Lynette Anderson case study

Lynette Anderson Certified InnerLifeSkills Master Coach

“My business is ‘Purpose To Wealth’…

…I spent 30 years in the corporate world, in the world of engineering steel – a male-dominated world.

The turning point that came for me was a very profound sentence, which was “You’re only as good as your last year”.

I had performed really well for previous years and we were in a year where we hadn’t grown the business that much.

I was informed that we hadn’t performed, it was a fail and I was only as good as my last year.

At that moment I felt like all my enthusiasm, all my inspiration, just completely drained out of me.

I asked myself, what was it that I could pursue?

After a lot of soul searching, I discovered that it was people.

So I qualified as a coach and I brought all of me, the purpose and the master coaching work to my position of CEO and I helped my people to rise through the ranks and find what their best was and bring that to their careers.

I’ve since eft the corporate world and now I specialize in helping women who are in soulless job positions, reconnect with their essence and bring more of who they are to their world.

What I learned with InnerLifeSkills was that I had everything within me – all those parts of me that I thought that I needed to cut away in order to be okay, I made peace with – my purpose.

That’s what I bring to women, to my business; Purpose To Wealth.

And it was all learned through InnerLifeSkills.

Lynette Anderson Case Study
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