3 Magic Numbers, Marketing for life coaches – a guide.

Grow your coaching business and brand using this simple marketing for life coaches framework – which we call the 3 Magic Numbers. Video tutorial to learn about the 3 numbers that you need to attract more clients.

Marketing for Life Coaches

LIFE COACHING LESSON: The 3 Magic Numbers for building success as a Life Coach or Business Coach.

Let’s roll up our sleeves and look at how to grow a coaching brand—in an ethical authentic way.

Life Coach marketing can be very difficult and complicated, if you don’t know how. This simple tutorial gives you something easier to focus on. It declutters the chaos of so many marketing strategies, many of which don’t work. 

After 20 years of learning how to build a successful life and business coaching business, I realised that success comes down to 3 numbers.

These 3 numbers determine our success—or failure.

My team and I get really upset when we see people with talent and vision who are not successful, simply because they don’t know how to communicate the value of what they can do.

These 3 numbers are all you need – they are the solution in a simple, easy to understand formula.

If you focus your attention and efforts on growing these numbers in an ethical and authentic way—you will grow successfully.

Please don’t make the mistake of over complicating your life coach marketing, we can easily waste precious time and money. Keep it simple. Stay focused on growing these 3 numbers every day. 

I recommend that you grab a pen and paper to make notes as you watch this marketing training video. And please don’t feel disappointed if you realise that your 3 numbers are low. It’s better to know where you stand so that you can improve. This knowledge is a gift.  

I want you to make a difference, you can’t easily do that if you have no reach. Learn to market your coaching services to make the difference you dream of making. 


It took me decades to learn that life coach marketing came down to these 3 little numbers.

Isn’t it funny how when clarity eventually comes, it seems so obvious, doesn’t it? And yet at the time all those years ago, when I was struggling to make ends meet, this knowledge was very far from being known.

My ego needed to be humbled by this process, and I worked hard to find a way to balance being honest and authentic, with doing my best to help my business be visible.

As always, my apple tree metaphor taught me so much. An apple tree doesn’t say “I’m better than,” and neither does it hide in the shadows for fear of being judged as arrogant (which is a big fear amongst talented coaches when they start to market themselves). An apple tree just says “I am this”, visible, true and in service.

That’s a wonderful way to grow these 3 little magic numbers.

Be visible, true and in service to others.

Here is a collage of some of my most memorable cherished moments training, coaching and speaking around the world.

Here’s to your apple tree, your true self!

Founder InnerLifeSkills