Executive Coach Certification—lead real change with InnerLifeSkills

Find out why our Certified Executive Coaches win 2-year contracts, and become “go-to” thought leaders. Whether you’re an aspiring independent executive coach, or a Manager who wants to upskill their career our certification program helps you go far beyond typical to-do-list coaching, to create real culture change.

Executive Coach Live Certification

Join us for Executive Coach online training to:

Certify with Internationally ICF Accredited Door-Opening Executive Coaching Certification

Get unique proven tools to create real change for teams and individuals (even for yourself)

Learn Colleen-Joy's popular Power Formula, Kite Process, Action ER, Motivation Matrix and many more tools for 1-1 and team coaching

Have instant access to 18+ ready-to-coach PDF Worksheets & 6 Quick Reference Guides & Guided Virtual Coach Video tutorials

Ready to upskill and boost your career & earn credible certification so that you can make a living—making a difference?

Many of our graduates win 1-2 year teams and executive coaching contracts, and receive 5 star ratings from their clients.

What You Get—Executive Coach Toolbox Curriculum

Great Goals Inspired Vision Executive Coaching Certification

Great Goals + Inspired Vision

Coach, clarity and focus with engaged team alignment towards goals, values and vision.

Coaching Planning + Innovation Executive Coaching

Planning + Innovation

Create focus and clarity with coached planning sessions. Wake creative innovative thinking.

Obstacles + Conflict Executive Coaching

Obstacles + Conflict

Guide and coach the resolution of inner and outer obstacles. Use our unique Kite process for conflict resolution coaching.

Action + Accountability Coaching Executive Coach Certification

Action + Accountability

Inspire proactive action and accountability using our proven tools and skill sets. Generate clarity about priorities.

Coaching Change management and purpose in executive coaching

Change + Purpose

Drive Coached Change Management aligned with clear purpose. Create buy-in and engagement in change initiatives.

Executive Coaching Time and Measures

Time + Measures

Coach time management and learn how top leaders coach measures. Use our review and feedback frameworks

InnerLifeSkills Executive Coach Certificaiton

Don’t struggle when your clients struggle.

There’s no need to feel stressed when the team or executive you’re coaching is stressed. InnerLifeSkills is here to help.

Rather, learn our unique executive coaching toolbox designed for tough conversations that make change happen.

3 Popular unique to InnerLifeSkills Executive Coaching Processes that are included in this certification.

  • POWER FORMULA—Coach choice awareness, confidence and competence to empower.
  • KITE—Turn destructive inner conflict into constructive dynamic forces of change.
  • DISNEY—Inspire vision and facilitate innovative thinking, strategy and planning.

How Your Online Classes Work

Get door-opening Internationally Accredited ICF 30 hours of a Level 2 (for ACC-PCC).


Join 6 Live Zoom Practical Classes (learn-by-doing) with an expert instructor & small group.


FEB or




Unique executive coaching tools to professionally guide individuals or teams.

InnerLifeSkills Executive Coach Certification is for…

Eryn Page Coaching Career Advisor

HR Consultants & Business Coaches
like Zuleika Kucera from Spiral Coaching who offers top rated executive team sessions with enneagram and life coaching

Khanya Leadership Coach

Life & Leadership Coaches
like Khanya Matlala from Mindful Impact who facilitates executives and teams to grow

Eduan Executive Life Coach

IT Consultants & Coaches
like Eduan Pieterse who adds Executive Coaching to his Service Manager Training & enneagram for teams

Colleen-Joy MCC Founder Director of Education

Financial Planning Leaders & Authors
like Kim Potgieter from Chartered Wealth who equips her financial planner teams InnerLifeSkills Tools

Nandha Manager as Coach

Managers & In-House Coaches
like Nandha Govender Senior Manager who uses his Executive Coaching toolbox for meetings to empower teams

Glenn Douglas Executive Coach

Executive Coaches & Trainers
like Glenn-Douglas Haig who has global executive coaching clients combining other InnerLifeSkills tools with these

Join Practical Fun, Helpful, Online Zoom Classes

Because everything you need to learn is in your online self-study resources, your classes are powerful ways to get expert feedback from Colleen-Joy and your group.

Laugh, learn and get this Life Changing work in-your-bones.

InnerLifeSkills Certification Prices Dates

Offer Professional Executive Coaching to groups & individuals.


Executive Coach Live Certification
Volker Certified Executive Coach
Master Coach Case Study 6 figure Executive Coach
Khanya certification review

Some of our Corporate Clients

InnerLifeSkills Clients

Your Accredited Executive Coach Certification

Your ICF Accredited Executive Coach Certificate helps you to open doors and feel confident in your skills.

Your certificate displays your 30 ICF Partial Level 2 and CCE accredited training hours to use for an ACC, PCC, or MCC sought-after credential and towards your InnerLifeSkills full Master Coach Level 2 Certification.
This includes 30 hours ICF Core Competencies.

Accredited Certification Executive Coach ICF CCE

Choose Self-Study Only
Live Classes + Self-Study


Executive Coach


InnerLifeSkills Executive Coach Certificaiton


Choose a Cohort. See Times.

"Executive Coach"

Choose a Feb, June or Oct Cohort

  • February 2024
    Feb 28 + Mar 6-13-20-27+ Apr 3
  • OR June 2024
    June 19-26 + Jul 3-10-17-24
  • OR October 2024
    Oct 23-30 + Nov 6-13-20-27

*Expect Similar Dates for 2025


This Short Certification counts as credits for a full Master Coach ICF Level 2 or Global Coach ICF Level 1 Certification

Self-Study Only



ZAR SA Residents only

- Zoom Classes

12 Hours (1-year access)

Self-Study Instant Access


  • Coach 101 Self-Study
  • Great Goals + Vision
  • Planning + Innovation
  • Obstacles + Conflict
  • Action + Accountability
  • Change + Purpose
  • Time + Measures

ICF Certification

  • ICF Partial Level 2
  • 12 CCE hours

Self- Study + Live Zoom Classes



ZAR SA Residents only

6 Zoom Classes

30 Hours (1-year access)

Self-Study Instant Access

& Classes: Feb / June / Oct


  • Coach 101 Self-Study
  • Great Goals + Vision
  • Planning + Innovation
  • Obstacles + Conflict
  • Action + Accountability
  • Change + Purpose
  • Time + Measures

ICF Certification

  • ICF Partial Level 2
  • 30 CCE hours
  • 30h Core Competencies


  • Monique De Beer PCC
  • Expert Feedback 
  • Practical Guidance

We’d love to help you step-by-step to become a certified in-demand Executive Coach.

Join our next cohort to gain accredited Executive Coaching + Life Coach + Business Coach + Enneagram Coach Certification = InnerLifeSkills Master Coach.
Attend our fun and practical weekly 3-hour classes today.

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