Glenn Douglas Certified Executive Master Coach

I wouldn’t be standing here right now if it wasn’t for InnerLifeSkills…

…the training that I did within InnerLifeSkills to become a Master Coach, fundamentally changed my entire existence, not just in a career level… but also for me personally.

Now, instead of me being a striving, trying, desperate, stressed person, trying to make a way in the world, I actually flow with my life.

And I now have an international coaching and training business with clients in the States, Ireland, London, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, France, and probably a few other places.

I do all of this from a tiny little village near the Southern tip of Africa, where I’m 20 minutes away from one of the largest breeding grounds for whales in the world. And in the mornings I go and feed my chickens. At lunchtime, I potter in my veggie garden. In the evening I drink beautiful champagne made from my neighbors’ vineyards.

And every hour of my working day, I’m making a huge, positive impact on somebody’s life.

I mean, what more could anybody really ask for?

Just go and take that first step.

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