5 Criteria for Natural Life Coaches to turn professional

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We can help you become a Certified life-changing Master Coach

#1: Gain Master Competencies 

After working with thousands of natural coaches, from aspiring life coaches, to managers and CEOs, school teachers and consultants, therapists and Enneagram coaches, we have a way to accelerate your international Master Level coaching skills training.

How natural life coaches turn professional is with the right Master Coach training.


#2: Credible Certification

While you’re building Master Level Competencies (ICF International Gold Standards), you’ll also be earning one of the most respected, in-demand coaching certifications in the world, an ICF ACTP certification. Every live online class with us counts towards your InnerLifeSkills Master Coach ICF ACTP accredited certificate. 

#3: Build a Comprehensive Toolbox

Our most successful graduate Master Coaches change lives and attract their ideal clients because of the 50+ process coaching toolbox that we empower them with. We ensure that you can coach any niche market, anywhere in the world, on any goal.


#4: Client Conversations

We were shocked to see that very few of our top graduate Master Coaches use online marketing? How are they winning clients, and booked solid for up to a year in advance? Our Master Coach MCC Certification includes teaching you how to have natural (no salesy) ethical conversations that turn into business for the right clients. And we also teach you how to build online marketing systems should you want to add this to your business. 

#5: Offer Custom Coaching

Finally, and most importantly, the key to both changing lives and attracting your ideal premium clients is to be able to offer customized coaching programs – not once-off off the shelf sessions that limit your impact and income. 


If you’re a natural coach with a dream of being a certified Master Coach with the big 4 Coaching Specialities to offer: Life Coaching + Business Coaching + Executive Coaching + Enneagram Coaching… then let’s start the conversation and find out how natural coaches turn professional.


No strings, at the very least we can help you figure out the coaching certification path that suits you.

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