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  • Learn 3 top Life Coaching Methods.
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  • See a Video Demonstration of the popular Disney Strategy process.
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4 Steps to becoming a Life-Changing Life Coach.

Free Online Life Coach Certification Course sample—our gift to you!


Hi, my name is Colleen-Joy.

As a successful MCC (ICF Credentialed Master Coach), I’ve had the privilege of being an in-demand speaker, author, consultant and professional coach for over 35 years. Now, I help visionaries, perhaps like you, to learn these life-changing skills.

This Free Online Life Coach Certification Sample Course is my gift to you, made with love and hope.

You see, I believe that the world needs life-changing coaches.

We need certified life coaches to change lives in our communities, schools, families, governments and businesses.

So, for those who can’t afford our paid ICF-accredited courses, this free online Life Coach sample course will help you to make a start. Join over 6720 students who rave about how generous this course is because it teaches you actual ready-to-use coaching processes from our paid-for coach certification programs.


All the best,


Founder InnerLifeSkills
MCC ICF Master Coach


Colleen-Joy MCC Founder Director of Education
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Free Life Coach Course 6720 students

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What’s in our Free Online Life Coach sample course? Called the InnerLifeSkills 4 Steps to Become a Life-Changing Life Coach.

These are real life coaching lessons, extracts from our paid for ILS Master Coach, internationally accredited course. That means that you are learning valuable life coaching lessons for free. 

  • 4 life coach lessons are available to you immediately.
  • Instant access, no waiting for email links.
  • 16 video tutorials.
  • 3 ready-to-use life coaching processes.
  • PDF coaching worksheet of the Disney Strategy coaching process to download.
  • 2 Audio Virtual Guided Coaching Processes to download and use to coach yourself and to learn from.

Join over 6,720 wonderful Life Coaching students for this introductory free online life coaching course.

Here is a sample teaching in your Free Life Coach Course

Why do we give away these valuable tutorials for free?

3 reasons why we give this mini Life Coaching Course away.

Since 1998 (when we started offering coaching certification), we’ve had a ‘give-first-all-heart’ philosophy.

When I created InnerLifeSkills, I had a vision of helping people who wanted to make a difference in the world to be successful. I’m so grateful that I’ve succeeded as a speaker, author and coach that I want to allow others to follow—that’s why I created this free online life coach course for you to sample.

Also, not everyone can afford our internationally ICF-accredited courses, so this way, the folks who can’t afford our courses can at least learn a few real coaching methods.

We get thank you messages all the time. We’ve had people in shelters complete our free course and change their lives using the work.

Finally, not everyone is built to be a life coach, so this way, you get to test drive a small (but real) part of our course to see if coaching is for you before you enrol for the full course training.

Here are the topics that you will receive in your online lessons on “How to Become a Life Coach” for free:

1. Learn the ILS 3-Step Coaching Method
Our primary foundation coaching method is an actual life coaching process from our paid-for InnerLifeSkills Master Coach, our top ICF Level 2 accredited course. This free tutorial video will teach you how to use this process to coach informally and formally.

2. Why become a Coach? If you can’t answer this, coaching might not be for you. See what real-life coaches answer. Find your why to fuel your journey to become a Life-Changing Life Coach.

3. Real Case Studies
Be inspired by real coaches who are in the world-changing lives, from Wellness to Lifestyle coaches, Youth Coaches to Executive Coaches… see what is possible for you.

4. The Disney Strategy process
Any Life Coach or Business Coach should know this is a favorite international coaching process. It is based on Walt Disney’s genius brainstorming process for Disney projects. Watch a demonstration video and download our Virtual Coaching audio process.

5. Learn our ABCs Method.
Download our unique ABCs Method, a popular guided virtual coaching process to learn to speak and listen with presence and power.

6. The 3 magic numbers for marketing success.
It’s no good if you are talented and well-trained but still can’t attract clients. Learn which 3 numbers you must grow to build a successful coaching business.

7. A guide to getting an ICF coaching credential.
This popular lesson will help you learn how to attain a credential as a professional coach.

Plus, we’ll send you free Master Coach Monday online life coaching lessons to you via email.

You don’t need to walk this path alone—it’s not easy, so we’re here to help.

My team of master coach trainers and I look forward to helping you learn to empower and enlighten AND make a successful career while making a real difference.

Enjoy this Free Life Coaching Course to start your journey to becoming a Life-Changing Life Coach.

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This is an introduction sample course that contains actual tutorials from our ILS Master Coach Course.