-class standards, it’s time to build your ADD-ON client-attracting coaching services.

Virtually all our top Master Coaches offer ALL of the BIG 4 most in-demand coaching services: life coaching, enneagram coaching, business coaching and executive coaching.

We teach you ALL 4 plus 6 other unique specialties:

  • Intuition, Personal Power, Relationship, Systemic, Purpose and Dream Builder Coaching.

At this point your Enneagram Coaching certification is accredited at ICF PCC Professional Levels. 

You’ll never run out of markets, never get bored and can serve your clients for life, offering life-changing lucrative on-going coaching packages.

Step 2 life coach certification
Step 3 life coach certification


Create your Abundant Conscious Enneagram Coaching Brand

Now that you have client-attracting coaching services, we turn what’s working into your evergreen profitable coaching business.

At this point your coaching certification is accredited at the Highest ICF MCC Master Levels.

We do this by sharing our 7 Spiral ABB Apple Tree Business Building System with you.

And while you learn to build your inspired brand, you’ll can add our Business Builder System to your toolbox, to coach others to create their purposeful side-hustle or business if you want to.

This means you have an abundant inspired Enneagram Coaching Business with life coaching, executive coaching and business coaching services, plus an evergreen online marketing bringing you clients.

Ready to step into your inspiring Enneagram Coaching Career?

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