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Enneagram Virtual Coach Test + Training

This is not a typical Enneagram Test.
Learn all 9 Types + the 3 Personality Pearls to discover your Enneagram Type naturally.

*Approximately 40 minutes to complete









Welcome to your InnerLifeSkills Enneagram Virtual Coach Test (with a difference)…

“Every enneagram test typed me as a 4 or a 3, I accepted some of the reports, but over time they just felt wrong, but not 100%! Thank you now. I have finally found my true enneagram type 7,” a graduate of our program, Jen, told us. With this new confidence, she wrote an Enneagram book and built her coaching business.

We have hundreds of similar stories. We love giving people decluttered insight into the 9 Types to avoid mistyping disappointments.

Are you looking to discover or confirm your Enneagram type without relying on unreliable cold multiple-choice style tests?

If you love learning and want real insight into the 9 Types so you can naturally discover your type, then our test is here to help.

Experienced Enneagram Coaches will tell you that even the most expensive detailed tests are not as accurate as reported.

Why are typical multiple-choice tests often wrong?

  • #1 The Enneagram is based on why we do what we do, not on behaviour, and tests focus on behaviour. This is why we prefer to teach you the decluttered essentials of all 9 Types in short tutorial videos during your typing journey.
  • #2 Every type changes dramatically as it grows to its highest expression; most tests are written for medium to low expressions.
  • #3 2 variations of Type 6 are neglected by tests, leaving many counterphobic 6’s mistyped as 8’s.

That being said, we understand the value of tests because the Enneagram can be complex and confusing. You have a busy life and don’t have time to memorize long lists of characteristics (this is not the best way to learn, either).

That’s why we’ve taken our years of experience training the Enneagram in a narrative-coached style and created a simple, Enneagram test that teaches you the essentials so that you can discover your type with knowledge. This unites the bests of Enneagram tests with the best essential training. All in one 40-minute VIRTUAL COACH online easy experience.

If you apply yourself to learning our 3 Personality Pearl Method, you will gain true Enneagram understanding.

Colleen-Joy MCC Founder Director of Education

Here is a sample tutorial from this teaching-based test

InnerLifeSkills Successful Master Coaches

Who is this training-based test for?

We’re NOT a good fit for:

  • Folks who don’t love learning and personal growth.
  • Those who are happy with typical surface typing.

We ARE a good fit for you if:

  • You love growth and learning.
  • You crave more than surface Enneagram knowledge.

Who uses our 3 Personality Pearl Enneagram Typing Method?

We’ve empowered leaders, coaches, teams and organizations to declutter the Enneagram and make it a valued part of their personal development journey:

  • Seekers—personal and spiritual growth seekers who want tools for transformation and healing.
  • Coaches—from new aspiring to busy master coacheslife coaches, Enneagram, executive, business, career, wellness and many others.
  • Leaders—general managers, CEOs, HR practitioners, Organizational Development specialists, and attorneys.
  • Consultants—financial, nutrition, business, change management, talent development, soft skills trainers.
  • Athletes—pro golfers, powerlifters, fitness and sports coaches.
  • Therapists—psychologists, psychiatrists, lay counsellors and social workers.
  • Spiritual—meditation teachers, yogis, mindfulness coaches, religious leaders, inter-faith ministers, and non-dual teachers. 
  • Parents—youth leaders, school teachers and church leaders.
  • Medical—doctors, healers, practitioners and consultants. 


Where InnerLifeSkills unique tools have made a difference

InnerLifeSkills Clients

Get instant access to your test and results within approximately 40 minutes, with lifetime access.

More than a test, watch helpful quick tutorial videos to learn our 3 Pearls Method.

Be guided through 3 steps to avoid common typing errors, including neglected CP 6.

Download your 9 Enneatoon infographics to learn as you discover your type naturally.

Be empowered with knowledge about all  9 Types + a scorecard ranking your types.

How does this Virtual Coach Enneagram Test work?

After you enroll and pay, you’ll be loaded onto the InnerLifeSkills Enneagram Test on our course site here. You’ll get an email with the link on your invoice and our welcome email. You’ll be able to start your test and will need to complete it in one sitting. Your results scorecard will show immediately at the end, as a percentage per PEARL and TYPE, so you can easily see which types are strongest for you and which are weakest. You can request that your scorecard be emailed to you automatically.

Refunds for your test

Because you will have access to your test on demand, we don’t issue refunds.

What are the Enneagram InnerLifeSkills 3 Personality Pearls?

After years of coaching and training the Enneagram, dealing with many people who were not accurately typed (and only learned enough to realize this months after their tests), we refined a method to help people avoid mistyping what we call the 3 Personality Pearls. You will learn the essence of the 3 Pearls in STEP ONE of your 3-step test.

Want to hire an InnerLifeSkills Certified Enneagram Coach?

Nothing beats the human touch; your Enneagram Coach can bring the 3 Personality Pearls to life, teach you about your wings and guide you on your map for growth.