Learn How to Be a Life Coach to Yourself

Here are 6 keys to becoming a Life Coach to yourself, the InnerLifeSkills way!

key to be a life coach to yourself
How to be a life coach to yourself with InnerLifeSkills

There are many important steps you can take in your life, to help your personal growth, self-awareness, and self-empowerment.

But nothing compares to the gift you give yourself when you learn to be a Life Coach to yourself.

Imagine being able to sit for 30-60 minutes and use processes and thinking exercises to find your inner wealth, transform your inner obstacles and claim your inner wisdom.

That’s what these 6 keys offer.

Each key is linked to a 3 week online course, 3 live classes with me Colleen-Joy or one of my expert ILS Trainers. You can enroll for them separately or as a full 18-week course. You can attend any course, in any order that suits you. Which of the 6 key topics appeal to you the most?

KEY #1:

Your intuition is the key to your insights, aha moments and inspired solutions. That’s why it’s important to develop your intuition if you plan to coach yourself.

Learn to coach yourself (and others if you choose) in breakthrough intuitive ‘Decision Making’ & ‘Problem Solving.’

Discover how to use true intuition in coaching yourself and others. Overcome the torture chamber mind to find your inner well of inner wisdom, inner strength and your inner compass.

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KEY #2:

Part of our coaching philosophy is the recognition of our wholeness.

As ILS Coaches, we see ourselves and each other as whole and complete. To give yourself the gift of true self-empowerment, learn to coach yourself to know your wholeness, and to live as that.

Reclaim your wholeness and learn how to coach yourself (and others if you choose) to do the same. Learn how to coach the transformation of fear into peace, inner lack into lasting fulfillment, and holes to wholeness. This is self-empowerment coaching at its finest.

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KEY #3:

Knowing how to coach your relationships is a key part of self-coaching.

ILS Coaches see each other as a whole and so our relationship coaching methods support and validate our wholeness.

Identify the root of relationship problems, button pushing and conflict. Learn to coach your relationships. Also, understand yourself and others with uncanny insight by learning the foundation of the very popular Enneagram system in the context of relationships.

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KEY #4:

A self-coaching toolkit wouldn’t be complete without methods to coach systems, family and group dynamics.

Learn the ILS 4 Step System Coaching Method. Coach yourself and others to let go of and be free of family baggage. Discover the transformative gifts of true placement, and belonging.

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KEY #5:

The ILS approach to life purpose is unique, and it’s a favourite part of our teachings. We teach that Life Purpose is not so much about something you are meant to do, but it is about who you are born to be.

An apple tree is born to be an apple tree. If it doesn’t know who it is, it might try to make oranges and feel lost or unfulfilled.

Switch from the trap of a “doing quest” to the liberation of a “being quest.” Coach the apple tree life purpose methods to inspire and motivate others. Learn to coach Dream Interpretation.

Plus gain the bonus Inner Author work, learn how to become a published or self-published author.

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KEY #6:

Imagine being able to coach yourself to build any project, brand, business, service or even your apple tree purpose?

Learn the ILS 7 Step Dream Builder method, help yourself and others to build dreams into reality. Learn 21st-century marketing techniques. Bust financial inner blocks to coach inner and outer wealth building. Plus learn our bonus professional speaking success secrets.

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