Leoni Coetzee Raintree Business Coaching

Leoni Coetzee Raintree Business Coaching

Director and Co-Owner at Raintree Business Coaching

I develop and facilitate sustainable and measurable coaching journeys that empower my clients to lead their work and personal lives purposefully. Inner purpose sustains my clients as they grow through the challenges they overcome. Their purposeful journey facilitates passion, drive and vision. My group coaching is built on a strong foundation of purpose.

Raintree Business Coaching specialises in business, leadership, and executive coaching. Angela Heeley and Leoni Coetzee lead the business. Collectively, Angela and Leoni have more than 14 years of business coaching experience and 30 years working in business. RainTree has a vision of empowering business leaders to step into their power and lead their businesses to greatness. We believe that strong, resilient and confident leaders are the secret ingredient to business growth and success.