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This is lesson 11 from our 12 Step on-ramp coaching tutorial videos.


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#11. ICF Credential Guide.

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#11: ICF Credentialing tutorial.

Understanding The International Coaching Federation (ICF) professional coach credential levels is a valuable guide to developing true coaching competencies.

This video explains the 3 levels, ACC, PCC and MCC.

ACC, PCC and MCC coaches do not give advice, they coach and empower people to empower themselves.

An ACC Coach can demonstrate foundation skills in coaching goals, action plans and motivating their client to be accountable for their own actions. This is most commonly found in at work coaching, where leaders and managers learn to coach so that they empower their teams to be proactive and solution focused.

A PCC Coach can do all of what the ACC Coach can, but now they also coach the “whole” person. This means, values, vision, thinking, creativity and the persons deeper resources are brought into the coaching session. The coaching works at a more subtle level, helping the client for example to overcome obstacles and issues. The client chooses their own topics and finds their own solutions and breakthrough “AHA” insights.

The MCC coach takes all of the above to the next level. A MCC coach has such developed skills that they make coaching look effortless and natural. There is nothing mechanical about MCC coaching, no scripts are used, (although many methods and scripts have been mastered and are used organically). The MCC coach really knows how to bring the best out of their client. The client and coach are in full partnership, co-creating the coaching experience. This creates the space to incubate powerful inner transformation, focus and successful action.

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As an ICF MCC Credentialed Coach I can tell you that this level of coaching really changes lives.

If changing lives and becoming a professional coach is sincerely your path, then I strongly recommend that you work towards being credentialed by the ICF.

Yes, it’s actually a lot of work and yes it’s red tape and paperwork, but in my opinion, the ICF are the real deal.

No organization is perfect, mine included, but the ICF have contributed massively to the standards and credibility of coaching in the world.

That’s why more and more companies insist on their external coaches being at least PCC credentialed before considering hiring them as executive coaches.

As you probably know our ILS Master Coach course is ACTP credentialed with the ICF, something that we are very proud of because it took years. Very few training companies have this accreditation in the world.

It’s been a pleasure taking you through my on-ramp.

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