Gain 3 Critical Master Coaching Skills + the InnerLifeSkills 3 Step Method to coach anyone, anywhere on any goal.

InnerLifeSkills Coach 101
Certification Program

Coach 101 Certification

Start your Life Coach, Business Coach, Enneagram Coach and Executive Coach path with critical coaching skills.

Enroll for our most popular online life coaching skills certification short foundation course.

Start coaching within the first 6 hours of training.

Accredited Certificate

ICF Internationally accredited course worth 11 hours ACSTH + CCE hours

  • Attend 3 x 3-hour classes 1 per week, with your trainer and classmates.
  • Learn 3 Critical Skills.
  • Learn our 3 Step Coach method, with scripts and worksheets.
  • ICF Core Competency training.
  • Learn how to coach goals, action plans, motivation, positive focus and accountability.

Hours ICF ACSTH CCE accredited international coach competency certification

Coaching processes + ready-to-use worksheets + scripts to accelerate your coaching experience skills

Critical Coaching Communication skill sets with techniques that qualified coaches need

What makes ILS Coach 101 training programs different?

Because this course is ICF accredited, you already know that you are getting international best practice ACC and PCC (Associate and Professional) coaching competencies. So what else is different?

Our courses are highly practical, hands-on and skills focused.

Yes, we teach you enough theory to understand, but coaching is a skill and it’s frustrating when so many coaching courses out there teach you “about coaching” instead of actually showing you how to coach. So we get you coaching within the first 6 hours of our course.

It’s like learning to play the guitar, it’s no good only reading about it, it’s best to pick up the guitar and with expert guidance, start playing. We want you coaching ASAP!

These are the exact, proven, science-based life coaching skills used by top earning internationally accredited Life Coaches and Business Coaches.

This course has been taught by ILS around the world to life coaches, managers, executive coaches, business coaches, pro golfers, athletic coaches, weight loss specialists, psychologists, CEO’s of businesses, entrepreneurs and even to school teachers.

What will you learn on this life coaching skills foundation course?

Everything you need to start your journey towards becoming a professional certified life coach. Compare this course to our other courses here.

What will you leave this training with?

Life and business coaching skills that you can start using in all your conversations and meetings—immediately. Tangible ways to empower and enlighten others. And of course, your certificate with your ICF accredited coach training hours.

What can you do with the coaching skills you get on this course?

  • Transform negative conversations into positive.
  • Coach individual or teams to create clear goals, find solutions and create action plans in 20 – 60 minutes.
  • Inspire and motivate people in minutes.
  • Build trust and rapport in a natural authentic way.
  • Listen with depth and create a space for creativity, transformation, innovation and inspiration.
  • Keep people focused and on track, with 2 methods.
  • Spark and sustain action.
  • Coach wise decision making, and beat procrastination.
  • Turn problems and obstacles into solutions.
  • Coach formally as a professional or informally—making every conversation and meeting matter.
  • Help people to help themselves (don’t carry others).
  • Inspire people to live to their full potential.

What life coaching skills and methods do you learn on this course?

The ILS 3 Step Method: A scaffolding for any coached conversation or meeting. Get a script and worksheet to learn how to coach—quickly.

The ILS 3 Skills: Critical skill sets for any master communicator coach. Be heard. Listen well. Ask enlightening empowering questions. Incubate aha breakthroughs. Remain calm under pressure. These are important core competencies as defined by the ICF (International Coaching Federation).


Other methods learned:

  • The simple and inspiring NLP “As If” frame.
  • ILS Kite foundation to transform obstacles.
  • Decision making wheels.
  • Goal clarification methods.
  • Deepened value method for motivating others.
  • ABC’s for speaking with presence and impact.
  • Measures and scales for tracking progress.

What do you get?

  • 9 hours of training from a top ILS trainer.
  • A manual, worksheets and scripts to use.
  • An attendance certificate worth 11 ACSTH ICF hours.
Learn the ILS 3 Step Coaching Method
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This popular foundation course runs 3 times per year.

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