Are you a Financial Planner who knows that the traditional approach is no longer enough to attract ideal clients?
Do you want to keep your clients so happy, that they refer new clients to you?

Conversations on investment returns alone are a thing of the past!
What if you could learn new skills to keep you relevant and to help you to add more value to your client’s lives?

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Visionary Financial Planner

We’re looking to partner with 15 visionary Financial Planners, to start a new wave of sought after industry leaders.

Distinguish yourself from your peers with the right skills to serve your clients better.

Are you frustrated with:

  • Clients not buying-in to your advice and sabotaging the financial plan?
  • Not being able to help clients with their inner obstacles like fear, self-doubt and procrastination?
  • Offering virtually the same financial planning services as your competitors – and having no competitive edge?

Would you also like help with clients who:

  • Constantly experience fear, panic and avoidance when it comes to their money?
  • Sabotage their plans by stopping their savings and draw from their investments?
  • Listen to friends when it comes to investment advice?
  • Equate your value in their life purely on investment returns?

If you long to add meaningful value to your client conversations and want the master skills to give you a competitive edge… then talk to us.

Are you ready to make a real difference? To know how you can serve your clients better?

Picture this…

  • Being able to connect with your clients on a level that helps them go beyond the numbers, to help them understand their relationship with money.
  • Helping clients to dream about the inspired future they want.

Maybe like us, you’re tired of the same old financial planning meetings, and want to add more meaning to your work, for your clients sake and for the love of your own career.

With the right skills and qualification, we’ve seen how financial planners are changing the industry and changing lives.

coaching skills

3 Steps

Imagine your clients living their best lives possible, enabled by their money, all because you coached them!

Helping them to visualise their dream future, find meaning in money, create a life plan instead of only a financial plan, supporting them to stick to their plan and overcome their inner obstacles like self-doubt, fear and procrastination.

With your expert help, imagine your clients getting a return on the life you helped them create.

We can help you do this with our 3 Step Process:

#1 Empower your…. self

By learning your enneagram personality type, finding your Apple Tree purpose and having courageous conversations to empower yourself.

#2 Empower your… clients

By gaining master ICF internationally accredited Life and Business Coaching Skills with coaching processes to add value to your client conversation.

#3 Empower your… clients lives

By learning top Life Planning methodologies so that you are empowering your client’s life experience.

Empower your self as a financial planner coach
Empower your clients as a financial planner who can life coach 1
Empower your clients lives as a life coach financial planners


Where Financial Planners are taught to offer mainstream Financial Planning but very little more.

  • “Money” is seen as the client rather than the person.
  • The focus is on Products (which are in an ocean of competitors).
  • Clients measure your value by returns in their investments alone.
  • The core service is a transaction.
  • As a planner you sole role is advice giving.
Traditional financial planners


Transforming Financial planners into being able to offer a NEW CLIENT CONVERSATION.

  • The “Person” is your client.
  • The focus is on coaching your client (which gives you a competitive edge and unique distinction in the market).
  • Clients value your mentoring, relationship and the experience you offer.
  • The core service is meaningful life and financial planning.
  • As a planner your role is advice + coach + mentor.
innerlifeskills way coaching

What our clients are saying

Case studies and testimonials

The Innerlifeskills programme with Colleen-Joy and Kim opened up a whole new journey for me and my clients.

Equipped with the right skills, I am now able to hear their stories from my heart, relate to their lives more meaningfully and I am able to coach them through their life transitions.

My relationship with clients have changed to more than just Financial Planner. The Life Planning process has added immense value; my clients feel “heard” and we talk about the dreams they have for their lives and everything they want to achieve with their money.

The Financial Plan makes much more sense if you know what you are saving for. I have found a renewed joy in my work as Planner and feel that I am adding true value to the lives of my clients.


The skills learnt with Colleen-Joy and Kim in coaching and Life Planning have helped me to form deeper and more meaningful connections with my clients.

Having courageous conversations, where the client feels safe to share personal details of their lives with no judgement, makes for a beautiful planning experience for both the client and Planner.

Learning the skill of having empathy whilst maintaining a professional stance has been a game-changer.

These skills have given me the confidence to connect with my clients and mentor them through the process, in spite of any differences we may have. I now feel that I am adding real value.

Tiffany Havenga

Mentoring Financial Planners
financial planner as coach

The InnerLifeSkills Financial Planner Program

Be a financial planner who:

Offers incredible value as an expert, coach and life planner
Attracts your ideal clients because you do more
Seeing your client as a person instead of a transaction
Has meaningful work, helping clients to find meaning in their money
Can support your clients to overcome the inner obstacles in the way of their wise financial future
Offers true customised service through empowering client conversations

Your Mentors
Colleen-Joy and Kim Potgieter

  • Colleen-Joy MCC (Master Certified Coach) with the International Coaching Federation is the founder of InnerLifeSkills®.
  • Colleen’s team has coached and trained thousands of clients across dozens of industries in 139 countries including leading financial planners.
  • Colleen’s courses are internationally accredited at the highest level by the ICF as ACTP programs.
  • Kim Potgieter is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® who knows that traditional client planning conversations are not enough anymore, if you want to have a sustainable business in the new world.
  • Kim has over 12 years’ experience having meaningful conversations with clients, helping them to plan for the life they want to live, and invest to achieve their dreams.
  • Kim is also the co-creator of Chartered Wealth Solutions, a successful financial planning company that has 26 CFP® professionals. Chartered Wealth use the skills of coaching and life planning that they have learnt from Kim and Colleen.
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Kim and Colleen coaches

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Do you want to empower yourself, your clients and your client’s lives?

Want Kim and Colleen to guide and mentor you every step of the way?

Please note that this program is highly customised to suit your needs so we’re only looking for our next 15 clients.



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