Lynette Anderson BCom, MBA

Lynette Anderson BCom, MBA

Conscious Leadership Coach & Mentor | Founder of Leaders4CHANGE Helping purpose-driven leaders to access and unleash their full potential | Live purposefully, lead consciously and build a legacy that lasts.

Why work with a Conscious Leadership Coach that helps entrepreneurs and executives to live purposefully, lead consciously, and build a legacy that lasts?

Because you don’t believe the next generation should inherit our broken world…
Not when you have the power to change it…

You acknowledge the influence you have as a leader and the impact your business has on the lives of the people who work for you.

And you’re ready to join the growing number of leaders who are using their influence to heal our world through business that’s built for the benefit of all.

Do you want to:
❔Wake up every morning feeling inspired…
❔Fall asleep at night feeling fulfilled…
❔Know deep down that you are making a real difference in the world…

If you said yes to any of the above, but have no idea where to start…
You’re in the right place

I guide executives and entrepreneurs through the Influence2IMPACT Leadership Legacy Plan which guides you to:

✦ Discover and define your unique leadership purpose.
✦ Build a powerful and magnetic leadership presence.
✦ Design a leadership legacy of meaningful and lasting change.

So you can take your place as an influencer who is positively impacting your own life and the lives of the people you affect as a leader.

At the end of this process, you will:
☛ Own your authentic personal power.
☛ Optimize your influence.
☛ Maximize your impact

Why work with Leaders4CHANGE?
Leaders4CHANGE provides leadership coaching and mentoring to high-energy, purpose-driven leaders who are willing to put people at the center of their profit strategy.
Founded on the principles of conscious leadership, we support leaders from tomorrow’s most profitable companies to build powerful, heart-centered, value-aligned cultures that bring out the best in their people and win-win for all stakeholders.

We’re here to support you to be your best and most authentic self and bring out the best in your people.

As a seasoned CEO & Conscious Leadership Specialist, I combine:

♦︎ Over 30 years of entrepreneurial and corporate leadership experience,
♦︎ Practical real-world Conscious Leadership experience,
♦︎ B Comm, MBA,
♦︎ ILS® Master Coach and Trainer qualifications,
♦︎ ILS® Master Business and Executive Coach
♦︎ ILS® Enneagram Coach and trainer
♦︎ A passion for unleashing leadership impact potential.

Contact me on:
+27 82 898 2923