How to use Life Coach Wheels

This is a free video tutorial from our 12 Step Life Coach online course.


#1. Power Formula

#2. Why Life Coach?

#3. How to Life Coach Goals?

#4. Avoid these life coach mistakes.

#5. Can you Life Coach?

#6. How to Life Coach in 20 minutes or less.

#7. How to use Life Coaching Wheels?

#8. 3 Magic Success Numbers for life coaches.

#9. The Disney Strategy coaching process.

#10. Real vs Fake life coaching.

#11. ICF Credential Guide.

#12. Free Enneagram e-book.

LIFE COACHING LESSON #7: A guide to using Life Coach Wheels.

Watch this life coaching lesson tutorial on the easy-to-learn Theme Wheel coaching process.


This coaching process is simple – in fact, all coaches should have this as a basic entry-level process. It has many applications including coaching: establishing goals, first session, finding priorities, dreams, etc.

This is an actual ILS Coach process (one of over 50) that is taught in our ILS Master Coach qualification course.


This coaching process is quick to learn and it has many applications including coaching:

  • levels of life happiness and satisfaction
  • goal clarification
  • personal growth
  • clarity on what is most important to you
  • prioritization of goals, etc.
watch this video

Why not do your own Life Coach Theme Wheel for yourself now?

Follow the video but draw your own wheel and ask yourself the questions!

Your next lesson looks at what I call the 3 Magic Numbers for success.

Now we get into the business aspect of becoming a life coach.

Until then.

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