Zuleika Kucera

Zuleika Kucera

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Assisting Business to find the gaps in their business and build on their strenghts to grow their business.

Many businesses struggle with internal battles and teams working against each other instead of working together.

• Do you want a strong, productive team?
• A team that trusts each other and brings out the best in each other?
• A team that tunes in to what is important for each member?

Leaders want to be effective and know how to ramp up the performance of each member as well as the team.

The way to do this is through the Enneagram. The Enneagram is a personality profiling system that not only accurately reveals personality patterns but also provides helpful insights into exploring ways to grow and develop the best aspects of your personality. It provides understanding about people, their core motivations and needs.

The Enneagram figure is a circle inscribed by nine points. In Greek, ennea means nine and gramma means point. Each point portrays a distinctive personality style that has its own way of viewing, construing, and responding to people and events.

The Enneagram encourages people to notice how they interact and engage within a team. It builds awareness, team cohesion and trust as the team learns how to anticipate each other’s worldviews. The team begins to tune into what is important to each team member. Managers learn how to motivate and ramp up the performance of each member and team. It gives the individual and the team leader a map for growth and development.

For a business this could mean
• accelerated leadership development,
• team building,
• better communication,
• collaboration,
• productivity and
• will result in a better bottom line.

So here is what you can do now: Click the connect button and tell me what your biggest challenge is with your team.

Here is what the Enneagram has done for business leaders:

“I was able to understand more about how I see the world and what my core motivations are. She helped me perceive the unconscious triggers that have a huge influence on my daily life, yet somehow remained hidden. Once these were pointed out I found that the awareness stayed with me permanently. I now effortlessly monitor myself and give small ‘course corrections’ that help so much, especially in my interactions with friends and family.”

“It not only allowed me to better understand myself, my dreams and my insecurities, it also helped me to understand friends and family members – and what their core driving forces are.”

Are you interested in getting the best out of your team and each member?

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