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Certified Life Coach Khanya Matlala


A very close friend of mine actually introduced me to InnerLifeSkills.

I was in a leadership position, but I could sense that I was doing every single thing in that role that was not unique and not authentic to me.

And I was looking for a better way to coach.

I was actually looking to reconnect with the way I had originally been coached when I started working.

And when I found InnerLifeSkills through this very close friend of mine, I found that little missing piece of what I wasn’t doing and should have been doing that piece of me that had been lost.

The piece of me that actually coached and worked with people because I loved it because I loved seeing people doing their best.

Where I was someone who was trying to help people through coaching to bring training into the place of work.

I realized that sometimes the place of work is not always the safest place.

It’s not always the most comforting and most loving place for someone to be their best version of themselves at work.

And a lot of the coaching I’m doing now is actually to empower people and give them the confidence to step out of the box that they’ve been put into and find their own voice and find their own way of doing things in the world of work.

And using that passion for what they do to inspire other people to do the same.

So a lot of the work I’m doing now is leadership coaching.

I do a lot of purpose coaching, helping people reconnect with their original purpose and actually just finding a balance between all the different roles that we play, whether you’re a mother, you’re a leader you’re a wife – many different roles in different patterns – but it’s still finding how your purpose aligns with all the different roles you play.

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