Melanie Raizon

Melanie Raizon

Executive and Personal Growth Coach and Senior Trainer at InnerLifeSkills Coaching International (ICF - PCC)

I am an ICF accredited InnerLifeSkills®Master Coach who is a specialist Executive Soft Skills, Communication and EQ Coach – overcoming inner obstacles in ways that expand personal growth and that evolves self-mastery. I coach and mentor clients to apply the skills of super-effective communication, enhancing executive and personal relationships; discovering and harnessing their personal power and purpose in a customised journey that delivers immediate results. Coaching individuals whose personal lives are negatively impacting their professional performance, is a speciality niche for me.

I support clients in breaking free from conditioning, from recurring negative patterns over lengthy time spans, to building authentically powerful relationships with themselves and others in work and in personal spaces. My clients aspire to finding a way forward that is unique to each of them, particularly when they are experiencing career and life transitions. Being self-mastered reveals personal power in unique and unexpected ways. The most powerful and successful people; the happiest people have a strongly developed EQ, and they have optimal communication skills. The ability to transform emotions into power; to transform inner wars into potential, is a skill. I coach my clients to develop these skills, and to be inspired by their intuition and their feelings, the comfortable and uncomfortable, and to have a relationship with their inner world that informs present and future choices.

I partner with clients spanning four continents, via Zoom. My Cape Town clients meet with me in my consulting rooms beneath Table Mountain in Cape Town. Harnessing my natural strengths of empathy and relatability, combined with my ability to unravel people challenges and develop creative solutions which restore, resuscitate, and ignite possibility, my passion for what I do is constantly kindled. I empower my clients to action solutions that are a powerful response to their reality.