We know that many people don’t leave companies, they leave their managers.

When managers learn how to coach they are equipped to:

  • boost performance (with accountability + purposeful inspiration)
  • half meeting time (while doubling focus + productivity)
  • transform spiral down negativity (while being sensitive to suffering)
  • build team cohesion (people who ‘get’ each other work well together) 
  • retain talent (through empowered mentoring relationships)

 Speak to us about our ICF Accredited Manager as Coach 5-star rated training. We customise this training to your exact needs.

Manager as Coach Certification Course


InnerLifeSkills is an ICF LEVEL 2 Accredited Master Coach School
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ACC PCC MCC certification path

People don’t leave companies. They leave managers.

We know this is true. A loss of talent is costly and damaging.

After investing in someone’s development, to lose them is to lose more than your investment in training and salaries.

Equipping managers with the skills to empower and create proactive positive teams is not a luxury, it is a critical success factor.

Following the growing international trend, many companies seek external professional executive coaches to enhance team performance, to drive proactive engagements, and to impact the bottom line.

Because of the success of this approach, many companies are taking this a step further, by recognising the value of training their managers as coaches.

When a manager uses internationally bench-marked skills they create a culture of positive proactive solution focus.

In today’s demanding global economy the pressures on middle and senior managers continue to grow.

We must equip our leaders with skills to cope and to thrive in these in demand times, or risk losing them to burn out, low morale and being headhunted by other companies.

Be aware that not all coaching training is equal.

Many coach training courses for leaders are highly theoretical and will leave you disappointed that your managers don’t have tangible take away skills.

Manager as Coach is a coach training course designed to fast track managers with today’s cutting edge professional, internationally accredited coaching methodologies.

InnerLifeSkills Manager as Coach methodologies support all of these initiatives:


Build a proactive positive working culture

target market

Create cohesive collaborative teams

teach show

Improve employee engagement

ILS ICON award cup for coaching

 Drive purposeful performance


Make meetings more productive

light bulb

Get buy-in for change management

star 1

Empower and fast track talent development

talk chat

Improve Managers Communication Skills