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What if I could help you bring the Enneagram to your clients?

I’ve got space to train and certify 3 Enneagram enthusiasts to be able to offer their clients top-quality, ICF accredited Enneagram Coaching.

In 5 weeks, I can help you become a certified Enneagram Coach so that you can transform your clients and your business with this life-changing tool.

*Only 3 Spaces Available

Enneagram Coach Karen

I’m looking to partner with 3 Clients, to train and certify to be able to offer professional Enneagram Coaching.

Which of these questions resonate with you?

  • Do you wish you had additional tools to be able to give even more value to your clients?
  • Have you experienced the power of the Enneagram in your own life and want to share it with others?
  • Do you want to increase the value of your service by adding more to your offer?
  • Do you want to go to sleep at night knowing you are bringing truly life-changing and empowering work to your clients?
  • Do you want to add another powerful tool to your professional toolbox?
  • Do you want to be able to bring the Enneagram into your practice in a clear, focused and simple way?

Many clients come to me with questions about HOW they can bring the Enneagram into their work.

A common concern is around finding the right training program that would:
1. Be of a high standard
2. Give them a top-level certification
3. Be affordable
4. Be convenient
5. Be tailored to their personal vision 

Imagine finding a training program that not only ticks all these boxes, but can get you trained and qualified completely online within two months?


  • …being able to exceed your clients’ expectations by offering them value that can deepen and expand their growth exponentially?
  • and being able to guide others through the powerful nature of the Enneagram?

But how can you actually guide a client to discovering their type, without needing to use unreliable enneagram tests (that only have a 50-60% accuracy)?

We’ve worked hard for nearly 2 decades to refine and develop this Enneagram Coaching process simply for you…

InnerLifeSkills Enneagram Coach Certification

4 Steps

Picture being able to coach your clients through a narrative, coaching process to discover their Enneagram Type, Understand all 9 types, and use the Enneagram as a map for growth to claim their wholeness.

#1 Coach the 3 Personality Pearls 

Coach your clients to understand the InnerLifeSkills 3 Personality Pearls, so that they don’t make the mistake of thinking that the Enneagram is based on behaviour. This gives your clients insight into “Why we do what we do.”

#2 Coach the 9 Polarity Pairs

Then coach the 9 Polarity Pairs in a narrative coaching style, using professional, ready-to-use worksheets, so that your client is empowered with knowledge of all 9 types. This helps your client to understand themselves, their loved ones and colleagues. 

#3 Coach the 9 Types

Then help your client to narrow down their Enneagram type using our helpful worksheets, summaries and illustrated info-graphics. 

#4 Coach the Enneagram Map for Growth

Once your client has found their type, go beyond typing by being able to offer them the Enneagram Map to wholeness and relationship enneagram coaching.

We also offer you added modules on Enneagram Relationship Coaching and Enneagram Coach Business Building. 

3 personality pearls
9 enneagram types
9 polarity pairs
Enneagram coach map for growth


Where unreliable Enneagram Tests are used as the primary way to determine type.

  • Which often leaves clients with the wrong type.
  • And doesn’t empower clients with the knowledge of all 9 types so that they can discover their enneagram type.
  • The status quo way also often focuses on Behavior as a basis for the enneagram – which leads to mistyping. E.g. “helping” as a type 2 behavior, meanwhile all 9 types can help, but it’s more important to look at “why they help.”
  • Often Ennegram Coaches are not given additional tools to be able to go beyond typing – to use the Enneagram as a Map for Growth, or to be able to coach relationships.
Traditional Enneagram Coach


Where Enneagram Coaches are taught to offer more reliable and empowering narrative Enneagram Typing and Coaching Sessions.

  • Clients are involved with discovering their true type in a coaching conversation – using ready-to-use worksheets.
  • Your clients are empowered with the Enneagram Knowledge – all 9 types.
  • You and your clients know that the Enneagram is based on the personality pearl – the REASON for behavior and not the behavior.
  • You can offer your clients packages of sessions beyond typing, like Enneagram Map for growth sessions and Enneagram Relationship coaching sessions.
InnerLifeSkills Enneagram Coach

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InnerLifeSkills Master Life Coach Eli Bajet
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The InnerLifeSkills Enneagram Coach Program with Karen-Sophia

Be a Certified Enneagram Coach.


Learn how to offer a professional 90-minute narrative coaching 8 Step process. 


Using ready-to-use worksheets to coach the 3 Personality Pearls and the 9 Polarity Pairs.


Help your client learn all 9 Types and discover their type.


Go beyond Enneagram Typing, offer Enneagram Map for Growth and Enneagram Relationship coaching


Get ICF ACSTH and CCE credible and sought after international certification 


Offers true customised service through empowering client conversations

Your Mentor
Karen-Sophia InnerLifeSkills Master Enneagram Coach Trainer 

  • This course program was written by Colleen-Joy MCC Master Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation and the founder of InnerLifeSkills.
  • Karen-Sophia is an InnerLifeSkills Master Coach, Enneagram Coach and Trainer who has been personally transformed by the Enneagram work and has been coaching, training and mentoring others through this journey ever since.
  • Karen-Sophia has received training from true leaders in the Enneagram field including Colleen-Joy, Jerry Wagner and Ginger Lapid-Bogda.
  • Karen-Sophia has channeled her love for the Enneagram into specialising in relationship coaching and training other coaches to bring the Enneagram into their work.


Do you want to be a confident, credible and capable Enneagram Coach?

Do you want Karen-Sophia to guide and mentor you every step of the way?

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Please note that this program is highly customised to suit your needs so we’re only looking for our next 3 clients.

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