“Door-Opening Accredited Coach Certification.”

Find out why our Certified Coaches love our Big 4 Tools and Global Skills ICF Competency training, to confidently coach, lead and guide individuals & teams.

Level 1 Global Coach

ICF ACC International Online Certification

Nandha Manager as Coach

“I definitely found purpose, and tapped into a power that I didn’t know I had within.

I discovered who I really was and still am and become more self-aware.

Some of my successes is that I’ve been appointed in various positions and non-executive director positions. I’ve been in senior management positions for a while now, and I’m playing more of a leadership role in coaching employees, inspiring young entrepreneurs to start their own businesses.

And be a connection point, where I could help people to find their purpose, and to find their gifts and talents and bring that to the world.

— Nandha Govender

ICF Accredited Level 1 InnerLifeSkills Global Coach Certification

What makes our Level 1 “Global Coach” Certification different?

Yes, in today’s world, clients and employers are more discerning, so it’s becoming critically important to have an ICF Accredited Certification to your name. But our research shows that even credible certification is often not enough.

That’s why we let you choose 1 of our Big 4 unique in-demand toolboxes, to include in your Level 1 ACC (ICF Credentialed as an Associate Certified Coach) Certification.

With InnerLifeSkills trademarked tools you can:

  • stand above your competitors
  • not struggle when your clients struggle
  • offer far more than to-do-list generic coaching. 

Get far more than standard certified ICF accredited training

ICF Accredited Certified Programs since 2012 ACC PCC MCC

“The work I did with InnerLifeSkills helped me to discover who I really was.

And I brought that to my position as CEO, and I helped my people to rise through the ranks and find what their best was and bring that to their careers.

I’ve subsequently left the corporate world and now I have a coaching brand serving multi-national corporate Executives and individuals who want to turn their Purpose into Wealth.” — Lynette Anderson, Leaders4Change

Lynette Conscious Leadership Coach

What you’ll learn—Global Coach Curriculum

Mastering your Coaching Competencies is challenging. These are professional skills after all. But we’re here to help.

Because we’ve been ICF accredited since 2012, mark regular evaluations, and our Director of Education is MCC, we know how to help you “get the skills you need in your bones.”

Get all of your ACC education requirements with us.


  • This is a Complete Level 1 with 66 hours (for a direct ICF credential path, saving you time and money)
  • 10 Mentor Hours + 6 Observed Coaching Sessions
  • Performance Evaluation Prep (with dozens of real audio assessments to learn from) + Final Performance Evaluation 
Global Skills Certification
Advanced 3 Step method

Proven 3 Step Method

Our unique 3 Step Method offers you a reliable way to “crack” the code of coaching professionally. It also strengthens all of the ICF Core Competencies, cuts meeting time, and increases proactive productivity.

Life + Work WHEEL Worksheet

Measure Progress

As Stephen Covey once said, “If you’re really serious about winning, you need to keep score in the game of life.” Learn a simple method to track individuals and team progress over their coaching journey.

Decision Wheels Worksheet

Guide Decision Making

Turn procrastination into clarity by learning how to coach confident decision making with easy to use ready-to-coach worksheets and virtual coaching tutorials.

“Look no further.

If you are thinking about becoming a coach or wish to build on your existing coaching qualification look no further. You will not only be rewarded with a highly satisfying coaching career but you will also be a more empowered, wiser and enlightened individual.

— Oksana Petersen

Oksana Wellness Coach

Choose 1 of these BIG 4 in-demand short Certifications

You’ll get our Global Skills intensive to master your ICF Core Competencies. Now choose 1 of the Big 4 to complete your Level 1 Certification.
OR Enroll for our Level 2 Master Coach, to get all 4.

Life Coach Live Certification

Life Coach Certification with unique deep coaching toolboxes: Intuition, Relationship, Personal Power, Systemic, Purpose and Dream Builder Coaching.

Enneagram Coach Live Course

Enneagram Coach Certification with test-free 8 Step Typing Method to offer individuals and teams narrative typing sessions. Plus Enneagram Kite to help each type grow.

Life Coach Live Certification

Executive Coach Certification with 6 toolboxes for coaching professionals and teams including Goals & Visions, Planning & Innovation, Action & Accountability, Change & Purpose, Conflict & Obstacles and Time & Measures.

Enneagram Coach Live Course

Business Coach Certification with unique toolboxes and our 7 Spiral conscious natural business growth Frameworks to guide small business building from start to scaling.

Glenn Douglas Executive Coach

“The training I did with InnerLifeSkills fundamentally changed my existence, not just at a career level, but also for me personally.

I now have an international coaching and training business with clients in the States (USA), Ireland, London, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, France… Every hour of my working day, I’m making a huge positive impact on somebody’s life. I mean what more could anybody every ask for?”

— Glenn-Douglas Haig 

Test Your Understanding and Start Learning

This is a simple demonstration of a coaching session with common coaching competency mistakes and fixes. Now imagine enrolling to learn from experts, practice in classes and leave with door-opening certification.

Get All Your ICF Level 1 ACC Education Requirements

There is no need to stress or struggle, Global Coach gives you all your Level 1 Education Requirements in 3 – 6 months (depending on which of the Big 4 Toolbox Certifications you choose. 

Get door-opening Internationally Accredited ICF 66 hours for ACC PCC MCC.


Join 12 Live Zoom Practical Classes (learn-by-doing) with an expert Master Coach instructor & small group. 


JAN  or  MAY or  SEP Check Calendar + Prices.



Mentor Hours + 3 Skills + 3-Step Method + a Big 4 Toolbox.

Khanya Leadership Coach

“I was looking for a better way to coach.

A friend of mine introduced me to InnerLifeSkills, because at the time I was in a leadership position but could sense that I was doing every single thing in that role what was not unique and not authentic to me. When I found InnerLifeSkills, I found that missing piece of what I wasn’t doing, that piece of me that had been lost...

… the piece of me that actually coached and worked with people because I loved them, because I loved seeing people doing their best.”

— Khanya Matlala

Where InnerLifeSkills unique tools has made a difference

InnerLifeSkills Clients

“InnerLifeSkills restored my faith in coaching, it completely exceeded all my expectations.

I’ve experienced 3 different courses and hold 2 coaching qualifications. InnerLifeSkills was the only certification that not only gave me a complete set of tools and skills to support others through inner and outer obstacles, but it completely transformed and empowered me in the process. It’s the only way to go!“

Volker Schlettwein

Volker Leadership Executive Coach
Eduan Executive Life Coach

“I have bookings and secured coaching income for the next year

I left a Senior IT Manager post to follow my passion for people development.

InnerLifeSkills is my second home. Love the people. Love the methodology of a structured supportive coaching approach.”

— Eduan Pieterse

“When I shifted from a ‘me’ focus to a ‘you’ focus I found steady coaching clients.

InnerLifeSkills gave me the Enneagram typing skills and master coaching skills to build an online Coaching & Training business with a social following and clients around the globe. I can take clients beyond the Enneagram because of my unique toolbox.”

— Sophia Grobler

Sofia Enneagram Relationship Coach

Upgrade to Master Coach, LEVEL 2 anytime:

Easily upgrade at any time to Level 2 Master Coach to have all of these Big 4 client-attracting short certifications, you choose 1 of them to include in your Level 1 Global Coach Certification:

  1. Enneagram Coach
  2. Business Coach
  3. Executive Coach
  4. Life Coach

Remember we give you skills and tools to easily custom-build solutions for the team or individual in front of you. That’s what earns referalls and respect.

ICF Accredited Level 2 InnerLifeSkills Master Coach Certification

Don’t take our word for it…

Real InnerLifeSkills Certified Coaches share their experience.

We’d love to guide you. 

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