Leoni Coetzee Case Study

Certified Master Coach

“Initially, I thought I was only going to be a life coach…

…often what I hear from aspiring coaches is ‘which course should I take?’

They ask me if they take a particular course, will that support them in having the tools that they would require to coach in any area of their lives or in any industry.

Yes – InnerLifeSkills has supported me with all the tools that I required to be able to coach for the last five-six years.

When they do an InnerLifeSkills coaching course, it provides them with all the tools, the know-how, the expertise to be able to coach in any area that they wish, to do this beautiful work.

Initially, I thought I was only going to be a life coach.

The InnerLifeSkills training that I’ve received has supported me in shifting and working with senior executives in the corporate landscape, as well as lonely entrepreneurs.

InnerLifeSkills coaching made that possible for me.

I often hear students say they love InnerLifeSkills’ structure – it gives structure to what could be a quite complex situation, conversation.

And once all the little puzzle pieces fall into place and it lands for them and they go “this is phenomenal”.

Even after the first two modules in Coach 101, they’re already starting to receive phenomenal outcomes from the structure that InnerLifeSkills gives them.

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Certified Master Business Coach

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