Don’t make these costly beginner Life Coach mistakes

This is lesson 4 from our Free Life Coaching & Business Coaching online 12 Step

On-ramp introduction course.

#1. Power Formula

#2. Why Life Coach?

#3. How to Life Coach Goals?

#4. Avoid these life coach mistakes.

#5. Can you Life Coach?

#6. How to Life Coach in 20 minutes or less.

#7. How to use Life Coaching Wheels?

#8. 3 Magic Success Numbers for life coaches.

#9. The Disney Strategy coaching process.

#10. Real vs Fake life coaching.

#11. ICF Credential Guide.

#12. Free Enneagram e-book.

LIFE COACHING LESSON #4: Avoid these beginner Life Coach mistakes.

Please don’t make these beginner-level mistakes.

Watch and listen to this on-ramp life coaching lesson tutorial. The tutorial video is below and the PDF worksheet.

Watch and listen to this important on-ramp coaching lesson on the 3 things that ruin coaching careers, then download and read the PDF on the 4 biggest mistakes. There is also audio to listen to on common mistakes to avoid when becoming a life or business coach.

The tutorial video, audio and the PDF document are below.

This is very important information, please make sure you don’t make these mistakes.

life coach mistakes
watch this video

Our PDF download of the 4 Mistakes to avoid when building your successful Life Coach business.

So what’s the biggest mistakes I’ve ever made when I was starting out as a coach?

Well, all of the above! But wait there’s more (intentional tone of infomercial)…

The first website I built, I worked so hard at and was so proud of, and it was an epic disaster. It didn’t have my name, phone number or email address on it. How were people supposed to find me? And worse, it had a black background with tiny bright colourful text.

Back in the early days, I once ran a workshop for 2 people (one of which was my sister). I still have a drawer full of dud microphones and gadgets that I needed to buy, but apparently didn’t. And… I once dried my hair by sticking my head out of the car window on the way to giving a speech to over 800 people! Lol.

Don’t measure yourself by your mistakes, they are needed. We earn our stripes that way. It’s not failure, it’s learning.

All the best.




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