Enneagram team training can put people in boxes and be completely inaccurate.

OR it can be one of the most impactful important things your teams have done in ages. When taught well, an Enneagram team-coached typing session (no need for unreliable tests) can help your team:

  • Understand all 9 types (to really ‘get’ each other)
  • Not use personality as an excuse for behavior (but as a way to grow)
  • Gain practical ways to support each other
  • Use the Enneagram as a clear map for development 

Enneagram Coaching Guide


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Enneagram Team Building, builds team cohesion and fast.

Build real understanding and positive engagement.

  • Discover your team’s Enneagram types during the training session with expert help.
  • Understand yourself and your team incredibly well.
  • Learn how to get the most out of your team.
  • Gain the Enneagram map for developing each team member to operate at their highest potential.

This is a fun, interactive and practical Enneagram team building experience.

Don’t use unreliable online tests (which are ALL 50-60% accurate at best).

Rather let us teach your team the Enneagram and let them work out their types as a team.

Empower your team with life-changing enneagram knowledge.

How to become an Enneagram Coach

Why book an ILS Enneagram Team Building?

  • Develop team cohesion and real understanding.
  • Learn how to type the Enneagram without depending on tests.
  • Learn about the key motivations for each type, to know how to motivate and inspire yourself and your team.
  • Discover the blind spots and strengths of the 9 types so that you can meet people where they are.
  • Understand the reasons for each types behaviour so that you can build bridges of positive change.
  • Learn how to help people to evolve and grow their type to its highest expression.
  • Get helpful fun Enneagram cards to use for typing others and as a quick reference guide.
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What will you learn on this Enneagram Team Building?


  • Understand the Enneagram in an easy to remember way.
  • Use the ILS 3 Pearls Method to declutter and make sense of the complexity of the Enneagram.
  • Understand the root causes of the Enneagram types, so that you can deduce how each type will likely respond to challenges.
  • Learn how to manage each type to help it to rise to its full potential.



  • ILS 3 Pearls – the root causes of the Enneagram types.
  • ILS Personality Polarities.
  • ILS 9 Typing worksheets.
  • ILS Enneagram Card game.

 Who enjoys this team building intervention?

 We have worked with teams at various levels, from on-boarding new management teams, to staff culture days, to team build days for financial planners. 

Any team that could benefit from getting to know each other and leaving with practical ways to support themselves in the group as well as how to build bridges of respect to each other.